Friday Favorites!

(Leggings, sweatshirt, shoes)

The trails are super icy right now, but my legs need the climbing for Boston, so we saw how much climbing we could do on the roads. 988 ft in 8 miles @ 8:48 average pace. Our legs were burning by the end.

Bringing Beck food is one of my greatest joys each day;). He giggles, screams with joy, and is your #1 fan when you put a meal in front of him.
I added another new thing to the winter salad… roasted butternut squash (that was precut at TJ’s).
The sun was out and so I stood in the Target parking lot pointing my face in it’s direction… it felt good.
Has anyone read this yet? I’m debating…
The girls in our area that are Brooke’s age all came over for a fondu and hot tub party. This little fondu pot was so fun.

Can anyone help Jenny out with this problem?

I have some favorites to share this week…

*I finished this book, and wow.  It is heavy.  It could be very triggering.  But if you love a memoir, this is the book for you.  Jennette McCurdy is an incredible writer, and her story brought me to tears many times throughout the book.  I finished this so quickly because it was such an incredible book.

*I have talked about this bread a few times now, but it truly is the best bread to make at home… and it stays delicious for a full week.  Brooke said she will not be able to live without it.

*Andrew and I watched, ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ on Hulu and wow.  WE LOVED IT.

*This was my favorite episode from Armchair Expert!

*My sunglasses I can’t get enough of this year.  Andrew gave them to me for Christmas and I love how lightweight they are and the unique shape of the frame while still being pretty simple.

*I do not know how my skin would survive Utah winters without this stuff.

Any memoirs that you have read and absolutely loved?

Have any fun plans this weekend?

Anyone have a long run?  Anyone have a race?

Anyone else listening to more books than reading?

-Listening to books has made me look forward to doing things like the laundry, ha.  I love listening to books lately.

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Recommendations for audio books:
The Dutch House (Tom Hanks is narrator)
The Christmas Train by David Baldacci (highly entertaining!)
Cold Sassy Tree (fabulous narrator, great voices)



Have the best weekend, Jenny!


So much to agree with in this post!!
First off, Beck is like a cute little puppy when food arrives. hehe
I’m Glad My Mom Died is on my short list of books to read! She apparently was on Dax for this book but I missed it. I’ll have to go back to that episode. I did just finish the Anna Kendrick episode. My eyes became watery when Dax started to apologizing to Monica for his lies while he was using again. My heart!
I’m on the fence about Spare. The leaks have turned me off.
My last memoir was Barack’s A Promised Land. So fascinating to feel like you’re along side him during his first term of presidency.
Lastly, it’s hard to ever go back to not having freshly baked bread in the house!


Hahah yes, he is just like Beretta when the food is coming! YES, listen to her episode on Dax! I just got goosebumps reading about that part of the episode again. I MUST read that one! Freshly baked bread is one of life’s greatest joys! Happy Friday, Molly! I hope you have this weekend off!


My favorite memoir ever is Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox. I usually don’t read celeb memoirs, but he’s a truly gifted writer and he writes about his life before and during his diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease, as well as living with it for years. He is such an optimistic and all-around lovely person, and his positive outlook on life despite his diagnosis is so inspiring. It was written a while back (maybe 15-20 years ago?) but still worth a read. I think he’s written a few more books since. And yes, I love audiobooks. They keep me motivated on my runs and especially on the treadmill. I can’t get enough of them! Looking forward to a 6 mile run tomorrow in 40 degree weather (this Louisiana girl is SO EXCITED)! Have a great weekend Janae! Also, I went back and added to my comment yesterday, but I don’t think it saved (I probably did something wrong), but I hope you start feeling like your “Tigger” self again. Going through times like that can be rough and I’m sending you love and good vibes!


I will absolutely be reading that book. My brother met him and said he was incredible. I will be reading Lucky Man, thank you for sharing! Thank you for sharing with me. 40 degrees is the perfect weather, you are going to have the best time! Thank you so much for that. I have my appointment scheduled (soonest is in 13 days) and I’m hoping they can help me get back! Peaks and valleys of this life:). Have a beautiful day and I hope you get many more 40 degree runs!


Hello! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. For Jenny….I would think about Morton’s neuroma as a possibility. Pinching of the nerves in the ball of the foot especially after all the peloton work. Would recommend a shoe with a wide toe box and stiff forefoot such as Hokas. Also look up “toe yoga for runners” on YouTube. Good exercises to strengthen those little intrinsic muscles in your feet. Consider checking with a sports med doc if not improving after trying these things.
Happy running!


Thank you so much, Gina! Jenny is going to be so thankful for your help. Have a wonderful weekend!


+1 to everything Gina said!! I dealt with some forefoot stuff during the past few months and it was VERY frustrating. Saw a PT and they gave me the foot exercises that Gina eluded too. I also have pretty bad ankle mobility and that can sometimes lead to the forefoot taking the brunt of things so might be worth looking into! There’s a ton of easy ankle mobility exercises that you can find online! Good luck, Jenny!!


Thank you, Gina and Arthi!! I just bookmarked some toe yoga stuff and ankle mobility exercises. I appreciate the help :)


Thanks for being open and honest about life and emotions and dealing with the curves and the bumps along the road (some of them feel like cliffs, but you know where I’m going). It’s good to know there is someone who understands and struggles and keeps moving through and moving forward and just keeps focusing on the positives, the joys, the greatness that is this life we are living. And you do all of that without sharing all of the gory details or bashing anyone or throwing anyone under the bus. It’s not necessary and it’s not right. I’ve spent the last few years going through my own curves, bumps and cliffs but I live the same way I see you live. The only ones who know the details are my grown kids and even they don’t know everything. And that’s the way it will stay.
That’s a long lead in as to why I won’t be reading Spare. In my opinion it is a spoiled and hurt man sharing private family issues with people (everyone) who have no business knowing all these intimate details. Little tidbits I have seen/heard sounds like it is a lot of blaming others for his own actions. Has he had his own curves, bumps and cliffs? Yes. Is there truth contained in the book? Maybe. But it is one side seen through a faulty lens of pain and hurt and outside influences. And that is usually a skewed version of reality. No one except those involved will ever know, or need to know, what happened within those four walls. What he has done by publishing this book is wrong.


Susan, thank you so much for your comment. I read it three times because it felt like the kindest compliment I could ever receive. I am so sorry about what you have been going through the last few years. You inspire me in the way you are dealing with it all for your children.

My brother actually just sent this and I think it is very similar to what you are saying… it is by the daughter of President Ronald Regan:

“During the early stages of my father’s Alzheimer’s, when he still had lucid moments, I apologized to him for writing an autobiography many years earlier in which I flung open the gates of our troubled family life. He was already talking less at that point, but his eyes told me he understood.

I thought of that moment when I read that Prince Harry, in his new memoir, wrote about his father, King Charles, getting between his battling sons and saying, “Please, boys, don’t make my final years a misery.”

Time is an unpredictable thing. What will someone’s last memory be? I had the gift of time with my father, which allowed me to apologize, even though a disease hovered between us and clouded our communication. King

Charles’s words reveal a man who is aware of his mortality and who would like his offspring to be aware of it as well.

My justification in writing a book I now wish I hadn’t written (and please, don’t go buy it; I’ve written many other books since) was very similar to what I understand to be Harry’s reasoning. I wanted to tell the truth, I wanted to set the record straight. Naïvely, I thought if I put my own feelings and my own truth out there for the world to read, my family might also come to understand me better.

Of course, people generally don’t respond well to being embarrassed and exposed in public. And in the ensuing years, I’ve learned something about truth: It’s way more complicated than it seems when we’re young. There isn’t just one truth, our truth — the other people who inhabit our story have their truths as well.

Prince William has, I’m sure, his own take on the physical fight that Harry has described. To really understand the dynamic between the brothers, to broaden the story and make it more complete, William’s truth has to be considered as well. Harry has written that, after William hit him, William told Harry to hit him back, which he declined to do. But by writing about the fight, he’s done exactly that.

Harry has also expressed a wish that his relationship with William, and with his father, heals. Maybe that will happen, but they’ll have to walk a long distance across a battlefield that he has now expanded.

Years ago, someone asked me what I would say to my younger self if I could. Without hesitating I answered: “That’s easy. I’d have said, ‘Be quiet.’” Not forever. But until I could stand back and look at things through a wider lens. Until I understood that words have consequences, and they last a really long time.

Harry has called William not only his “beloved brother” but his “arch nemesis.” He chose words that cut deep, that leave a scar; perhaps if he had taken time to be quiet, to reflect on the enduring power of his words, he’d have chosen differently.

Silence gives you room, it gives you distance, and it lets you look at your experiences more completely, without the temptation to even the score. Sometime in the years ahead, Harry may look back as I did and wish he could unspeak what he has said.

I’ve learned something else about truth: Not every truth has to be told to the entire world. People are always going to be curious about famous families, and often the stories from those families can resonate with others, give them insight into their own situations, even transcend time since fame flutters at the edges of eternity.
But not everything needs to be shared, a truth that silence can teach. Harry seems to have operated on the dictum that ‘Silence is not an option.’ I would, respectfully, suggest to him that it is.

Patti Davis, daughter of President Ronald Reagan, is the author, most recently, of “Floating in the Deep End.”

Sorry for the longest response ever but your comment reminded me so much of what my brother had sent me and I’ve been thinking about a lot.


Susan’s comment and Nancy Regan’s words are exactly why I’m not reading. I think he has miscalculated (to be generous) the wisdom of writing such a book, and I don’t feel comfortable being part of the gossip.


Yes to all the above comments! As hurt as he may be doesn’t give him the right to air private intimate details of his family’s lives. No to reading for me.
He’s a sad, angry, traumatized man. Sad.


I didn’t know aquaphor came in a spray!! That’s amazing, and will help my kids dry skin so much. They already slather the goop on their lips every night. I am listening to Spare, which is cool because it’s Prince Harry’s voice reading and it was very interesting at first but getting through all of his training/war stories was not my cup of tea. Now I’m up to Will and Kate’s wedding and I’m interested again :)


YES YES YES… the spray is incredible. I am slathering it on my lips a few times a day too. Oh I didn’t know it was his voice! Enjoy the wedding talk and I hope you have a beautiful day, Colleen!


Know My Name by Chanel Miller was EXCELLENT. I highly recommend listening to it on audio because Chanel herself reads it.

I need that Aquaphor body spray…I use the tube for my hands nightly!


My advice for Jenny is try Trueenergy socks. I love them and they have made a difference in how my feet feel


Thanks for the suggestion! I just bought some to try!


I read Jennette McCurdy book in 2 days after it came out. So good but wow took me a while to process after reading it and needed lighter books after that.
I’m debating on the Prince Harry book as well. I’m not a big follower of the royals, just curious.
I recently listened to Michelle Obama’s new book The Light We Carry. I enjoyed the audio book since she reads it and it was great for a car ride.


I have heard so many good comments about Jennette’s book. It is definitely on my list. I have the Anna episode on Armchair on my que! Can’t wait to listen. I have been hooked on the true crime podcast, Crime Junkie, lately, so that’s what I’ve been listening to while doing laundry, cleaning… It’s so good.
My big plan for the weekend is to keep cleaning out cupboards and closets… Fun times!
Have a great Friday Janae!


I love listening to books as I never make time to sit down and read. I really hope that some sun and vitamins have you feeling your self ASAP.

I am trying my best to love winter but our trails are also pretty icy or too deeply covered in snow to ride bikes or run. Spring is nice but also ‘mud season’ until May. I just need to head over to Southern Utah every March/April for the good trails.

Love the sunglasses, they look great on you!

How is Andrew doing? Is he still working full time and NP school? The program I teach for is for working nurses and I am always so impressed with them.


Hi Janae! Jeanette’s book is on my list!! Glad you really liked it. I’m currently reading the light we carry by Michelle Obama and I like it! So full of practical good advice.
I wasn’t planning on reading Spare (though I did read a review of it) and the comment you posted above from Reagan’s daughter sealed the deal for me.
Aquafor has a spray?? I gotta go find it now!
Happy Friday!


Happy Friday! My husband and youngest son are headed your direction to ski at Powder Mountain for his 13th birthday, they’re both very excited! For Jenny – my feet/toes go numb if I’m wearing running shoes that have too much cushion, or that “squishy” feeling. A little bit of a firmer shoe solves the problem.


The same thing makes my feet go numb!


Interesting. The Nikes I’ve been wearing do have a lot of cushion. They feel wonderful walking but maybe that’s the issue. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate the help!


I also recommend Know My Name by Chanel Miller. It is triggering and heavy at times, but she is a phenomenal writer and her story is so important. Have a great weekend!


For Jenny’s feet: sometimes this happens if I tie my shoes too tightly. I also like to lace all the way up on the inside keyhole, but not on the outside.

I listened to Trevor Noah’s book and it was so good, especially because he voiced the book.

I get to spend some alone time with my youngest this weekend because my husband is out of town and the other two kids are working (wow! I can’t believe they’re that old!).

I did my long run during the week bc it’s supposed to rain this weekend, but I’ll get in some shorter stuff. Hopefully around the rain.

I’m currently listening to Luckiest Girl Alive. I like listening to books while I run errands and clean. It’s so convenient!


I loved “Mighty Moe- The True Story of a Thirteen-Year-Old Women’s Running Revolutionary” and am currently reading “The Comfort Crisis” – very interesting!!!

I have a 14 mi long run this week, PEAK week before tapering starts. Race is in 2.5 weeks!!!
The “season of life I am in” I only listen to audio books and don’t have the time to sit and read a physical book – soon though! Once the youngest gets a little older haha!


I just read Matthew Perry’s book and really enjoyed it. Yes, he’s got some language and he’s talking about hard things, but he’s very honest about the reality of his addictions and it made me laugh out loud a few times.


I am reading the book spare. I don’t agree that he is throwing his family under the bus, he is discussing his experiences in life, he discusses how growing up in his particular family was complicated, as families are. I am enjoying it and I feel like Harry spends a lot of time talking about the press and how that has affected his life. He speaks about the mistruths put out by newspapers and gossip magazines that have impacted his life. He talks about many things, he does mention his family, as people do when they write books about their own lives. Jennette Mccurdy wrote her book and discusses her family. I don’t believe that one person should be allowed to write about their pain and another not be able to do the same thing because of the family they come from. I have read many memoirs and I enjoy them. I am aware that they are only one persons story but there is so much to be learned about humans based on their stories. Jeannette’s book had a major impact on me and has helped me realize many things about myself and the messages I received growing up. I think we all deserve a little more compassion in our lives, we should be kinder to ourselves than we are and kind to others.


SUCH a great point Megan. I love reading humans stories (I think that is why I have been so drawn to blogging my own) and would choose real stories over fiction any day. They help us to learn so much about ourselves and to learn from others mistakes and successes. You have to keep me updated on what you are reading! Thank you for sharing, Megan. Your perspective is beautiful.


Reading Spare right now and I’ll admit, it has me hooked!


That bread looks amazing! Where do you find the kamut flour?


HEY!! She has a store near us or you can buy it online:

I hope you love it!


I LOVED Hello, Molly! By Molly Shannon, and Beautiful Country by Qian Julie Wang. Both memoirs, VERY different, and both great on audio! I loved Jennette McCurdy’s book also but wow was it hard to listen to. What a life.

Do you make the bread with kamut flour as the recipe calls for? I have never tried it!

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