Silentish Saturday!

(pants, sweatshirt, shoes)

St. Patrick’s Day at our house.

He stole my chocolate core power as you can tell…

Brooke left for the weekend.

Did some more spring cleaning and found a spoon that we have never owned at the very top of my closet… I wonder how long that has been there.

I love this Mac ‘n Cheese so much.

Off for 20 miles!

Some pretty shoes to take out today!

Excited for this song to be on my running playlist now.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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We’re going bowling and to see Creed III today. I will shop while hubby and kids see the movie haha!

Woke with no alarm clock the last 3 days which is a dream.

Tomorrow I’m running up a local mountain with my running partner and her Cabot Trail Relay Race team. So excited

Have a great 20 mile run. After May I’m building for a fall marathon. I’m still recovering from plantar fasciitis so I have to be patient before starting a big buildup


Have the best time bowling and I would choose shopping too haha. Oh that truly is the best to wake up naturally… I want that! Sounds like the perfect run tomorrow, I want to come. I hope your plantar is 100% asap. Such a frustrating injury. Have a great day, Julia!


Headed out for the 11 miler I mentioned the other day dressed like a construction worker because it is DARK.

Watching baseball and soccer and then probably endless college basketball (courtesy of my husband and son….no comment)

And while the basketball is on, working on some puzzles because I recently joined a competitive puzzling team in January and need to practice (NERD ALERT!). Another thing about us runners right? Everything is just *slightly* more fun as a competition.

(If you’re wondering how it works, we have a team of 4 and do a 500 piece puzzle. Last time there were around 40 teams and we got 3rd! We did it in 43 minutes. The prize is, you guessed it, a puzzle).


Hahaha dressed like a construction worker! I hope you had a great 11 miler! Enjoy all of the sports viewing today;). I LOVE learning this about you, I didn’t know that was a thing. Skye and I need to come join. 43 minutes. Ummmm you are amazing. Keep me updated on this and have a beautiful day!


Another 20 miler? Wow. Hope it’s going great. Hope you get a hot tub sesh. And hope you get plenty to eat today and tomorrow!
I’m running with a friend at a state park later. Nature!
Otherwise there is just a lot of cleaning on my list. I’m hosting a run dinner soon which is always a motivator to clean things like the top of my fridge. Hahaha


It felt like a lot today and you guessed it… I got right into the hot tub afterward. Sounds like you have a gorgeous run up ahead and good luck with the cleaning. Having an event motivates me to clean better than anything else. Good luck on the top of that fridge (I’m too afraid to look at mine). Have a beautiful day, Molly!


St. Patrick’s day looks so fun at your house. I miss those days.
We’re hosting a retirement party for my husband’s aunt next weekend, so today is all about yardwork and clean up. We have sunny days until Tuesday, so I will be soaking up all of the vitamin D I can! I honestly feel like we’ve been living in the Pacific Northwest this year!
I hope your 20 miles was fantastic! Have a great weekend and a super restful Sunday!


Good luck with all of the prep going into the party! That is so great you are hosting that. ENJOY the sun please, you have had a wet and cloudy winter. Thanks friend, you too!


Hi Janae! I’m catching up with friends on a walk this morning, then trying a new Pilates class, and then my husband and I are roasting a chicken to take to his friends place!
Enjoy your run!!!


Oh my goodness, that sounds like a wonderful day! So fun to take that over to the friend too. Thanks friend, happy weekend!


It’s a pretty laid-back Saturday here. I’ll probably take a walk, write a blogpost, and maybe wipe down my bathroom. I do have something on my mind, though…I haven’t run much since before the pandemic, but I am contemplating signing up for a 10K as motivation to get back at it. I have been doing other forms of exercise these past couple of years, but I miss the anticipation of a race, the energy of an event, and of course, the shirt and medal!


I LOVE THIS! I think that is a great idea to sign up for the 10k. I don’t know how to stay motivated without a race so I fully support this. Have a beautiful weekend, Christie!


Happy birthday to HRG’s mom! I hope you have a wonderful day!


My husband and I are hosting his coworker and two daughters for a bbq lunch, then we are all going bowling, followed by date night for my hubby and I this evening it’s been a hot minute since we just finished basketball for our youngest. Forgot to tell you they placed fourth in state. Wahoo.


FOURTH!! That is incredible! WOW! Have the best time with the lunch, bowling and date night!


That picture of Beck in his St. Patricks day regalia is hilarious, and Knox looks EXACTLY like Andrew in his picture!!!!

Busy weekend, track meet, youth group brunch which is an annual fundraiser, long bike ride…..the usual!

hope your long run was fun!!


I totally agree, I see more and more of Andrew in Knox! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, enjoy! Thanks Kelly!


it’s rest recovery and taco’s for dinner!
tomorrow’s a maybe 12 to 15K day……and a Hash House Harriers type run….I’ll be the rabbit setting the route, everyone has to follow….am not sure how I’ll mark off the trail, but, well……I’ve got a few hours to think up somethings….

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