Weekending + Boston Training Week #3

(shorts, shoes, shirt)

We did my favorite Boston prep trail. It rolls and rolls and they call it the LA freeway because of the Lactic Acid that builds up in your legs over the miles. I did this trail many times leading up to Boston last year, which helped me prepare for those Newton Hills.

We had a great group to do it with, and most of the trails were clear for us.

The very end was sketchy, so we slowed down there, but for the clear 5ish miles, we pushed the uphills and floated the downhills. I was breathing heavily for those miles and put in a solid effort.

I love doing speed on the trails like this because you never look at your watch. You are just in survival mode. I am much more focused on effort than pace on trail speed workouts, and it feels like an adventure on the trails.

I saw afterward on Strava that I hit some new PRs or 2nd fastest times on the segments along the way, which I was happy about.
At this point in training, I feel much stronger on the trails than on the roads.
Runners are a strange group… We wake up EARLY on birthdays (it was Jess’s birthday) to run in the cold and dark.
Here is how week #3 of Boston Training looked:

Monday:  9 miles @ 8:39 average pace

Tuesday: 7.2 miles @ 8:31 pace

Wednesday: 14 miles total.  3.8 outside in the snow, 4 miles @ 6:32 on the treadmill + 4 x 200s with equal recoveries, cool-down outside.  

Thursday:  Our trails were so icy, so we tried to get as much climbing as possible… 8 miles @ 8:48 average

Friday:  6.6 miles @ 8:32 average

Saturday: 16 miles @ 8:06 average… with about a 5-mile tempo on the trail.  Push on the uphills and float on the downhills.  1500ft of climbing and my favorite trail to prep for Boston on.

Sunday:  Off!

60 miles for the week!
The kids earned one of their favorite things on Saturday.
Acai bowls.

They could live off of these.

Another soup night. I’m shocked my kids haven’t complained about how often we have had soup this winter because it’s been crazy. I love this Minestrone w/ Spicy Sausage and Beans from Run Fast, Eat Slow.

The base of my and Skye’s food pyramid was guacamole on Sunday.

We watched Dog Gone on Netflix and almost cried multiple times.

So inspiring!

Who ran Houston? How was it?

Anything fun for the base of your food guide pyramid over the weekend?

Last movie that you watched?

What was your best run last week?

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Dog Gone is on my list of movies to watch! The last movie I watched was She Said about The NY Times journalists that broke the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story. It was good but heavy. Definitely watched an episode or two of New Girl after ha.

I need to try that soup!


It really is such a good movie! I will be watching that and New Girl after heavy shows is my goto too. You are going to love the soup. Happy Monday, Maureen!


I was just thinking about making that minestrone soup this week! And I’m currently baking sourdough because what’s a house without fresh bread?
That snowy trail looks a bit nerve wracking!
I had a great 10 mile run that I finally got to after work on Sunday. I’m usually beat after surviving a weekend alone at work but somehow (my cycle stage?) I had my best run in months.
I hope week 4 has already gotten off to a good start!
Oh and I love Emily Sisson! Quiet confidence!


AGREED. Fresh bread should just be a requirement, not just a want. Yeah… they were sketchy at the end!

A double digit strong run after a weekend of working. You are my hero.

Thanks, Molly! I hope you have a beautiful day!


If you run as fast as Emily Sisson, then the weather at Houston probably wasn’t too bad. When you’re a 60 yo slow runner like me doing the full, it was a little rough! I was just happy to finish and now I need to work on preventing muscle cramps. You would think running and training in the Houston area, I would have experienced this before. From mile 21-24 there was lots of walking. Then after slathering myself with biofreeze from the aid station and drinking some beer at the Karbach tent, they magically went away and I was able to run the last 2 miles. I use Tailwind and felt well fueled and hydrated. I would love to hear any advice! I don’t think biofreeze and beer is a sustainable solution!


CONGRATULATIONS ANGELA! You are goals! I am so sorry about those muscle cramps though, that sounds so painful. So happy that the beer and biofreeze helped but yes, let’s find you something else that could help too. Anyone have suggestions?

Happy recovering! Seriously so so awesome!


Oh we watched Dog Gone Saturday night too. River was sleeping at our feet and I thought I would be crushed if it had been River!

Saturday I went for a run and then we did a family bike ride. January has been tough to get motivated because I am still trying to figure out my big goal race. Right now just getting out the door is a win haha..

Those snowy trails look wonderful! And soup and guacamole look amazing . Happy trails and training ..have a great day Janae!


Seriously such a sad/happy movie! I can’t wait to hear what your big goal race is and I’m with you… January is hard to feel motivated though! Thanks friend, you too!


I’m making chicken tortilla soup today, can’t get enough soup when it’s cold out!

Best run was a shakeout run yesterday with my boyfriend- it was sunny, we got to run easy and talk, and we got breakfast after.


Seriously, soup is saving me this winter! It’s the only thing that truly warms me up. YAY for a fun run with your boyfriend, I LOVE that you guys do that together. Have a beautiful day!


Your trails look so nice! I haven’t been out running in our mountains in so long. Not because I can’t just because I won’t make the time.

We love guacamole in our house too, it’s amazing how much we can go through. We buy it at Costco when we need a quick meal but my favorite is when my husband makes it!

Training is looking solid for Boston!

I hope you are all enjoying a long weekend.


Hey Beth! Sadly, they were pounded with snow again ha so back to more roads:). I simply cannot understand how a human could not love guacamole. I’m glad you are all obsessed with it too. Thanks Beth, you too!


What do you use to listen to books? Trying to find the best app for a good price. Thank you!


I need to ask this question too because I just use audible…. I do buy 3 credits at a time for $40 so it ends up being a little cheaper that way?! But I need ideas on cheaper ways to do it too. Keep me updated if you find one and I hope you have a beautiful day, Liela!


The Hoopla app or Libby is wonderful for downloading from the library. I find there’s so much that I want to listen to that even if there is a waitlist, I have plenty to keep me occupied until the book is available. Free! You just enter your library card.


a movie? a full movie? my watching seems to be all about binge watching TV seires…..am holding off watching the best of us, but am thinking it’ll be so cool to see where I live on Crave……..I guess, I recently rewatched the Hobbit again, so that would be a movie….I like the drama and the humor…..
I’ve taken to trying to run at stupid o’clock in the morning…..I brag about it for the whole day, while at the same time trying to stay awake……..
food…took my wife out for dinner last night (both our birthday’s are January so)….great food, lots of pasta and maybe one too many glasses of wine….but so good!!!!!


Haha yes, a full movie! Hahaha sounds like you need some more caffeine or to run a bit later on in the morning. Happy birthday month and I need some pasta now. Keep up the celebrating!


Ha ha…. Guacamole was the base of my food pyramid on Saturday. On toast, with chips, in a quesadilla… Perfection.
I had a couple of good runs last week on the treadmill. Like I said last week, lately (with all of the treadmill running I’ve been doing), running outside feels harder, ha ha. Today is our last day of rain, finally, so I am excited and hopeful for some good outside runs!
It has been a lazy morning here, picked up my hubby from LAX in the pouring rain at midnight. Thankfully no school for him because of MLK day. So I’m heading to the gym in a bit.
Have a good Monday and start to the new week 😊


I think guac should be the base most days! SO glad you were able to get in some good treadmill runs and yay for sunshine coming your way! I hope you were able to sleep in a bit and happy Monday, Wendy!


Would love a dedicated post on what your night time & morning routine looks like in preparation for your run. It’s always fun to see what works for someone else. Currently trying to switch to early morning runs and it’s kicking my butt!


YES YES YES! I totally will! I go to bed pretty early which helps a lot with early morning runs but I am excited to write a full post about this. Have a beautiful day, Mikenzi! Good luck with the switch!


I ran the Houston Half Marathon yesterday, it was great! I got passed by both of the marathon winners. It was amazing to see them on the course.

For me it was a great race as I finally broke under 2hours 💪🏼


CONGRATULATIONS KRISTIN! Oh I am thrilled for you! You did it! Oh I bet that was amazing to see them running… what a great day. Happy recovering!


Hi Janae! That soup looks awesome I am totally inspired. My runs have just been laps around the neighborhood but I actually really enjoy running in laps! Happy MLK day!


You will love this soup! Keep enjoying those laps in your neighborhood, that sounds so fun. Happy MLK day to you!


We watched Dog Gone too! haha

Peanut Butter Jelly and waffles were the staple of our food for Sunday lol! (pre fuel run and late night snacks)

Best run was fourteen beautiful, sunny and very windy miles with my little girl who surprised me once again rocking it for 2+ hours in the stroller. She is so unlike her brother, he would just fall asleep immediately in the stroller when I took him on walks or runs. She is up 75% of the time! She fell asleep for only 3 of the 14 miles lol. The other 11 miles she quietly sat and listened to music and clapped along.


Janae, I have no idea how y’all -almost- cried watching Dog Gone; I needed tissues by the halfway point! Any my pup was getting all of the pets and love while I was watching.

I’m always amazed by even your road running on some mornings – I walk my dogs before sunrise, and some of this ice lately makes me walk slower, let alone run!

Have a great week!


Dog Gone was sooo good! Not a movie, but I watched Chippendales on Hulu. Definitely not for the kids, but a fascinating story. The third season of Emily in Paris was great too!

Could you let me know or do you know what brand of running shoe your friend is wearing with the turquoise shorts in the first picture?


Oh and I was pleasantly surprised with the movie Marry Me on Prime. My friend watched it with her young children, so I think it might be OK to watch with them. Cute love story.

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