Friday Favorites!

(shoes ((still 20% off)), leggings, top)

Just as we start to get in some light in the mornings for our runs…  Daylight Saving Time begins again on Sunday.

Jo’s Novablast’s are so pretty.  10.5 hilly miles @ 8:43 average, and I was toast after the workout the day before.  One of those days, you can’t think about starting your run; you just distract yourself and push start.

We snuggled outside after his nap.

And had an easy to make delicious dinner.

My first round of tacos…

And dessert while we watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  We are on a movie kick at night with the kids right now.

Let’s dive into my favorite things this week:

I take this matter very seriously.  I wear a lot of t-shirts.  I won’t lead you astray on this topic, so let’s talk about my top-rated t-shirts (that aren’t too expensive… I’m sure there are much nicer ones out there, but I spill too often to have those;).

*The Amazon 2 pack (for $16).  The best white t-shirt I’ve ever had, and they are so cheap.  They fit perfectly.

*The Outdoor Voices ones.  They have the best color options, in my opinion.

*These ones from Madewell.  I’ve loved these tees for years, and they always have fun striped options too.

*My favorite t-shirts to wear with biker shorts because they are long.  These are so soft and wash perfectly.

*And this Scooped neck from Old Navy ($12!)!

*I want to get in my car and have it smell heavenly.  This doesn’t usually happen because I jump in sweaty after a run, and we have four kids (and a dog), but this febreeze clip-in has made it a reality.  It has changed my driving experience.

*I might have found a new #1 favorite marathon short… The side pockets fit everything you could need, the high waist feels so amazing, they don’t move around, and I forgot I was wearing them for my 18-miler (I like to forget I’m wearing something because that means they are so comfortable that I am not thinking about them much).  I was surprised at how much I loved them.  They are also 25% off of their $42 price tag right now with the code–> WOMEN25

*These. Are. Amazing.

Have anything you are looking forward to this weekend?

Race shorts that you love that have good pockets?  

Favorite t-shirt?  I would love to expand my collection if you have good recommendations too!

What do you do when you have a hard time getting out for a run?

-I might need some tips this morning too;)

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I just got in Bombas V necks and they are good! I sized up one for a slightly looser fit since they’re more of a slim fit but so comfortable to wear. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a cute movie, hope the kids are enjoying it!


Ummmm how did I not know that Bombas had SHIRTS?! I need some. Thanks for sharing. Yes, they loved it and it made us all want to travel more ha. Hope you have the best weekend, Maureen!


When I click the marathon shorts link, it goes to a pair of Vuori full-length leggings and it’s not clear that’s even the correct brand for the discount code. Could you please review/check that link? What brand is the code for? The shorts look great and I’m very intrigued….thanks!


I am SO sorry about that. The code is for Nike! It does say to login first I just noticed so you might have to create an account for the code to work but the WOMEN25 is still active. I hope you love them and have a great day, Lin!


I woke up this morning to a fresh 7 inches of snow. I thought “this must be what Janae has woken up to every morning for the last 3 months!” ha
I hope your 2 older nieces give new t-shirt ideas with the intent of you passing the shirts along to them. hahaha
This week is my first week back with having Lindsey Hein as my running coach. Let’s just say that everything hurts!
Have a great weekend!


SEVEN INCHES. Oh Molly. I feel for you and I hope it melts so quickly. That is exactly how I felt the last three months old. Oh my goodness, you know it. They send me links of stuff hahah. They make it seem like they are trying to help me;). LINDSEY HEIN. I am so happy. Keep me updated with your training, so excited for you!


UGH daylight savings time again.. I almost forgot!
I have a love for tank tops that mirrors your love for tshirts. :) I wear them year round (they’re my bottom layer in the winter) and my current favorites are Target’s maternity tanks – which yes, I am pregnant right now – but I wear them when I am not pregnant too because they’re really just long, comfortable tanks.. I will check out your t-shirt suggestions to balance out my crazy tank obsession! My favorite running shorts are the CRZ ones I think I bought as a recommendation from you. How I ran without side pockets before these, I will never know.
When I need extra motivation, a good podcast or audiobook can sometimes encourage me to go for my run (versus no music/audio), but sometimes even that is tough (like when it is so snowy and cold for the 5th month in a row – here too!). Is having running partners to meet helping you? I know that always used to help me, when I ran with a group! Good luck with this struggle phase of marathon training!


Somehow it came way too fast this year. I LOVE a good tank top too. Ummm I need to check those out, I love long tops. CRZ has an incredible line, I am always shocked over how great they are for their price. I honestly don’t know if I would get out the door in the morning at this point without my training friends… I would probably procrastinate until the afternoon. Thanks Katie, I hope you are having a great pregnancy and getting in everything that sounds good and plenty of sleep. Keep me updated with how you are doing!


Hi Janae, I know you’ve mentioned this before, but can you just continue to remind me and others how important it is to take time for ourselves as mothers? My twin girls just turned 5 months wahoo!! I love them with everything I have. I make sure to fit in yoga each day which is great, but it’s only about 20 minutes. I’m really craving more for myself (running, journaling, reflection and spirituality) but I also feel selfish wanting so much. Intellectually I know how important it is to do things for yourself, but the reality of it is different sometimes. Anything you want to say about this topic is much appreciated! <3 in a post or a comment, or whatever you feel up to. Thank you! Have a great weekend!


ALYSSA! How are you surviving right now? You sure have a lot going on right now, and I hope you are able to get in some sleep. I will definitely write a post about this because I strongly believe in it… I am a much better mother when I take time for myself. I can’t function without it, and I am so grumpy. We need to show our kids how important it is for them to take care of themselves when they are adults too. Do not feel selfish, your kids will thank you as they get older… because you will have your own self still and passions and hobbies, they will not live with the stress of you living through them or needing them to make you happy. Do you have family around that can help? A good sitter? You are not alone in this… you need to be a person and your girls need you to too!


Those shorts look amazing. Unfortunately the link didn’t work:-(. Can you resend


I’m so sorry! Here is the link again, let me know if it works for you!
Have a great weekend, Karen!


I can’t say I have a fave t-shirt, they almost always are race shirts…though I do have a couple of Lulus that I seem to wear all the time as casual wear – I have a job and a lifestyle where I pretty much always dress csual -….and shorts or tights, I love everything Brooks…they’re not flashy, but the one thing I always like is that zippered pocket in the back……at one time in my running life I found a singlet that had three pockets in back like a bike jersey, I thought it was a great idea, pockets to store nutrition like gels … but since, I’ve never come across that again….


Triathlon tops have the pockets 😊 I like them too!


I just bought a pair of Nike Go bike shorts with that code and they’re soooo good! A little longer than I usually wear, but three waistband pockets, and three leg pockets make me think they could be the perfect marathon shorts.


After a week being laid up going to try a short run. Off-season is officially over. Also going to get some wedding stuff done lol.

Happy running Janae!


These tshirts are cute! Old Navy has so many good finds.
But for whatever reason Nike Pro shorts just do not work for me. I’ve tried several in different lengths and no matter what they roll allll the way up within the first 5 mins of my run. Super uncomfy:/

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