Silentish Saturday!

(Leggings, top, shoes)

Mudslides now too?!  6.6 miles @ 8:32 average.


She had a giftcard and after an hour of browsing, she came to a conclusion.

Wearing my Boston shirt from 2015.

A walk in some better weather.

We all have very different energy levels at 7 pm.

Off to do some good actions…

My fuel is ready for the long run.

And my boston medal is out to give good vibes for my training.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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1. Avoiding a slip and fall on the ice
2. Avoiding watching football – over it

I’m open to anything and everything else this weekend!

Have a great weekend Janae!


I blame you for my love of Swedish fish while running. 😆
I had to drop Houston. I’m so bummed. I had a really bad flare up of ITBS and the taper made it worse. So I’m in a ten day period of not running. 😩 I felt like I was in the best shape of my life too. Ugh running can be such a roller coaster.
If you have any late spring marathon recs send them my way. I’m hoping to turn this thing around and salvage some of this fitness.
Have an amazing weekend!!!!




Working, hopefully running, hopefully reading a portion of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.
I hope Skye is enjoying her Make a Face!


You have probably commented on them before, but how are you liking the Mach 5 Hokas? Could you tell me what runs you use them for/are they a sufficient long run or half marathon shoe? Thank you so so much in advance!
Enjoy your Saturday and have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Hey Liz! I absolutely love the Mach 5! For me personally, I use them on my easy days when I feel like my body needs a little help from my shoes to get me going and pep in my step. I’m such a Vaporflys fan for racing so I wouldn’t use them for running but I do think they would be an EXCELLENT long run or half marathon shoe. I need to write a full review. I love every hoka I’ve ever had and these are a lighter more responsive version of the Clifton. Thanks friend, you too!


How crazy (and CUTE) is it that Brooke can wear some of your things?!?! Both my kids are int the 90% for height so it won’t be long until they are taller than me.

The weather has been crazy out west, you guys have gotten so much snow, California is crazy scary…..we have been spared most of it so far.

I hope your long run goes well!!!


Swedish fish hearts?! I need to find those.

Three things for today- running this morning, lunch with my boyfriend’s family, and then friend time this afternoon! Have a great weekend!


Getting ready to head out for a run before the rain starts. Then back to my deep cleaning while listening to Crime Junkie.
Oh my goodness, I haven’t been to the mall in such a long time. I used to love to go walk around the mall, but I just don’t anymore. Funny how things change.
Oh, I meant to ask the other day when you mentioned your dad… How are your parents?
I hope your long run was awesome! Have a wonderful weekend Janae.


woke up with a headache this morning, so am not sure….had a great run yesterday, need something short this morning with a 15K planned for tomorrow…
I don’t want to watch the news but cannot turn away…a high school friend is suffering through the floods and rain in Ferndale California……
my wife’s bday so dinner out tomorrow (am I allowed to call her the wife?)…..
oh yeah, my virtual run clinic starts in 40 minutes…my guest speakers are talking women and running…this may sound weird, maybe because every clinic I take on now, this one’s usual, 1 guy, 26 females….focusing and making sure all understand the specific needs has become a passion…


Hi Janae! It’s finally Saturday!!! The weekend is finally here! The weather is horrid but I’m excited to clean out my closet hahah. Maybe I’ll bake something nice too. And since it’s the weekend I can wait for the weather to be the nicest possible to run! Yay!!
Happy long weekend!


9 miler with hills-including one that was 1.5 miles long, going to see Puss and Boots, entertaining our rescue pup that just got neutered

After not chafing for years, I randomly chafed today, why?? So annoying.


For the foot numbness: Could it be a Morton’s Neuroma? I often got that (sometimes followed by sharp pains though).

Also you will probably like Andrew Huberman’s youtube videos, he has such interesting ones about the neuroscience explanation for how to help ourselves!

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