Should I overcome this fear + Boston training recap week #6

(long sleeve, tank, shorts, shoes)

Fifteen miles @ 7:17 average with 1388 ft of climbing.

We have done this course the last few Saturdays and pushed the big uphills and then took it more chill on the down. This week, we survived (I can’t call climbing this hill easy, but we weren’t pushing the pace) the uphills and did a 3-mile tempo down.

For the first 3-mile tempo down, I did a 6:11 average, and for the second 3-mile tempo down, I did a 5:48 average. I LOVED this workout and felt like it was perfect for Boston.

I am not going to lie; I get nervous about doing a flat marathon… Does that mean I need to do one soon to overcome that fear? I want hills because I know I get rewarded with a downhill for each climb.

It was tank-top weather… not quite sports bra, ha. While it might be tank-top weather (for me), the second I stop running in this weather, I cough like CRAZY. We were all coughing whenever we stopped… the cold just attacked our lungs.

The last time I wore these shoes was at Big Bear.

My friend’s beautiful top… So cool.
I came home and did this class even though I didn’t want to. I need the mobility, unilateral work, and core strength that these strength for runners classes offer.
It turns out I’m really into black right now.

Here is what week 6 of marathon training looked like, and next week I bump up to 70 miles!

Monday:  10 miles @ indoor track around an 8:05 pace

Tuesday:  7 miles @ indoor track 7:50 average

Wednesday:  16.7 miles @ 7:24 average with 6 miles (mostly downhill, some flat)—> 5:34, 5:33, 5:26, 5:29, 5:30, 5:39… a 5:32 average.  + 4 x 200m to finish fast.  Recoveries are about .7 miles back to the start of the interval.  It forms a big loop.  

Thursday:  10 miles of hills @ 8:38 average

Friday: 8 miles @ 8:26 average

Saturday:  15 miles @ 7:17 average.  3-mile w/u, hill up (a little less than a mile), 3-mile tempo at marathon effort down (6:11 average… mostly down, so faster than what my actual marathon pace), 2 miles easy, repeat the uphill, the same 3-mile tempo at 10k effort (5:48 average), c/d.  1388 ft of climbing over the run!

Sunday:  Off

66.93 miles for the week (I was tempted to run another .07 when I saw this). 

Later on, Andrew and I went on a date!

Sol Agave! It was Andrew’s first time here, and he loved it too. We went through a few chip baskets (that salt was so needed after my run!), and I had the Sugar Cane Filet.

We were able to hang out with Mer (my grandma), and Beck mimicked Mr. Blue while we were there.

Sunday included some of this…



And these

Does anyone else cough a lot when they stop running?

-My lungs felt great during the run, but they tried hard to work normally whenever we stopped!

Is anyone else able to see any of their grandparents often?

Flat or hilly race? Do you prefer one or both?

Last salty food that you ate?

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Your friend’s OT shirt is amazing! I would wear it proudly on all occasions!

I cough a lot after I drink really, really cold water, so maybe there’s something about temperature that irritates our airways?

I definitely prefer a flat race, but hilly training runs!

Your hair looked great for your date night. We need a tutorial on how you get your waves to look so cute!


I would be wearing that top every day of my life haha. Oh thank you so much! I’ll make a video asap. Thanks Sarah and I hope your day is off to a great start!


Hey Janae, The coughing is a reaction of your lung lining to the very dry air. Because cold air holds much less humidity than warm one this becomes a real issue when its well below freezing. This article explains it much better than I can.
So generally it’s recommended to wear a bandana in front of your mouth and avoid very hard runs and races in extreme cold.


Thank you so much for sharing that article with me (and that picture of the woman running in colorado at the end was gorgeous). Definitely an eye-opening read and it has me thinking more about what is going on inside when I run in the cold. Absolutely bringing the bandana or some sort of face covering. Thanks Karina, have the best day!


Flat races are actually harder than they look lol. For some reason I enjoy somewhat hilly courses!

Last salty food..chips from whole foods and home made guacamole!

Your home made soup looks so delicious! Happy running and Happy Monday Janae!


I really think so too because you don’t get to change up the muscles you are using and mentally they break the race up for me. Coming for your chips and guac. Thanks Kristine, you too!


That workout does sound great! Tank top weather… I’d be freezing, ha ha.
I cough a lot after hard runs in the cold for sure. I often wonder why that happens.
I think I prefer flat races, but with turns to keep it interesting. A few not huge hills is ok. And I agree with Sarah (above), I like training on hills because I know they make me stronger.
I caught a little flu bug over the weekend, and have a very busy last have of the week, so I am laying low today. Which is kind of a bummer because the last 2 weeks of running have been really fun and good. But obviously my body is telling me to take it easy.
Have a good day Janae.


Those hills make us so dang strong. Nooooo for having the flu. I am so sorry. Rest up and I wish I could bring you some soup today. I hope you are back to yourself by tomorrow!


Salty food: Tom and I went to the movies on Saturday to see A MAN CALLED OTTO and got popcorn. A bucket of gloriously salty, butter sauce-drenched popcorn. And it was glorious. :)

I love Janae’s Black Era!

A Trader Joe’s find (I went yesterday morning to pick up some things for dinner): Maple Syrup Pancake Snaps. So imagine a small cookie the size of a ‘nilla wafer, the crisp snap crunch of a gingersnap, and light and airy on the inside…that tastes like maple syrup. SO GOOD. An so addictive. Be warned–they’re TOO easy to just pop into your mouth. But since my RPM class that I taught yesterday wound up just being…hard…and since bodies are made to move and movement is easier with fuel and food is fuel, it’s all good, right? :)

I hope that your 70 miles of hills and flats this week goes really well!!!

Coincidentally, the only marathon I have ever run–the Maine Marathon–is *relatively* flat and is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Imagine Maine in late September/early October–when that lovely fall crisp air begins to settle in, part of the race has gorgeous views of the ocean, and the leaves are just changing colors. And the community of people who organize, orchestrate, and support the event are top notch! It’s also a good way to get an extended weekend getaway to Maine to enjoy Portland, get some seafood, and maybe do some leaf peeping. I highly recommend!!! :)


WE SAW THAT MOVIE TOO. We both sobbed. I should have gotten some popcorn though. Ummmmm I will be getting those snaps. That sounds so dang good right now. I can only imagine how beautiful your marathon was. That is the race that will get me to run a flat one! Gorgeous. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Stephanie!


Yes! So much coughing :( sorry you do this too, but glad it’s normal! I much prefer the hills, and trail races in general- I think it distracts me more to have things to look at.

Enjoy your grandparents, it’s so nice your kids have the chance to know them. Mine have been gone for a while and I miss them a lot.

And popcorn all the way for the salty snack! But I mix in some sweet kettle corn too :)


It’s just so weird that it happens as soon as we stop?! I have a trail race coming up and I totally agree with you on that. I am so sorry you don’t have your grandparents here anymore. Mer is my last one and I am savoring these times together.
Off to go make some popcorn for a morning snack ha. Hope you have a beautiful day, Bri!


I need for minor hills. Trick me into thinking I’m not running hills.
Your date night hair looks amazing!
Good work on weekend bread! I baked off sourdough this morning. I love having fresh bread in the house.
Grea job on week 6!


Thank you, Molly! I washed it;). I need some of your sourdough bread! Happy weekend, Molly!


I don’t do hills well so I’ll take a flat course which probably means I need more uphill practice


Teach me how to run/pace a flat course! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Mary!


Hi Janae! Yay for another week completed! We were on a trip this weekend and had so much good food! We had Vietnamese noodle soup and Iranian kabobs. Nice and salty and perfect for the cold weather too! I’ve never had the cough after before I think that’d freak me out!
Happy Monday!


Drooling over the food you had… yum! So glad you guys got away for the weekend. Happy Monday to you, Amy!


For sure a cougher after runs too – especially in the cold! I did my longest run ever on Saturday, and I’m still riding off the high. SO excited!! It was mostly flat, and I’ll admit I missed some hills. Also, ALL the salty foods.


TESS. I. am. thrilled. for. you! Congratulations! This is so exciting. I hope you get in some salty foods today too!


Hi Janae! I wanted to let you know, as a fellow shellfish allergy sufferer, to always double check about chips and fries in restaurants! They are often cooked in the same fryer, just different baskets, so depending on the severity of your allergy you could run into issues.


WHAT? I had no idea! Thank you thank you thank you for telling me this. I never want to experience that reaction again so I will be asking now. Hope your day is a gorgeous one, Lauren.


I love undulating hills, and I like planning routes, or making them up as I go along, and if there’s a hill, you have no choce, you have to run it..I find hill repeats boring. I know I need to do them, but not willingy..


I would choose a hilly route over hill repeats (on the same hill) too! They are just so good for us. Have a great day, Warren!


Prefer downhill but did a flat half last month (for training) that let me focus on form and pacing and a faster final three miles without the help of downhill.


Those rolls look divine!

I only cough when I do a hard run. So weird.

Enjoy your grandparents! Neither my husband nor I have any grandparents left. We each have our moms and we try and see them at least once per week.

Can I have a downhill race? LOL, I might actually prefer rolling hills because it changes up what muscles you are primarily using and I like that.

My sis in law made the best guac last night that I ate with Juanitas chips (they are the best and extra salty!).


Hello! I saw your comment about coughing when you stop running. I would talk to your doctor about it. I developed asthma as an adult and that’s how it started – I was fine running in the cold, but as soon as I stopped (or worse, went into a warm house immediately), the coughing started.


Oh my gosh, flat marathons are AMAZING! Love them so much. I did a half in San Francisco, so I know how cool the downhills can be, but flat marathons. Awesome.


I have those same blue Nikes! I have raced a couple marathons in them now and I love them, but I’m worried about how long they are supposed to last! Do you track your mileage on your shoes? How long have your super-shoes lasted?

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