Silentish Saturday!

(Shoes, tights, vest ((still on sale))

It felt like the sun came up much earlier than normal.

8 miles @ 8:26 average yesterday and a big workout today!

The mustache is gone.

He hit 13,000 steps playing soccer with his friends.

Bread date with Brooke.

Story time via Knox.

A jump house inside is saving us this winter.


Today’s long run song for the final speed interval…  It’s going to be a TOUGH workout.


Tell me three things you are up to today?!

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3 things: working (because it’s already that time of year); long run as soon as it warms up to the 20s; and then I don’t know. I kind of want to bake some cookies. I have ingredients for M&M (regular and valentine) and triple chocolate. It’s a big decision.

Bounce houses are great when they’re little. It keeps them busy for hours and then they are tired enough to go to bed or if you’re lucky, they will take a nap. We had one for years that we put up in the yard. We definitely got our money’s worth out of it.

Have a great Saturday and a great run!


Your busiest time of year is here… I hope it goes by quickly and seamlessly. Andrew is working on taxes as we speak! I hope you had a great long run and now I need some cookies. They all slept so good last night, you are so right. Thanks Lee, you too!


Hey Janae! I love the snuggling photo, even if it looks mildly uncomfortable for you :)
Today I am:
1. going to talk to a local yoga instructor about trading cleaning for free classes
2. Hosting friends for a game night
3. Potentially going for a walk… it currently feels like -27 with the wind chill though, so we’ll see about that one!
I hope you have a great Saturday!


Hahaha definitely a bit uncomfortable on my bruised tailbone haha. I love that you are doing a trade with the yoga instructor. I hope it was a great one. Ummmmm how do you go out in that weather?! I need to stop complaining about ours ha. Have the best time with your friends! Happy weekend, Phoebe!


Hi Janae
I love the sunrise and the thickness of your bread-slices… You’re doing it right!
I went on a long run today (unplanned for, I always thought “one more crossing…” my knees hurt a little now but I remembered that I can do more than I think :D ).
Apart from that I have to find new earrings, am meeting friends tonight to play pool and I am hard core procrastinating… I have exams next week and no studying has been done so far and it’s after noon where I live.. Oops :D
Enjoy your weekend!


The thicker the better for bread! You are amazing… way to get in a long run even though you weren’t planning on it. I hope you find awesome earrings (I need to do that too). GOOD LUCK with studying… Andrew has been procrastinating his school too this week so you aren’t alone haha. Thanks Moni, you too!


Going for a run. I am rebuilding a base after a couple months off structured running. It’s much easier to lose fitness than building it haya

And finding something fun to do with River and Jason.

Happy Saturday!


AMEN TO THAT. Why do we lose it so fast but it takes forever to build? I’m sure it is going to click for you though, you are so so strong. Have the best day with your crew. Thanks, Kristine!


Can’t wait to hear about your hard workout, I hope it went well!

I’m with Lee, thinking about baking cookies today after my run. Chocolate chip or snickerdoodle?

lol @ indoor bouncy house, I did the same when the kids were little.
Have a great weekend!


I cannot decide so I think you need to make both… and now I need both ha. Thank you, it went great wahoo! Thanks Tracy, you too!


three things…race prep, visit my dad in the hopital, and visit with my mom…..and plan for the week ahead. just signed up for a short triathlon, so time to get into the pool


Just finished my run for the day.
Going to go to Costco and then relax!
Hope you had a good run!

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