Sentence Per Picture!

(Leggings, top, shoes)

8.4 miles @ 8:15 pace with the girls.

Skye’s first day at ski school and she mastered stopping (hallelujah)!

Andrew and I play tag on the way down and he beats me every time ha.


Windy day but oh so beautiful.

Did a little date together before she leaves–> we went to Taste.

Frozen hot chocolate + hot chocolate.

The scones were absolute perfection (anyone have a good scone recipe for me?!).

How we felt about them.

The Polar Express.

Tell me your sentence of the day!

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My husband and I have almost recovered from this coughing-for-days cold. But at least we were in it together!
Ooops, this was more than one sentence. :)


Blueberry-lemon cornmeal scones are my favorite scones!


You did this all in one day! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!


You guys packed in a ton for the shortest day of the year! How long is ski school for Skye?

I love the one-on-one time you guys find with your kiddos, I need to do more of that with mine.

We finally got some snow and I am so excited to get out and run in it but today we have “feels like” between -26 and -50 degrees (YIKES). We never get this cold and we do not have gear for that level of cold. So the plan is to treadmill, bake cookies and watch lots of Christmas movies.


We got a snow day to start Christmas Break!


Your mom and daughter tea date is such a sweet idea. I look forward to doing things like that when my little one is bigger! Is Brooke skiing without poles?


The snowy mountains are so pretty!! And yay for Skye mastering stopping!
Today is all about getting those last few things done before Saturday.
You guys look like you’re having a great holiday and family time. Yay.
Have a great day Janae 😊


The orange scones (with maple orange glaze) from the Magnolia Table Cookbook are THE BEST!!! And they are so so good fresh, so every time I make them I eat way too many. Make sure you bake them while hungry!! Ha ha ha


Hi Janae! What an awesome day! That reminds me- I’ve wanted to host a tea swap party for girls hangout for some time! Everyone brings a box of tea and we try them all and people can swap!
Hope you have another awesome day!


This scone recipe is so good! It’s adaptable, too – I’ve switched up the berries and subbed orange zest for lemon. Easy to make, and not dry or crumbly.


my families fallin apart so running will have to put aside….aging parents and dimentia, life’s taking a huge detour


I’ve been making her scones for years and they are sooo good and easy!!


Great for family picnics during the weekend. Exciting for relaxing with the backrooms

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