It wouldn’t be a holiday (fake or real;) at our house without someone being sick… and this time it was me.  I was up all night (Tuesday night) with the craziest body aches, nausea, and coughing.

Luckily, I started to feel a bit better by the afternoon so we could still celebrate and I just kept my distance (as much as possible for a mom) a bit from everyone.

The schools had another late start because we had a lot of new snow.  The amount of FOMO I was feeling in the morning for missing a snow run with friends and a possible perfect ski/sledding day was REAL.

I was going to make cinnamon rolls but that definitely didn’t happen so Great Harvest made up for that…

The kids got home from school, changed into pjs and opened presents.

The favorite (and main… just did a family gift in addition and some soccer things) gifts were these books (Knox is obsessed with mountains/skiing/adventuring and Brooke is obsessed with animals)

And go karts.  They could care less how cold it is outside, they didn’t want to get off of these things.

Here’s to hopefully feeling like a human today.

Tell me something about you today?  Or something you have been thinking about?  

Anyone been sick this season?

-I was just finally over a cold and then boom… this!!  I’m hoping to get it all out of the way before Boston training starts.

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Hoping you feel better Janae!


Just came here to say that I LOVE Jimmy Chin. I bet that book is amazing. Can’t wait to watch the new program on Disney+ of his “Edge of the Unknown”!!

Hope you feel better soon!


I am so sorry you are sick! :( It’s a good time to pamper yourself though and make your kiddos take care of YOU! :)
Also, I sent you a long email last night with a bunch of drama in my life, so if you’re feeling bored while sick, that will definitely entertain you😂🤣
Hope you feel better soon!!


Oh no, sick on Christmas 😩 it looks like such a special day I
Hope you got some rest too.

I am so jealous of all the snow you are getting. It’s been so dry here. At least our mountains are getting snow.

We have been sick so much this fall we have had RSV (that was SO bad) a cold, Covid then a stomach bug. I am just hoping we can make through Christmas without getting sick again.

I know this Christmas will be a little quieter for you guys without the big kids so I wish you lots of peace and love ❤️


I just got over being sick! Started with a ticklish throat last Tuesday night then fever, aches, coughing from Wed – Saturday morning. Almost over it now with just a bit of sinus congestion and coughing left over. I found out Monday that it IS NOT a good idea to workout too soon after having a fever. Monday night i got these very odd chills and was shaking like a leaf at bed time. Maybe because the workout raised my core body temperature and my body was over-compensating to bring it back down? So, take it easy and ease back into your workouts, especially if you have any fever or chest congestion.

I hope you feel better soon Janae!


Happy Holiday and hope you feel better soon. Looks like you still had a really nice celebration with the kids. I absolutely love the print of the the bear crossing the road behind your couch.


I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, hopefully you’ll be back to your regular self soon.
It looks like you had a nice Christmas, despite feeling awful, and those scooters look like so much fun!
I need to do some shopping today, but hopefully I’ll be ready to start baking Christmas cookies by tomorrow.
Keep resting and taking care of yourself, and have a good day Janae 😊


Welcome to the sick club! I’m 2.5 weeks in and can’t shake my cough. Hope you feel better asap though!
And those cinnamon rolls look so good. What a good back up!


Oh, shoot! That sounds just like when I had covid last month. It was so sucky (though I’m grateful not worse), I hope you get feeling better quickly!


I’m so sorry you’re sick! Feel better soon.

If Knox is getting into mountaineering books/films, I have a few suggestions – the book Annapurna: A Women’s Place about the first American (female) ascent of Annapurna would be good to read together (you might want to double check just in case there is any mature content, although I don’t recall anything too significant). Hilaree Nelson, a mountaineer I’ve followed for many years, died two months ago and I’ve been pretty upset about it, but there are some wonderful short films from her expeditions available on YouTube (with Jimmy Chin in them!). She’ll always be an inspiration to me. You’ve probably already seen Jimmy Chin’s Meru, but that’s a great film too. The climber Emily Harrington (a new mother!) also has lots of great stuff on YouTube, more from alpine climbing than mountaineering but some of both. Her husband (Adrian Ballinger) is more into the mountaineering side. I absolutely love this genre too and can never resist giving recommendations!


Another adventure book recommendation for you/Knox is called No Summit Out of Sight by Jordan Romero. It tells the true story of the youngest person to climb the 7 summits (tallest mountain on each continent). It’s a really great book for kids who love adventure. It is fairly long (over 300 pages), so it may be one y’all read together, but content-wise, I don’t recall anything inappropriate (other than some scary weather situations, etc.). It’s written for middle school age kids, so it might be right up his alley.


Oh no, so sorry to hear you are sick! Hope it’s just a quick virus to move past. My family all picked up some nasty cold (with varying start dates!) that involved an awful cough & lasted 2-3 weeks, starting right around Thanksgiving. Being sick is no fun, and I do not enjoy how it throws off my normally pretty consistent schedule. Sometimes we just can’t avoid ALL the sick bugs, all the time.
I am loving an extra work-from-home day today, as our storm finally switched over from rain-sleet-slush to full on snow overnight. Schools aren’t closed, but my employer was kind enough to let us avoid the commute. Speaking of, I had better get back to the grind.:) Merry early Christmas to you & your crew!


Hi Janae! Your Christmas looks awesome! Hope you start feeling better asap and no one else gets sick!
I am home with my parents now for a few weeks! It’s so sunny here in California! I have a few days off next week and I can’t wait!


My kids and I are sick with the exact same thing, it’s SO awful. I’m so sorry that impacted your Christmas celebration! I hope you feel better really soon!


Joel actually came and photographed some of our animals at the Tennessee Aquarium a few years ago! I am not sure if they made it in the book, but it was so cool to see how he did it!

Hope you feel better:)


Aww man! I hope you are feeling much better today!

Fingers crossed I haven’t been sick yet this season. I had Covid and Bronchitis this summer while traveling abroad so I feel like I deserve to feel well this season! Ha, if only it worked like that!


Hope you’re feeling better today, Janae. It looks like Brooke is barefoot on her go kart!! I though maybe Andrew and Knox were rubbing off on her, but I think she’s wearing pink boots??

9 mile trail run today made especially fun because of a big rain storm over the weekend. So many puddles and mud! But the hills are starting to turn green and that makes me so happy!

Les woke up with a cold on Monday. Nothing major, but it seems to be lingering.


Over the last 6 weeks everyone in my family has been sick, me twice. My son has been home all week with presumably RSV and I just tested positive for flu A and also have a sinus infection and bronchitis again. We are to have our family Christmas Saturday…that doesn’t look too promising.

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