Silentish Saturday!

(Shoes, leggings, hoodie)

If we look frozen, it is because we were.

I did 9 miles @ 8:27 average but my friend, Jenn, was doing 28 miles for her ultra training.

At least our roads and trails are mostly clear.

When the mileage increases, the oofos come out.

Our favorite.

Leftovers for lunch and dinner and the most perfect bowl of cereal for an afternoon snack.

Had a fun meeting.

Sugar cookie decorating and bracelet making with the girls.

All grocery stores need to sell cookies and a decorating set so I get to avoid dishes.

Time for some long intervals!

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Hi Janae! I’m meeting some friends at the library and then sending out my Valentine’s day cards! Have an awesome day!


I love that you send out Valentine’s day cards. You are the best. Enjoy the library!


i hate Valentine’s’s worse than Christmas….flowers, chocolate…and then who for…mom, my wife, my daughters, from my son for all of them as well (because he’ll forget) and then for my daughters for my son and everyone else (because they’ll forget)……stress, stress, stress..I need to go for a run


I hope that you get the best runs the next few days! Holidays are stressful, that is for sure. That’s why we love Halloween ha, no expectations! Happy Saturday, Warren.


It does look so cold there! But beautiful!
I’m working with a new local non-profit, and we have been planning a fundraiser dinner for the last few months, and tonight is the night! So today is all about the final tasks, setting up, and decorating. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly, the attendees all have a good time, and we make a little money for a really good cause. Then I think I’ll sleep the rest of the weekend, ha.
I hope your workout/run went well this morning. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Janae 😊


Wendy, I love hearing about all of the things you do for your community. It is so inspiring. Enjoy all of the sleeping after all of that! Thanks Wendy!


That cereal combo is EVERYTHING!!! Mixing is just the best! I know this sounds weird, but sometimes throwing in some cashews or slivered almonds to cereal is delicious. I mean, Honey Bunches of Oats has almonds in it so why not!

Hope you have a great weekend!


I cannot thank you enough for this idea. Trying today. Happy weekend, Kelly!


I have a short run, participated in a trail running intro workshop (it was so amazing), then signing up for a trail race! Happy Running!


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