Silentish Saturday… Merry Christmas Eve!

(Long sleeve, leggings, shoes, socks)

10 miles @ 8:09 average.

Ski date!

We accidentally locked our keys in the car.

Andrew’s parents came over for lunch–> corn chowder!

Over shopping.

Neighbors brought us the best apple on the planet.

Off for a long run.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Merry Christmas Eve!!!!
Three things I have going on today:
1.) Snowy/slow run (hopefully) outside. I am SO envious of your clear sidewalks. My neighborhood is horrible with clearing sidewalks so it basically stays snowy/icy until the sun melts everything.
2.) Teaching a donation class at my yoga studio!
3.) Packing up because we’re headed to Salt Lake City tomorrow!! Already found your post with all your SLC reccs and so excited!!


Work (are you surprised??)
Baking sourdough before going into the office.
Listening to John Mayer all day after listening to him on Call Her Daddy podcast.
Merry Christmas!! Maybe Santa will bring you back up car keys. hehehe


6.5 treadmill run because it’s only 3 degrees here!!!!
After that, a whole lot of trying to stay warm, wrapping the rest of the Christmas presents and hopefully watching The Sound of Music and It’s a Wonderful Life.
Merry Christmas!


MERRY CHRISTMAS JANAE. Wishing you and your entire family great health, love and happiness!!!!


Locking the keys in a car is the worst! But skiing sounds fun! We are anxious to get out skiing next when our temps finally rise above zero next week (currently still at -5). Also, I love that picture-puzzle – so fun to see yourself on a puzzle!
Today, we have some Christmas present wrapping, one family visit this afternoon followed by Christmas Eve at church (we do an earlier kids’ time at 4), and then a little Christmas Eve celebration with my parents tonight before the kids go off to bed.
Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas Janae!
We’re spending the afternoon with family for our big Christmas celebration. Then tomorrow we will be at the Broncos Rams game.
Enjoy your long run and some good recovery time.
Wishing you a d your family a wonderful Christmas weekend 😊


Hi Janae! Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas! Today’s big plan is mom’s choir practice! I love Christmas music, I think it’s so beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend!


my plan to start waking up at 5:30 didn’t happen…so will be a run tmorrow morning before opening gifts.
today was chore day while my wife was at work….shovel snow, laundry and order the traditional Chinese food for Christmas eve…now, binge watching cartoons with NFL football inbetween….despicable me still rules!
Merry Christmas to all… boycott of anything to do with politics and news begins today…let’s see how long that goes….ho ho ho


Silentish Saturday and Merry Christmas Eve resonates deeply with the essence of this magical time of the year. As the world quiets down in anticipation of Christmas, there is a sense of serenity and reflection that envelopes the atmosphere.
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