Requirement + Experiment + Asics SuperBlast Review

Delicious pre-run toast.  I’m experimenting with getting a bit of fat in before my runs with some peanut butter to see if it still upsets my stomach or not.  Felt great yesterday!

8.1 miles @ 8:11 pace with Jo and Lauren.  We are thoroughly enjoying running more and more in the light each day.

The most detailed fairy garden I have seen on a run so far.

He requires dinner foods for breakfast these days.

She was pretty excited about her new dance shoes.

And then we spent the night at my parents’ house with family.


After my plantar fasciitis in 2021, I was cautious about what shoes I would wear to keep it from flaring up again.  I tried out the Asics NOVABLAST and fell in love with them (my review is HERE).  I ran a bit quicker in them and completely avoided any plantar pain.  I truly love those shoes, so when I saw a friend wearing the SUPERBLAST a few weeks ago, I knew I had to try them.

My first run in them was a 16 miler, and from start to finish, I had nothing but positive thoughts about them and have in every run since too.

These shoes do not have a carbon plate, but the foam is fun.  It isn’t like the foam on Hoka Cliftons, where you feel like you have a pillow under your feet (which is so needed for me some days), although it’s a little more firm but gives you a bounce.  I feel a little like I’m springing, kind of like a trampoline.

I think they look sleek.  I’ll admit it, I love good-looking shoes.

I was thinking about how these shoes help me to land on my midfoot.  If you want to work on heel striking (landing in front of your knee with your heel… nothing wrong with heel striking if it is below your body), try these out.  They get you to land mid-foot.

They are much lighter than you would expect when looking at them—> 8.4 ounces.

The shoelaces stay tied very easily… which isn’t the case for many shoes I have tried in the past.

The upper of the shoe is very breathable and not too stiff (ever had a shoe that it felt like the upper won’t bend with your foot, which drives me crazy, and luckily, these do not do that).

If you want to be taller, try these ha.  I think they added two inches for me (in reality, 45.5mm).

I have tried minimalist shoes over the years, but they aren’t for me.  I personally love a lot of foam on my shoes and a solid shoe because I feel like it absorbs some of the impact with each step, helping me to avoid some soreness and some injuries.

They are a neutral shoe, but the amount of support in them make my foot feel in place with each step, it’s not moving all around in the shoe.

I’ll keep you updated on how many I can get out of them… I feel it will be a lot because the cushioning still feels new to me.

What I would wear them for—> Easy runs, tempo runs, steady state runs, long runs (flat or hilly).  I like that I can use one shoe for so many different types of runs.  I feel like these can adapt to so many different paces.

What I would not wear them for—> Personally, I only want to race in the Vaporflys, so I wouldn’t race in the SUPERBLAST.  I would not wear them on the trails because there isn’t a lot of traction on them, and the stack height is high, so I would probably twist my ankle easily with these on trails.  I also won’t be using them for short/speed intervals.  Slick days also won’t be great with these.

I have yet to find a con in these, and if you do, don’t tell me because I would like to continue to believe they have perfected this shoe.  I’m kidding; you can tell me.

Off to try the METASPEED;)

PS if my reviews seem very positive, it’s because I don’t review the things/shoes etc., that I don’t like… I review the things I find that I do love.

Who has an Asics pair that they love? Anyone try the Superblast yet?  What are your thoughts?

How many miles do you get on a pair of shoes usually?  How do you track them?

Can you eat pb or anything with fat before a run?  Is your stomach picky before a run?

Tell me something interesting you have seen on a run recently?

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I love finding fairy doors on trees! Now I want to add tiny mailboxes to the doors!
I have been spotting a bald eagle during my runs lately. One time it was in a low branch that I had to run under. I panicked once it began to stare me down. It flew off and swooped back (close but at a safe distance!) over me. Nature!


Aren’t they so cute?! A bald eagle… Hahaha I don’t want one staring at me either. Happy Wednesday, Molly!


Hi, First time poster and love reading your stories. How early before a run do you eat? Most interesting thing I have seen/had happen to me on a run was a goat following me and just ran with me :) it was cute!


Hey Stacey! I usually eat about 20 minutes before I start running and sometimes I am munching on graham crackers a minute before I start. It all depends on how early I get myself up out of bed but in a perfect world, I feel best when I eat 30-60 minutes before a run. A GOAT.. oh that is so so fun! I’ve had that once and it was the cutest thing ever. Have a great day!


I am a early morning runner and drink coffee with half and half before a run. This is a tough habit to drop, but I knew that little bit of fat right before a run was hurting my stomach. So now black coffee for me, huge difference especially before track work. Cream after the run. Also – PB2 makes the dry peanut butter and it is low fat. I would use that for a PB&J pre long run.


Oh I bet that was a hard habit to drop but that cream afterward must taste so good! So interesting to hear what works for everyone. Hope your day is off to a great start, Kristy!


I love reading shoe reviews! Those Asics sound dreamy. I too love when a show works for multiple types of runs.
I haven’t seen anything super interesting lately. But, in the neighborhood at the top of the hills in our area (huge expensive homes) there’s a plot that has been empty since we’ve been here, is finally having a house built on it. So I love to run by there at least once a week to see how that’s going. I may do that today.
So thankful for feeling much better this morning. And it’s going to be a sunny yarm day too, yay!
Have a good day Janae


Right?! Just so fun that you can bring them out for multiple types of runs. Oh I bet it is so fun to see the updates on that lot! So fun to see the home-building process, especially on the pricey ones ha. YAY for being back to yourself again, sickness makes me so grateful for health ha. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! Please forgive the randomness and personal nature of this request – but Recently you shared on insta about using dysport. I’d love to know your thoughts about that! I go back and forth between feeling like I never want to touch my face and then also feeling interested in doing it! I know I should not judge others but it bothers me somewhat to see a lot of women obviously using a lot especially at very young ages. Does it bother you taking a day off running after injections? Just interested to know more about your experience and thoughts!!! Thanks!!!


I’m a wide-open book on these things! Never be afraid to talk to me about it! So I have only done it twice now (once last year and once this year) so the day off hasn’t bothered me… it would be harder to make it work if I was doing it often though. I had to let my coach know why I took the day off ha so he wouldn’t think I was injured or something. Personally, I don’t want a lot of anything and I don’t feel like it actually changes my face, just a bit of wrinkling prevention (even though running is so hard on our faces ha but I will never quit that). The lady I go to is all about keeping things natural and light and I am on board with that. It’s funny though because most of the time it’s not something I think about and then boom, I feel like I want to do it and so that is when I have gone the two times to her. Utah is pretty crazy with all of these things so I’m probably on the very least side of the spectrum here. Anyways, I’ve had nothing but positive things to say about it but do what is right for you and what makes you happy. Have the best day!


Hi Janae! Love the review! It’s very inspiring. I also never thought to put blueberries on my pb toast! I usually put bananas. Pre run I usually eat rice Chex or a banana though sometimes the banana can upset my stomach if I don’t warm up enough.
Have a wonderful day!


Rice chex are so dang good, I need to grab some next time I’m at the store. Yes, try the blueberries and pb toast. So good. Thanks, Amy! You too!


My stomach is not picky before a run. If it is off, like everyone’s is from time to time, it is usually not because of what I ate, it just is off. I mention this because in the past I was always so quick to blame the fuel choice even though it was probably just a stomach feeling a certain way that one day.


Well, like usual you open my eyes. Such a valid point… not always the fuel choices, maybe it’s stress/lack of sleep/sickness etc. Thanks for making me think. Have a beautiful day, Erica!


As long as it’s not a huge bowl of food, I am fine, even if I go for a short run shortly after a meal – my favorite snack to eat before a run is pb/sunbutter/almond butter with craisins on a bagel half/tortilla. Or a banana & a bowl of dry Chex if I am in a hurry.
I have been running on our treadmill in the basement, and after a while on the treadmill, I have noticed that the insulation in our walls (workout room is un-finished) starts to look like faces & other strange things. Funny what our minds get fixated on while running!
I will need to read the comments on how to track mileage on shoes! I am terrible – I go by whether I can FEEL the run (usually feel it in my shins first), and a little on how many miles I guesstimate are on the shoes. Asics were my first running shoes ever, and I wore them exclusively for years!


Your pre-run food sounds amazing… I’m going to try that! The tortilla with almond butter sounds heavenly to me. Bahaha thank you for telling me about your walls, that is something that I would totally notice too. I don’t think that is terrible at all, I think listening to our bodies is the best way to do things. Your body is telling you need a new pair right when it needs it! I swear asics were most of our first pairs… so cool. Happy Wednesday, Katie!


Sadly, peanut butter bothers my stomach. But I do well with a slice of toast, substantial smear of avocado + medium boiled egg on top. Salt & pepper. *I use the egg cooker. The fat in the avocado is fantastic on my stomach. Fat/carb/protein. When I do try to switch it up, my stomach never feel as great as it does with this combo?

I LOVE a new pair of shoes, I’m with you I like the comfy shoe that takes some of the impact. Enjoy every minute of your day!


I am totally going to try your toast combo before the run and I really think that fat/carb/protein combo will help me too before (that egg cooker is truly the best)! Thanks for sharing, I’ll try tomorrow! Yes, if our shoes can take on some of the impact, I’m all in. Thanks friend, you too!


I can have some pb before I run. Hard for me to eat much in general before an early morning run, but I try bc I know it’s important. I also like the GoMacro Bars. My stomach does great with them.

As for shoes, I used to run mainly in asics for years. I didn’t try the shoe you reviewed, but it looks super cushy. I switched to Saucony mostly in my adult running life. Last year I tried the Endorphin Speed 2’s and they’re my new favorite running shoe. I’d love to try the Vaporfly’s but that pricetag 😬🙈 So many seem to think they really are worth it. I hope to try them someday.


You get out there so early, you inspire me! I think you would love the Vaporflys so much I want to send you a pair:). My friends are all so beyond obsessed with the Endorphin Speed 2’s so you are not alone in that. I love what Saucony has done over the years. I hope your morning is off to a great start, Beth!


The speed 2 shoes is really just so good. I have heard mixed reviews on the speed 3’s. I’m tempted to buy up a few more speed 2’s just so I have them for awhile. And haha you can send them my way anytime 😉

I definitely don’t get out there early often enough. But moving that way. You inspire me to get my buns out the door to get it done before my day starts. So much harder to wait and do it later when things are busy. Have a wonderful rest of your day!


I read this review with great interest after seeing you in them on IG. I recently moved to a hilly neighborhood (saying a lot as I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of VA) and I need something good for hilly long runs. Never did pull the trigger on Novablasts so maybe I should try these! The stack height scares me a bit but if they feel pretty stable might be worth a shot. Thanks for the review! I, too, have a touchy stomach sometimes and haven’t eaten before anything but races in a long time, but need to change that – I am going to try a little peanut butter on half a bagel before my next long run for starters. Glad your experiment went well!


Hey Cindy! Oh I bet your hills are crazy but they sure make runners so so strong. You will have to let me know if you try these out. They really do feel stable (I feel like I could roll my ankle in the vaporflys but not these)! Let me know how the bagel and pb go… happy Wednesday!


I’ve noticed my stomach being off AFTER my run, which is weird! But I’m just starting to get to higher mileage (for me), so I’ll have to test some things out. Graham crackers feel easy so far. I typically don’t track miles on my shoes (again, my mileage is different), so I mainly go on feel. Clifton’s are my shoe of choice, and I feel like they should last longer but I can feel it in my feet/legs when I know it’s time to move on!


Uggg yes, runner’s flu! You are not alone in that! Whenever I increase my mileage, that happens to me! With time it evens out and my body gets used to it. Keep enjoying those graham crackers and those cliftons!


That is a cute fairy garden!
I love Asics but I’m the lone runner who does not wear max cushion shoes. It makes my ankles and posterior tendon hurt just looking at them, although I LOVE how they look. Sigh, I’ll just be over here running in my goofy Cumulus 23’s, gel Purue 8 (I think not sold in USA?) and my stock pile of DS Trainers. I use to scoff at those shoes thinking they weren’t good enough, then they came highly recommended by my insole guy.

It seems like shoes are getting higher and higher. I am curious if this affects the *benefits* of running as weight bearing. It’s a conundrum because the max cushion helps with speed and recovery, but in a few years will we see more negatives?

Skye’s new dance shoes are so sweet. I hope she has gobs of fun in them!


Those shoes look awesome and cushy!

I’m so bad about tracking my mileage in shoes… I should probably be better about that.

Before a run, I can do a really light layer of pb on toast. I usually stick to a fig bar or apple sauce before a run.

Not on my run, but my husband saw a bobcat on his bike run a couple of weekends ago! We have a bike path that runs through our entire city, and he was on the end of it which is basically in the middle of nowhere. I think I will stay off that part :)


I really liked the Novablast when I tried them on but sadly they do not come in wide. I am stuck in stability shoes for likely forever… No amount of strength work will give me back cartilage in my knee ( just a tiny area). Searching for my marathon shoe, using Brooks Adrenaline and Saucony Guide right now. Brooks laces never stay tied!! They used to not have that issue.


I swear after I read about your Nike Superflys I almost pulled the trigger on them! Now I have to also think about these Asics lol. I am partial to Brooks & Nike and haven’t really deviated much from them. I liked a neutral shoe in my 30s but in my 40s I’m looking for my support for my feet. I got some Nike Trail Pegasus (Gortex) shoes and I honestly love the spring they have in the shoe and I have been wearing these more than my Brooks Adrenalines for long runs!!! I was pleasantly surprised by them. I could have 600 pairs of running shoes lol.
As far as eating before a run, I am more of a bagel and cream cheese kind of girl and sometimes a banana. I should be more healthier about that but it is what it is!

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