3, 1, 3. Eating Contest. Just gotta remember.

You know how some days you get frustrated for being forced to stop at red lights, and some days you celebrate any chance you get to stop and take a break for a second?

Yesterday I prayed with each light we came across for it to turn red, ha.

Most of my prayers were not answered, sadly. But for the ones that were, I was so relieved.

I wasn’t doing the paces I was expecting for the particular segments we were doing yesterday, but I remembered this always happens when I’m ramping up my mileage and speed workouts simultaneously. This week I will be hitting 70 miles for the first time since October, so it just takes time to adjust and build that strength again. I put in my best effort for the day, which was a huge success.

Effort, effort, effort, effort.

View from the top of our second interval:

17 miles total (I forgot to start my watch for half a mile… I keep doing that), and this workout will pay off in April!

2.5-mile w/u, 3-mile tempo (downhill, uphill, downhill), .5-mile recovery, 1.2 miles straight uphill, 3-mile tempo (downhill, flat, downhill, flat), c/d to 17.

Reminder to practice taking fuel as much as possible when training for a race where you will need to take in fuel… We have to train our stomachs to get used to it. I am finding that the marathon is kind of an eating contest; the more I can get in, the better I race.

Andrew did Brooke’s hair for crazy hair day, and they were both very proud.

I did 15 minutes of lower-body strength (I love to keep my hard days hard so I can take the next two days easy). PS trying out strength training in bare feet to strengthen my feet a bit more (I stole this tip from a reader:)

And then we hot tubbed.
Family time + recovery + Vitamin D all at once.

We had zero desire to cook, and the kids were starving, so we went to Texas Roadhouse. We went through so many rolls.

And then we went over to our neighbor’s house for cake strawberry shortcake.

Is anyone else having difficulty remembering to restart their GPS watch on a run?

-I do it more and more lately.

For those that do strength training, how do you divide it into your week?

-I do lower body after my Wednesday workout and Saturday long run and then arms/core or nothing on my easy days.

Any running/strength/workout tips you’ve heard or tried lately?

What would you say is your biggest meal of the day?

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My strength training has been all over the place lately. But I’m doing it!
I love seeing you running with a group. I have been trying to amp up my group runs. They are so enjoyable and push me.
Are birthday celebrations starting yet for you? You need a head start thanks to the Halmark holiday so close by!


As long as you are getting it done, that’s all that matters! Group runs are the best… the time flies by! I mean, I may have sat on the saddle at Texas Roadhouse with some free ice cream;). You know me haha. Agreed, I really do have to start early on this one. Hope your morning is a great one, Molly!


I had to laugh at the part where you mentioned that strength training without shoes on is supposed to help strengthen you feet; I’ve been doing that ever since I started strength training, but only because I don’t want to bother with putting shoes on in the house! My feet must be ripped! XD
I usually do two strength training days/week, along with two spin bike days and two pilates days. That’s the goal anyways, toddler mom/pregnant mom life can throw a wrench in the best laid plans as you know! Have you ever tried pilates? I find it great for when I need something a little more low impact, but still want to get some strengh in. Still kicks my butt most of the time.
Have a great day Janae!


Bahaha your feet are ripped! And you just naturally knew it was good for you;) I have tried pilates but not enough. People swear by it and I really should do it more. You are giving me a new goal. I hope you are feeling well, Courtney!


i strength train in bare feet because i’m too lazy to put on shoes.


Turns out that laziness pays off haha! Hope you are having a great day, Therese!


Awesome job getting that workout done. Yesterday was a rare day for me… I wanted all the lights to be green so I could keep going. It was a fun easy run.
I do core most days, lower body workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays after speed work, then fill in upper body a couple other days. Although, sometimes after lower body work, my arms and shoulders are almost just as tired, ha. I have heard that being barefoot is an advantage while strength training. I should try it.
Heading out for a quick run before a crazy day. Have a great Thursday Janae.


I love the days where we don’t want the lights to stop us! Good for you to get in core most days, that is amazing. Your strength schedule is awesome. Hope your crazy day goes smoothly. Thanks Wendy, you too!


My biggest meal is probably lunch because we are often running out the door at breakfast lol.

I haven’t been great at strength training but will have to incorporate it back. I just signed up for a 40 mile trail race in August so now I have 6 months to get myself together lol.

Have a great day Janae! And the strawberry short cake looks delicious!


I feel like lunch is usually my biggest meal too! 40 mile trail race! I am SO thrilled about this and I have to be kept up on all of your training. This. Is. Exciting.
The cake was so good, I want more for breakfast ha. Hope your morning is off to a great start!


I used to LOATHE strength training at the gym. (And I was NOT good at it.) I lacked a plan/direction, always got bored, & mostly just stared out the window wishing I was outside running. Then (about 6 ish years ago) I discovered the beauty of a weightlifting class (Bodypump at my gym)!!! Now I go 3x a week and never have to plan a strength workout on my own. I just show up, make sure my form is good and enjoy sweating to music. I love how strength training makes me feel and helps my running. For me it was a complete game changer!!!!
Also, I’m incorporating your friend’s “fast hopping on one leg for a minute” routine to strengthen my feet!


Mel! I am SO happy you have found Bodypump and that you love it so much. I used to go to bodypump and I was obsessed with it. The best and so fun to have people to do it with. I’m with you, the way it makes us feel makes it so worth it. YAY for the hopping, let me know if it helps. Have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae! My strength coach used to have some of us do squats without shoes on! It was for those without as good ankle flexibility I think. My husband always forgets to start his watch too! 17 miles on non long run day that’s amazing!!
Have an awesome day!


That is so good to here… I’ll keep doing strength without shoes. Tell your husband he isn’t alone with that, it drives me crazy. It felt weird to be doing so much on a Wednesday. Thanks friend, you too!


Grr, it bugs me so much when I forget to start or restart my watch! Thankfully, I run with other people so they can add me to their run. But I’ve definitely done it when running by myself too.

On my easy/rest days, I’ve been trying to incorporate more yoga/stretching and on my speed/tempo days, I usually add in some Peloton strength for runners. Since I work full time, I typically run before work and will do my strength after work so that I don’t have to wake up earlier!

My biggest meal is probably lunch.


Barefoot here, too for in house strength training! Then as soon as I’m done I slipped my birkenstocks on. I do not like walking around barefoot unless it’s a beach under my feet!

Dinner is my largest meal but I’m working on front loading more in the day. My schedule doesn’t lend itself to a substantial lunch so I am hoping to practice some loftier things (I have lunch around 1-ish and run around 1515).

Brook’s hair is fantastic!! Looks great!

Today I had 10 minutes left before I had to leave to get somewhere and I decided to do a 6.5 minute mobility session (and yes, I first though ugh, what’s the point) and darn it if I didn’t feel a zillion times better, looser, and taller. Haha. Every minute counts! It was smart because I had already done some strength training and core and rather than rush around immediately (or lay on the floor just simply laying there) after I did that 6.5 minutes of stretching.

Happy Friday eve!


I so my strength training barefoot whenever I can. My feet are so much healthier because of it 💚

And I forgot to re start my watch the time. Drives me crazy 😜

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