Silentish Saturday!

(Leggings, sweatshirt, shoes)

The winter that never ends… 5 miles @ 8:33 pace.

Crepes and Core Power.

Daily tradition.

Costco day… goodbye money.


They convinced us to get watermelon.

Trader Joe’s provides so many meals for us.

Bluey fans.

Always hiding from us.

Off for 20… haven’t gone this far since November!

The weather is on our side today with no new snow and clear roads.  PS these are my dream temps for Boston:


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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So. Much Snow!!!! Hopefully that means less fires this summer!

I hope your 20 miler is going well, we are off to run 12 miles. My hubby and I love to run together but we haven’t done a marathon together since 2017 so we signed up for one we love in May. Our kids will ride their bikes with us for half of it today then one of us will finish up on the treadmill while the other runs outside (gotta make it work). We are thinking for much longer runs we will find babysitters.

Costco also took all my money yesterday……but I still love it.


Such a good point about less fires this summer! I’ll remember that when I feel sick of the snow! I LOVE that you and your husband are doing a marathon together and how cool for your kids to be there for parts of the training too. You guys are a power couple. Happy weekend, Beth and hopefully we all don’t have to go back to Costco for a bit;)


Hold on, do you eat your crepes plain?? Is there anything on there?

A slow return to running over here–being sick, weird weather, etc. have been keeping me in. My first couple runs have been HARD, and I am trying not to feel dejected! You always inspire me!


Normally I just use buttermilk syrup but when I’m eating at the computer, I just wrap it up and eat it, ha. That is kind of strange! You are back… do not feel alone with those first few runs. They are always so so hard but the fitness will click again soon. You’ve got this, Kristin!


Ha ha… The winter that never ends. So true this year!
It has been raining here for at least 12 straight hours, with the snow dropping down to less than 3000 feet! But we need this so much.
So I’m off to the gym for a treadmill run, then yoga, and that’s about it for the day. I do need to go to Costco, but I will wait until Monday. I avoid that place like the plague on weekends.
I hope your 20 miles felt great! Have a great weekend!


Never ever ending! It’s so true… we all need this moisture but it sure makes me miss the son. I hope your treadmill run was a great one and SO smart about waiting until Monday. Costco is a zoo over the weekends!


Good luck on your 20 miler today! I ran with a friend this morning, got coffee and breakfast, did some errands, and cooking dinner with my boyfriend tonight!


Thank you so much! Oh that sounds like a fabulous day. Enjoy dinner tonight!


I hope you have survived and thrived during your 20 mile run today!
Our snow that came last night is already melting-thank goodness.
Today I’m reading, running…and cleaning-boo.
Have a great weekend!


Survived and thrived! Thank you, Molly! So glad your snow is melting… longest winter ever. Sounds like a great weekend and now you have me thinking I should probably read for a bit ha. Happy weekend, Molly!


Hi Janae! I’m always surprised too at how much I spend at Costco! I’m hoping you had a good run today!!! We got snowed in (it doesn’t snow as much here so they don’t plow and everything gets icy real fast) and we are definitely enjoying our Costco goodies from earlier this week.
Happy weekend!


How does it happen? We get to the register and I wonder how in the world we can spend so much on food. Snowed in! I hope you have some hot chocolate with your Costco goodies too! Enjoy, Amy!


You can say that again (the winter that never ends)! So far today, I’ve eaten breakfast, rode my stationary bike while reading, done a quick yoga session, and meditated. I guess that’s more than three things, but it is my perfect start to a Saturday. Good luck on your long run!


Sounds like a beautiful day, I want to hear all of the things! Teach me how to mediate! Thanks, Christie and I hope the rest of your weekend is great.


First, Blaming YOU Janae for me even trying the CORE Power drinks. I do not need to start a habit of buying pricey protein milk – but the chocolate ones are so good!

*No snow here (I live in GA) but SO SO SO much rain the last few months…and my yard floods every time. ugh.

*Trying to do my son’s taxes, but he only texted me his stuff and I can’t read them – so having to pause after getting everything ready to go. He lives about 45 minutes away so we will have to wait to get them done. sigh.

*Just picked up dinner for my daughter and her co-workers and took them to them at their job tonight. I miss her when she is not here. She just turned 16 and I am living in dread of her getting her drivers license and leaving all the time on her own :-( .


I want a crepe now after seeing yours!

Today I’m running the War Eagle half marathon with my sister! It’s her first half and I’m so excited to be able to run this with her :)
Have a great weekend!

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