Crazy how last month I was doing the above…

And then, this last week, I was too tired to even think about driving 26.2 miles.  Whenever I am sick, I am always reminded how grateful I am for health and the energy to do the things we love to do.   I’m telling myself that the time off is just what I needed before Boston training starts soon.

This came in the mail.  My neighbor always makes us The Food Nanny’s bread, so I finally bought everything we needed to make it ourselves. 

This was delicious.

So was this

And some homemade chicken noodle soup was healing.

I had a lot of time in the hot tub.  

Luckily, Andrew didn’t have to work while I was sick… I don’t know how I would have cared for everyone if he had to work the whole time.  

Sunday, I was feeling a lot more like myself!  Stay healthy everyone; whatever is going around right now is nuts!

PS Andrew wanted me to tell any of you that use the Peloton to try this class:

I love thinking about an upcoming theme for my running each year.  I’m not quite sure what all of my time and race goals are quite yet (I mean, a 2:4X at Boston would be a DREAM and something that excites me but other than that, I’m not quite sure yet)… but I do know something I want to work on:

This next year I want to be better at suffering and growing.  I want to look at both of those things as positives.  I want to be able to go into those pain caves and hang out there for longer.  I want to welcome the suffering because I know it will bring growth.  Suffering will always happen to get to our goals, and I want to get better at it:).  The best runners I know are really good at suffering!

Another goal this year is to do a random, extremely difficult race like this one in Telluride that a reader told me about.  I’m not sure if we will be able to make it to this one yet (cross your fingers for me… also, trying to get Andrew to do it with me:) but I want to do something crazy hard like this (over 5k ft of climbing at this race) and so different than anything I’ve ever done:

IMG 8951


Have any 2023 running goals yet?  What about a theme for your running that you want to focus on?

Plan on trying any ‘new to you races next year?  

What was the best part of your weekend?

Does anyone ever use the Food Nanny’s recipes?  If you make homemade bread, what recipe do you use?

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Good morning Janae! I did that Linkin Park ride yesterday, it was such a great class. It was the second best part of my Sunday…first part was running in the rain a week after the marathon. Something about the runners code when you’re running in the rain…that little nod you give each other as you pass just confirms your level of badassery for being out there in the heavy stuff. It was a glorious downpour and I was in absolute heaven.
I have never done Imogene but have plenty of friends that have done it when I lived in CO and they loved it. Pikes Peak marathon was enough for me, lol! I agree you should get Andrew to do it with you! I need to find a new race to do next year. I love marathons in new to me cities, its such the best way to sight see. Now you have me thinking, thank you for the reminder to get on it!
I am so glad you are feeling better, have an amazing day!


I know that nod so so well. I love that nod and the feeling of being hardcore in the rain. Congrats on your marathon last week and I hope you are feeling great. Let me know what you end up choosing to do next year… and Pikes Peak = you are my hero. Thanks Amanda, have a great day!


You’re going to get that goal!! Mine is to run Boston 2023 in 3:1X!! It’s going to be hard but I’m going to try hard to get there – enjoying the suffer along the way!


Enjoying the suffer along the way! I can’t wait for our Bostons! We have to do a meet-up. Keep me updated with your training. Thanks Jane!


That would be soo fun, let’s do it! Would be fun to organize a shakeout or something. Best of luck with your training too, can’t wait to follow along!!!


YES… great idea! I’ll put together a shakeout. Can’t wait!


I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better, Janae! I was sick twice in ~5 weeks recently and I rarely ever get sick! You’re so right, whatever is going around right now is rough!

I have not tried Food Nanny recipes but now I definitely want to try to make homemade bread! Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

My goals is just to race more this year! I’m typically a 1-2 races per year person, even though I run a lot, and next year I want to get out and race more (especially during the summer months!)


Twice in 5 weeks… that is so me too! That is crazy! We are going to make it today so I’ll post pictures:). Cannot wait to see your races this next year… I love that goal. The racing community is so fun to be around. I hope your morning is off to a great start, Megan!


Glad you are starting to feel a little better!

My 2023 goals – pace my husband in his first half marathon; break 1:40 half marathon (1:40:43 current PR); stay healthy enough (I never want to experience a stress fracture again!) to finally run my first marathon and hopefully BQ! Non-running goal – I want to start agility with my dog (jump hurdles, run threw tunnels and over see-saws, etc.)

Have a great week!


Thanks Rachel! I LOVE reading your goals for this year. I am cheering you on and want to hear all about them throughout the year. Hope your day is off to a great start!


I will have to try to Linkin Park ride! I love your thoughts on suffering, and you are so right. Discomfort and pain are guarantees i you want to grow at anything. My 2023 running goals are to slowly up my weekly mileage by 10-20%, and also to run my first two half marathons! I am signed up for the Blue Bell Fun Run half in March and the Grand Tetons half in June! I think my running theme will be to focus on contentment while running, instead of constantly striving/pushing. Sometimes I focus too much on pushing myself and I forget to enjoy what my body is doing. I love your 2023 goals. Happy Monday, Janae!


Let us know what you think of the Linkin Park ride! I LOVE your 2023 running goals and you will do it. OH MY GOODNESS… Andrew wanted to make it his goal to do the Grand Teton half so maybe we will see you there. I am so excited for you and you have to let me know how your training is going along the way. Thanks Emily, you too!


I have a goal to bring down my 5k time. We have a friends reunion in May that involves a 5k for entertainment, and I want to at least feel ok about my time and effort. Right now I have one speed it feels like, whether I am running 1 mile or 20 miles.

Glad you have turned the corner.


Good morning, Janae! I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. We have the same thing going around our house and I’m just hoping and praying I don’t get it! I had a question I was hoping you could help me out with. I have been dealing with some sciatic nerve pain for the past couple of weeks (or at least that’ what I’ve self-diagnosed myself with…Ha!). I think I remember you had a running friend that dealt with that for a while. Could you tell me what she did to overcome that? Did she run through the pain and it eventually went away? Were there specific strength exercises and/or stretches she did that helped? Any tips or advice you or she could give would be fantastic!!

Oh, by the way, I did see that Peloton ride pop up the other day, but haven’t taken it, yet. I definitely need to now that I know your husband recommends it. :)


Hi Janae! Way to make goals and put it out there! I remember Gwen Jorgensen saying an important part of the goal is telling the world!
I think my husband wants to do a trail 50k. I like road races a lot better but I haven’t picked any yet.
Have an awesome start to the week! Glad you’re feeling better!


OMG I was the one who mentioned Imogene!! It was crazy hard and I feel like I barely survived (I barely made the time cutoff at the top), but it feels so amazing once you are done. The longest race I had done prior to this was a half (a few road and I think 2 trail) so it is very doable. If I run it in 2023, I am going to do much more strength training and a lot more training for the downhill. Yes, the uphill is tough, but the downhill is just as brutal. One piece of advice that they gave the night before the race was “constant forward motion.” That really stuck with me and I find it inspiring in all areas of life, when things get tough.


The *view* from your hot tub is drool-worthy!
I am hoping with all hopes we don’t get sick, we are in the deep south and just last week it was in the 70s and then it plummeted to 30 overnight. Needless to say we have sniffles starting, hoping nothing more than some snotty noses!

I was just thinking about a theme/goal for the next year.. I love yours about getting better at suffering! And welcoming the pain. It reminds me of how birthing classes tell you to lean into the pain and welcome it because on the other side you meet your little one and its the most beautiful moment. Thank you for reminding me, I know I will be in the pain cave for my FIRST postpartum race at the end of January. I am hoping to PR my half marathon by 9 minutes!

The best part of my weekend was getting my new *used* treadmill all set up, being able to use it and test it out! And even letting my son get on and see his eyes light up when he was able to get up to 6 mph (granted only for about 5 seconds ha!!) but he loved it!

Hope you continue to get healthier as the week goes on


Those are good goals. Sometimes we forget how the suffering in running (or anything) really makes us stronger & appreciate the things that come easy or go well.

My plan for running in 2023 is relax. Not as in take it easy and slack off, but really think of running as a gift and just go with the flow and enjoy it. I am going to attempt my 4th ever marathon, and I really hope to beat 4 hours. My best time (which ironically was my 1st marathon) was 4:04, so I can do this! I am doing Nashville in April. I have run the half before (10 years ago, the first big marathon after Boston bombing that year) but the rest of the course will be new to me. There are lots of rolling hills & it can be a challenge but I am up for it!

Merry Christmas week!


Les and his brother are planning to do the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in a day next September, so my 2023 goals include getting my cycling husband trained and injury free for a 25 miler on foot. With all that training I’m tempted to look for a marathon right after their R2R… even though I told myself I was done with marathons!

Best part of my weekend? Several things – we went to Red Robin for burgers and when we came out a realtor was giving away pumpkin pies. I’m not a huge fan, but Les loves them. But the real best part was our program at church last night. I love seeing the little ones progressing. From 4 year old cousins singing together, to a single finger version of The First Noel and a very advanced version of Away in a Manger, it was a great night!

I stumbled on Krusteaz’s Hawaiian sweet bread mix and it is super easy and delicious! I’m making it today for pizza crust and on Saturday so we can use it for French toast on Christmas.


I honestly really struggling with 2023, or day to day…I do have few races in mind, a couple marathons, a trip into a relay race in the Rockie but I’ve aging parents, and looks like a lot of my training time will have to be set aside…..I’m just going to plan on training when and how I can…lots of cross training, and as I find time and races that I can do, will do…..


I love your goals, and you’re so right, the better we are at “suffering” the more resilient we get and we can keep up the hard work for just a little longer! My main goal for 2023 is to do my first ultra, it’s an 80km trail run here in Western Australia and I’m so scared and excited!!! I’m more of a road runner and have never run more than 45km so this will be a definite challenge, but I’m so ready to tackle it! Have a great Christmas Janae and go get those goals!!

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