SCARY + Bloody + Week #10 Boston Marathon Training Recap

(Shorts, top, shoes, bra)

Saturday’s run included a change of scenery! We ran on the Jordan River Parkway. It was my first time on this trail and if you live in Utah and need the perfect place to train for Boston, go here.

The area is extremely windy (point of the mountain… famous for hang gliding) and has non-stop hills (we climbed 1100 ft over 18 miles).

The group mostly raced last weekend, so they were doing a non-workout long run, and that worked perfectly for my schedule too, especially since I had done a workout on Thursday.

Eighteen miles @ 7:07 average (definitely faster than an easy run, but overall I felt pretty comfortable in the pace) which felt pretty good besides the tailwind on the 9 miles back to our car. The wind was so bad at points that we couldn’t hear each other talking. Running in the wind is my least favorite thing, but it makes us so much stronger.

Fuel stop.

I was so excited about these shoes (and still am). I got to the meeting spot a few minutes early to test them out on my plantar for a half mile, and my feet felt amazing, so I decided to wear them for the full 18. Unfortunately, about 7 miles into our run, I felt the back of my heels burning, so I looked down…

(Blood in the next photo, so scroll quickly if you don’t like blood)
I think these shoes need a little breaking in before going out on a long run in them. I also think these socks weren’t great (I usually wear lululemon socks and should have worn those on Saturday). But yeah, this did not feel great for a few miles, but then I couldn’t feel it for the rest of the way.

Besides the heel, I am so in love with these shoes. I’m even tempted to wear them for Boston if I can figure out the heel situation.

Luckily, I had my slippers and blanket in the car for the drive home. I drove with my friend Kassi, and I forgot to tell you last time I wrote about her, but she held the AMERICAN RECORD in the Steeplechase for a few years. I loved hearing about her experiences as a pro runner.
And then we went to a baptism for one of our favorite friends. After the baptism, they took us all to La Jolla Groves for a breakfast buffet.
I ate so many crepes; the eggs and bacon were perfect too.
It was a good day.
These two also started a hot chocolate business.

My in-laws came down afterward, and we spent the rest of the day with them!


Here is what week #10 of Boston Training looked like!

Monday: 12 miles @ 8:23 average

Tuesday:  9.27 miles @ 8:34

Wednesday:  12.06 miles @ 8:22 average (workout postponed because of weather)

Thursday: 16 miles @ 7:00 pace.  This one was an out-of-body experience.  I did not feel great (I think I had too much caffeine before and just felt like I was going to lose my breakfast the whole way), but I did it and even PRed on the uphill segment.  4 x 2 miles averaging 6:03, 6:34, 6:03, and 5:52… splits show which ones were more uphill and downhill.

Friday: 8 miles @ 8:45 average

Saturday:  18 miles @ 7:07 pace with 1100 ft of climbing.  Not a workout, not running easy, but besides the headwind, this pace felt really doable.

Sunday:  Off!

75.41 miles for the week.

**My coach sent me this… time to start memorizing each split;)


On your computer, do you have just a few tabs/things open or 499?

-I always complain to Andrew about how slow my computer is, but then he reminds me it is because I have everything open and running on my computer simultaneously.  I feel like my brain is the same way right now.

What was a highlight of your weekend?

Do you live in a windy area? Any tips for running in the wind?

Do you have sensitive feet?  Do they bleed or blister easily?

-I screamed when the water first hit my heels in the shower after my run on Saturday.

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Yikes, I would not be able to continue to run with that blister!

I had my big Chattanooga marathon weekend! Fridays weather included 60mph winds and nobody could set up at the expo. Saturday and Sunday were BEAUTIFUL…………..48 degrees at the start of the 5k saturday, and about the same for the half & full on sunday. There was also a kids 1 mile free fun run saturday and the vibes outside in the sunshine were just incredible.

My running group showed up for this race, and one guy (assistant pro soccer coach) ran a 1:25 and finished 15th for the half, and another guy ran 2:57 and finished 6th for the full marathon! He runs in the vibram toe shoes, too! I was so happy to cheer them on as well as the dozen other runners from our group who set PR’s or just had stellar races! Two runners raced in Atlanta last week and then here this week!

My half was pretty freaking awesome, too. This race has a challenge where if you run the 5k Saturday and one of the Sunday races you get a 3rd medal, so you know I had all 3 medals on my neck all day yesterday! It was within 40 seconds of a PR on the 5k (even though I wasn’t trying to do that) but the course is flat. The half marathon course is NOT flat, ha! Very hilly but I was 2:00:20 and my PR is 1:58 something, so I was THRILLED.

Gonna ride this high until my next race in April!

Have a great week!


It was funny that of course this happened the one time I was super far from my house or Andrew being able to come bring me some new shoes to wear! Happy Chattanooga marathon weekend! Your group sounds amazing. Congrats to you! You are fit and keep celebrating all month long. Thanks Loribeth, you too!


I definitely have a million tabs open at once but then I am also the person that gets overwhelmed by them all and just closes all at one time to start over ha!

I hate when you have shoes that are rubbing in the wrong spots. I wear the same Brooks and even bought a few at a time and for some reason one pair rubs my ankle if my sock isn’t covering. A bit annoying but ugh the heel is awful. Liquid bandage to the rescue!

Highlight was my long run in such beautiful weather and also the free live stream of the Morgan Wallen concert. So fun!


Off to close all of mine at once even though I keep telling myself they are all so ‘important.’ Uggg that is annoying. I need to get a liquid bandage! Your weekend sounds wonderful, so happy for you. Hope the start of your week is a great one too!


I hope different socks remedy the bloody heel! Ouch!
When did Brooke and Knox become teenagers? I must have missed that announcement. They look so old!
Good luck with week 11 of Boston training!


OVERNIGHT IT HAPPENED! I cannot believe it. They act like teens too all of the sudden. Thanks Molly, it’s supposed to snow every day so hopefully, I survive. Have the best Monday!


Ouch, sorry about your heel! I get blisters *extremely* easily, so I wanted to share a few tips to help with your heel:

– Wool roving can help prevent hot spots. They sell it for ballerinas and hikers. You tear off a piece and put it under your sock in the problem area, and within a mile or two it works itself into the sock and stays put. It’s great for providing a bit of extra padding in places where you need it. (Wool roving is basically just raw wool before it’s turned into yarn–you can find it online and at yarn stores.)

– KT tape is also great on hot spots. I tape over my blister-prone areas with KT tape before all my long runs.

I hope your heel feels better soon!!!


Well, thank you so much for the help! You are making it so I can wear these shoes again… just purchased! Thank Isla, have a beautiful Monday!


I ended up with blisters like that from water shoes last summer. I swear by DoTerras Correctx! It healed them so well. I’m a nurse too and I was literally shuffling at work the next day. I don’t sell doterra or anything, a friend gave me some but I’ll definitely be buying more.


Off to go grab some! That sounds amazing! Putting on my socks this morning did not feel great…
Hope your day is a great one and thanks for the tip, Jackie!


I live in Iowa. It is windy more days that not. Sustained winds at 25-30 signal a “breezy” day. More than that, it might be windy. When I was growing up and lived in the country, I would make my mom drive and drop me off so that I could run home with the wind at my back. A lot of bicyclists do that too.


Jackie. You are so dang strong. I do not know how you do it! I would still be making my mom drop me off;). Hope your day is off to a great start!


Ah glad you survived the blistering! They are the worst a few miles into a run. I find sometimes liquid bandaid helps! Sounds like a great run nonetheless! And the brunch sounds so goodm

I am dreaming about all the runs ..I managed to get the ‘rona finally and spent most of the weekend on the couch checking out my friends strava🤣. Bonus River was especially attentive and kept checking up on me lol.

Have a great day Janae!


Of course it happened the one time I was super far from home ha. OH NO! I am so so sorry, I hope you are back to yourself in no time. River is doing a great job taking care of you. Get some rest, Kristine!


That elevation chart for Boston is awesomesauce. I’m saving it! (I also have 100+ tabs open at once.)
Hope you heel heals soon!! Sometimes running is blood + sweat + tears.


YAY! Save it save it save it. You just never know when you are going to need tab #97;) It truly is all three of those things. Have the best start of your week, Mel!


Hi Janae! Hope your heels heal fast that looks painful! I have a lot of tabs open too and once in a while I nuke them all and start over. Best part of my weekend was a tea party with my friends! It’s been a while since so many of us got together.
Happy Monday!


Thank you so much! Luckily, it didn’t hurt too bad today. A tea party… okay, that is SO much fun. So happy you guys got together for that. Let’s all close the tabs today haha. Happy Monday to you, Amy!


I complain about my computer too. Then my husband asks me when the last time I restarted was… Uh never, why would I do that? Then I have top reopen my 10 million tabs and documents. Why would he suggest such an inconvenient solution.

I have hammer toes and so I have to tape my toes on super long runs and wear Injinji socks so my whole toe does not blister…no way around it. It is so sexy :)


Right? I feel like at this point, technology should allow us to never restart our devices and keep everything pen at once. So silly.
I am so glad you found a solution to keep your feet happy on those long runs! Happy Monday, Dawn!


Ouchie!! I hope you figure out a solution to your heels.
Wind is my least favorite too! It was super windy in Colorado yesterday. I felt like I was trying to move forward against a brick wall for 2.5 miles. And for a little bit, I had to really use my core to prevent me from being blown sideways, ha ha.
Highlights from the weekend… Being with all my sisters for our mom”s birthday. Lots of conversation, laughs, hugs, and love. Running on one of my most favorite trails, and soaking in all of the Colorado sights and crisp clean air! I’m heading home now.
I can’t wait to get out and run tomorrow. I always feel so good and fast the 1st run back after running at altitude for a few days.
Have a great Monday Janae!


Hey Janae. Go buy some Hydro seal bandaids. They are a thick bandaid with a hydrocolloid cushion that will cushion that horrible heel blister while it heals I used to use them all the time for ballet when pointe shoes would make bad blisters. They also work to just shield the skin from forming a blister


I hate running in wind! I feel like it never blows in one direction, ya know? So you’re always running into it, no matter which way you’re going…


You are very daring to wear a new shoe on a long run! I’ve worn a new shoe that is same model on a medium to long run, but not a completely new shoe. I bet that shower hurt at first! ouch!!

How were the hot chocolate sales?! what a fantastic idea. I totally would stop to buy some if I saw that. so cute.

I have a zillion tabs open and restarts/updates freak me out because of having to reopen it all back up! haha. Then sometimes those open tabs will generate an auto-email saying “see something you like?” because I have an item in a random cart or something. Such a conundrum.


I’m with Andrew. I get stressed out with more than one item open :). I’m usually good at finding the keywords from your title but I couldn’t find the scary?

I desperately need a hair trim and I am going to do that today.

My feet blister really easily! So far so good recently with my sock and shoe combo. I like Bombas socks now.


We tend to get a lot of wind here, gusts of 20mph randomly and during training over winter and stroller running I knew it was just making me stronger. I thanked God for each gust of wind pushing against me knowing He was making me stronger. It helped so much bringing Him into the run and knowing I was strengthening myself even though it was DANG HARD!

Highlight of the weekend – we went to a new area in Gulf Shores called Mo’s Landing that had excellent kayaking for the boys who caught fish for tacos! And it was also a dog park so our daughter was IN LOVE pointing out all the dogs! (she’s 15 months old) so her excitement was a lot of squeals lol


I had that with the Asics Metaspeed Sky last year, they were so cool looking but I spent them back. It happened to my coach on that shoe as well!

Team one million tabs open on the computer and phone. But never ANY negotiations.


My daughter gets blisters every season during High School track. Balega Blister Free socks have worked for her so far!

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