Team NO Deficit + Boston Training Recap Week #11

Today’s blog post is sponsored by fairlife, makers of Core Power®!  I am so grateful for this drink and how easy they make refueling for everyone that works out.  Do not forget to grab the discount code at the end of this post!

I know I take you back to previous days often, but this one really stood out to me as I was thinking about it the other day on a long run.

I remember when I first started training for marathons (I can remember some things like this clearly but don’t ask me what I did/wore/ate yesterday, ha).  I remember those 20 milers and long runs well.

I remembered two things that I would think about in terms of a long run—> 1) Wahoo, this run will put me in quite the calorie deficit, aka I’m going to lose weight from my long run.  2) Or I would think about how much food I could eat later at dinner/dessert after a long run because of the huge calorie deficit I would be in from the morning and not fueling properly before/during/after.

The consequences of those thoughts and actions—> I felt miserable during those runs, injured myself, didn’t have a period because of how I was fueling (RED FLAG), and never hit my race goals.

IMG 4380

Now when I have a long run, I am scared of deficits.  A deficit to me now makes me think I won’t recover well.  I think about how if I don’t fuel well with enough of what I need, it will break down my body and take what it needs from the bones and muscles.  I know I won’t be the mom/wife/friend I want to be because I will be grumpy and exhausted if I go into a big deficit.   I know I will feel terrible afterward without doing what I need to fuel and refuel.  So I look at these long runs now and plan to not be in a deficit between what I eat the night before the run, the morning before the run, how often I fuel during the run, and how I refuel after the run.

And the difference between these two ways of viewing the long run has made me faster/healthier/happier than I was in the previous way of thinking.

I’m team no deficit now for my training, and I love it.  You can read all of my fueling before and during runs HERE.  I think there are a lot of people that start running to lose weight and have similar thoughts about being in a deficit, but as far as performance and recovery go… I’ve learned so much about giving my favorite vehicle (myself) the fuel it needs.

I am very grateful for how Core Power makes my goal to ‘get on the road to recovering from my run asap’ easy and so dang delicious.

Core Power is 100% real, lactose-free, ultra-filtered milk.  <—Because of these things and they don’t add any powders, I think it tastes so creamy and fresh.

My Core Power drinking quickly became one of my favorite rituals.  I’m either drinking it while chatting with my friends after a run about all of the details (that only runners care about;), or I’m drinking it while stretching out on the ground and trying to think of a clever Strava caption.  It also accompanies me many times in the car as I am a chauffeur for these kiddos.

With either 26g or 42g of protein, the high-quality protein in Core Power helps to build that muscle after a run; no matter how long or short that workout is for the day.

Keeping a case in the back of my car is expected at this point.  I want this in my hand asap to get the recovery process going.

Also, I have discovered something I love so much to do with my Core Power—>  I either add it to a bowl of cereal (vanilla + Honey Nut Cheerios = heaven) or add it to my chai (I’ve heard it is amazing in coffee too)!

Long story short, one of my biggest goals after struggling with this topic for so many years is to help runners fuel to hit their goals—> before, during, and after.

I’m grateful to have found Core Power to help us refuel after a run.

I like to have it out and ready to pass to my friends when they stop running.

And to end things off, here’s what week 11 looked like for Boston training!

Monday: 12.5 miles @ 8:51 pace

Tuesday: 10.1 miles @ 8:21 average

Wednesday: 18 miles @ 6:57 average.  2 mile w/u, 3 x 3 miles (6:12, 6:08, 6:05 averages for those) with .6 mile recovery jogs, c/d.

Thursday: 10.5 miles @ 8:43 pace with some good hills.

Friday: 8.1 miles @ 8:32 pace

Saturday:  22 miles with 13.1 in the middle at a 6:20 average (on a 13-mile course that was just like a condensed Boston course).  My legs were feeling pretty tired from a big week of mileage and the workout on Wednesday, but doing a bit faster than marathon paceish on tired legs is just what I need for my training.  I was also dealing with crazy period cramps during this run, so I was pretty proud that I didn’t quit.   4-mile warmup, and then I had 7 fast friends pacing me for the 13.1 miles (we were never stopped once during this, which felt like a miracle), and then they went and did their workout.  Being paced helped me a lot to have people to chase after!  I usually try to do some strength after my hard days but that wasn’t possible after this one… I was so tired.  I took a gel every 4 miles and that worked great.

Sunday:  Off!

81.41 miles.

Use the code 15HRGIRL to get 15% off Core Power HERE!  Just enter the code at checkout; it is active until April 10th.   This works for any number of cases for one order!  Please let me know what you think after you try it, and you are welcome in advance for hooking you on to your new favorite thing.

Tell me about a highlight from your weekend!

Tell me about the best run you have had recently!

Tell me about a change you have made that has made you healthier and/or happier.

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I had two intense speed workouts last week that humbled me. And nearly made me toss my cookies. I love my running coach! Ha
I have been trying to do smoothies after runs lately. Why does it seem like so much effort once you’ve walked in the door though?
Amazing run on Saturday!


Lindsey knows how to make her athletes WORK! Way to go on those two speed workouts. I’m so impressed! Hahaha that’s why I love core power, I just have to open the bottle. Thanks friend, happy Monday!


I love seeing your weekly training. It’s very inspiring.
Best run lately was last Wednesday. A little over 10 miles in Huntington Beach along the ocean. It was an easy paced run, but being near water is so good for my mental health and it really is soul therapy.
I still need to try Core Power. And I love that it’s good in cereal and I will have to try it in coffee.
Here’s to a great Monday and start of the new week 😊


Okay. I need to come on a ten miler along the ocean with you, that sounds amazing. Soul therapy that is for sure. Thanks friend, happy Monday to you!


I like to use fair life to make my oatmeal and to make pudding (in the summer I make pudding pops) with… also love to use it in smoothies. Love it! Thanks for the code!


Oh my goodness, I have to try that. Skye is going to love the oatmeal combo too. Pudding pops… I might need more details. You are so welcome. I hope you have a beautiful day, Sharon!


I am the worst at fueling after a run. I am usually in get ready for work mode the minute I walk back in the door that I honestly don’t even think about it (although I never forget my coffee :). I’ll def try fairlife core power and hope since it’s quick and easy will become part of the routine. Thx!


Deirde, that is so hard to try to get everything fit in before you are off to work in the morning. You are going to love core power, it is going to simplify your life so much! Have the best day!


You definitely got me hooked on Core Power! As soon as I walk in after a run it’s no longer about me. It’s time to make lunches, wake the kids up, stuff backpacks, make breakfast and clean the house. I can’t think about recovering from a run. But I LOVE the taste of Core Power and I love how easy it is. Definitely my favorite thing you’ve introduced me to!


This makes me SO happy! It’s crazy how they have made something so convenient, so delicious. Keep enjoying it and have the best day, Jenn!


One perk of this long winter is drinks staying cold in the car 😜 Love this post and totally agree. I enjoy running much more when I don’t view it as a vehicle to burn calories or lose weight. I used to always run on an empty stomach- I thought food would slosh around and feel gross and I also hoped I’d burn more fat. But I frequently had stomach issues and side aches while running and also very little energy. Ever since I’ve trained my body to run on a nice full carby breakfast my runs have felt so much better and my gut has actually been much happier too.


I couldn’t agree with your post more! I hate to think about what I used to do to my body with poor fueling. You should get shirts made that say, “Team NO Defecit”! Also, Core Power is delicious! I’ve never put it in cereal though…it sounds amazing! The vanilla flavor with some Cinnamon Toast Crunch????? I need to try it.


There is no judgement in this since everyone make their own choices, but I would love to try Core Power but I cannot get over the fact that it would create soooooo much plastic waste. If I drink 1-2 a day, that is 10 bottles a week! I just cannot stomach that. That is the reason why I never do groceries pick up either. I tried it once and when I saw how many plastic bags they used….I never did it again. In short, I wish they made the stuff in powder form:(


I have noticed a HUGE change in how fast I’m able to recover from the runs that I have protein quickly after. I’m so glad I heard about Core Power from you because I used to HATE protein drinks, and its literally the most delicious one out there. I’m definitely going to try it in my coffee and cereal!


Love Core Power! Also there is a 20% coupon on Amazon right now, and it lets you combine it with your coupon, so it’s a fantastic time to stock up because the milk doesn’t expire for like a year.


Hi Janae, Just wanted to say thanks for introducing us to Core Power and for the discount code.
My mom is going through chemotherapy right now and is STRUGGLING to find anything that she can tolerate to eat or drink. She’s been dehydrated and losing weight rapidly. I sent her a case of the vanilla Core Power because her doctor says she needs all the protein she can get.
Turns out its the ONLY thing she can stomach and actually enjoys it. She puts it in the freezer for a little bit to get it slushy. So at this point I have ordered multiple cases using your discount code and am just really thankful to have found something nutritious AND delicious to get her through this rough patch.


Brooke, thank you for sharing this with me. I am so sorry about what your mother is going through. I’m so thankful that Core Power is something she can drink and I will have to try her slushy method! Sending you both love!


HBD TO ANDREW. He truly is the best husband and father. I am SO happy you all have each other. Enjoy celebrating him!


You got me hooked on this stuff! And now my husband steals them too. I’ve never been a fan of protein drinks but these really do simply taste like milk!

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