10 things that don’t make sense.

(Leggings, shoes (keep my feet dry in the snow), vest, headband)

We were all a little jumpy after Monday’s run so when we saw a bunch of deer run by we screamed.

10 miles @ 9:37 average.   Trying to get strong on the trails before marathon training starts again!

I love when there is an inch of snow on each and every branch of the trees.

I love this star that is up on the hill right now.

Yearly skin exam!  My moles scare me so I always feel nervous going into this… everything looked good though!  PS I have an idea… what if they did mammograms and skin exams at the same appointment in the same room?

Beck waving at Andrew on the Peloton:

Made some bbq chicken pizza for the family…

And then the day ended for me with book club at Communal.  The book we read was November 9.  I loved it.  It took me some time to get into the story but I LOVED the last 25%.

We tried so many things on the menu and I want to go back tonight for more.

Ten things that don’t make sense when it comes to running lately…

*The more I go outside in the winter and the freezing temperatures, the more I love winter.  I don’t quite understand why being cold outside makes me love it more, but I’m going to go with it.

*I am WAY more tired all day on the days I don’t run vs. the days I do run.  This one will never make sense to me, but there is something that happens during the run that helps me to wake up for the day.

*Why I think the marathon hurts less than the 5k.  I love the long uncomfortable pain so much more than the short, REALLY uncomfortable pain.  But I do think if I could get faster with the shorter distances (the mile!!), it would help me in the longer stuff.

*Suffering in groups is much more fun and doable than suffering alone.  Put a training partner next to me to suffer with, and I run 85% better than alone.  Why do I love my friends hurting, too, haha?!

*I prefer being sore vs. not sore.  I love feeling sore after a race or workout because it makes me feel hardcore.

*My confidence after a workout is 1000 x more than any other time in my life, ha.

*That I love running more and more with age.  I had no idea that running would only get more fun and that I would have bigger goals with each year of life (I thought I would peak in my 20s), but it’s happening.

*Why do I feel the need to overshare every detail of my life with my running friends?  It is so much harder to be that vulnerable when I’m not running… Something about the run makes us open up way more than at any other time.

*I’d rather meet up with my friends early on a Saturday morning in the rain and wind to run miles together than sleep in and go to brunch together.  Doing hard things make us happy, but it doesn’t make sense.

*That I keep signing up for these even though in the last few miles of each of them, I tell myself I’m never doing it again!


I would love to hear some things about your running that don’t make sense to you!

What are you reading?  Book club people, what is this month’s book?

Ever had any moles removed etc?!

-I had to get one on my back removed a few years ago, and I get so worried about any of my other ones.

Do you agree…. Suffering during a run in groups is easier than suffering alone?

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Weird running things – I struggle to get out for my 3-4 mile runs during the week, but look forward to my long run (8-10 miles) Fridays.

Moles – I had one removed from the back of my leg, right below my “knee pit”. It ended up having melanoma cells so I had to do the whole excision thing and now have a 4 inch, gnarly scar on the back of my leg. Since then everything else has looked good, but I am more careful now than a I ever was before.


Ohhh that is a good one. I’m with ya, easier to get out for those longer days. I am so glad everything looks good now and you got that removed. It is so scary and I just wish we knew the importance of sunscreen when we were younger. Hope you have a great day, Mindy!


Communal looks delicious but it’s sooo expensive!! How do you afford it with four kids?


I have had several spots with skin cancer and I have to go every 6 months for skin checks. I wish I would have understood the importance of sunscreen when I was younger.

I wish I could learn to run with others, but I crave the alone time that I get when I run. I do know though that I could learn to be faster if I ran with others!


I am so sorry, Elsie. That is really hard and I wish I would have understood it too growing up. I make sure to slather it on my kids now! You keep doing what brings you the most joy! Running is not just about getting faster, if you need that alone time… don’t give that up! Hope your morning is off to a wonderful start!


I was just telling my husband this today! On the days I don’t exercise I’m so tired but my sleep is also bad. I’m recovering from surgery and was just cleared for lower body exercise thankfully. I was a fall risk so even walking in the neighborhood was out so I’m excited to slowly get back out there!


Oh, I forgot to mention that too. YES, I am exhausted all day and then I can’t sleep at night?! I am SO happy you are back and cleared to start lower body work now. You’ve had quite a year. Keep me updated with your recovery and I hope you have a great day. Thanks, Jackie!


I always hate running when I am out of running shape, it always feels so bad when it’s hard to run 2-3miles. After a couple of weeks getting through the hard miles it starts feeling so good again. It never makes sense that running can feel so bad and when I love running so much.

I really should join a book club because I am not reading anything right now, and I should!


Yes yes yes yes yes. It’s my motivation to stay with it because I know how bad it hurts when getting back in ha. We just love it so much! You need to join a book club, they are so fun! Hope your morning is a great one so far!


Hi! Long time reader here, but first time commenter. ;) I’ve been really interested in period tracking and how our cycle affects training/life. What has been helpful for you in learning about that process? I’m interested in books, podcasts, anything you could recommend to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
PS – I love your blog and have learned so much about running from reading every day! Thanks for being such an amazing source of both information and inspiration.


Oakleigh, it makes me so happy to hear from you! So happy you are interested in learning more about your cycle. It is so fascinating and I wish I had understood it more during the last few decades. Here are some of my favorite resources on the topic:


Let me know what you think! And thank you for sharing that with me, it means a lot! Hope your day is a great one and please keep in touch!


I’ve had many things removed from my skin over the years, nothing came back bad, but I too wish I’d been more careful with the sun when I was younger.
Currently reading “The Splendid and the Vile” by Erik Larson. I highly recommend all of his books!


One of my biggest regrets–> avoiding sunscreen! I will definitely add that to my list, thank you! I hope your day is a great one, Amanda!


I absolutely agree with your weird running things! Running in a group or just one other person makes everything feel easier?!? Or maybe just less hard and makes me want to keep going. And yes! I have way more energy on the days I run and workout.
I am currently reading The Beekeeper of Aleppo. I just started it, so I’m not sure what I think just yet. But we have read some really great books in my book club.
The snowy mountains are just so pretty! And I love that star. I would love to know the back story of who put it there and why…
Oh, I love feeling sore after a good hard run/workout. My entire upper body is so sore from my strength class yesterday. But you’re right, it makes me feel hardcore!
Have a great day Janae 😊


I am so with you, it really makes it feel easier. It’s magic. You have to let me know what you think of that book when you finish. I need to find the back story of the star, we are always so happy when they put it up each December. WAY to go on that strength class and enjoy that hardcore feeling. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Things that don’t make sense about running – I whine about how expensive work clothes and shoes are – but have no problem buying new running shoes just because I don’t have them yet! (and they will definitely make me faster, right?)

I just had two moles removed in September, first time for me. The doctor said they were “ever so slightly abnormal” but I would be fine with yearly checks – sooooo? I wish I could tell teenage lifeguard me that sunscreen was cool and a good idea.


HAHAHA we will spend whatever they charge on anything that sells to us that it will make us faster. I relate SO much to you!
Ugggg I am with you, why did I never use sunscreen?!? I SLATHER it on my kids now and think how lucky they are ha.

Have a beautiful day, Rachel!


Total aside but could you share your outfit details (the black and pink plaid shirt, pants, and shoes?). You look sooo cute and it’s the look I am going for during holiday travel :-)

Thank you!!


You know I love to link stuff hahah so YES! Thank you and yay for holiday travel! Here they are:

Flannel (40% off): https://shopstyle.it/l/bPPDD
Leggings: https://shopstyle.it/l/bPPDl
Boots: https://shopstyle.it/l/bPPE6

Thanks, Nadya!


I normally run alone, but a friend came to visit over the weekend and doing the hard workout (1200m repeats) TOGETHER had me flying and so happy! I was very surprised and wish I had more running friends to enjoy the burn together haha!

I just finished Might Moe- The true store of a 13 year old Women’s Running Revolutionary – it was so inspiring!! Set back in the 1960’s when people thought that women/girls couldn’t run longer than 5 miles! It incorporated Kathrine Switzer in the book too! Such a good story!


WAY TO GO on that workout together. Isn’t it crazy how much faster we run with other people? We feed off of each other’s energy. 1200m repeats are tough! Putting that on my list right now. Thank you for sharing, sounds amazing. Have a beautiful day, Jacquie!


Snow is pretty as long as I don’t have to drive in it LOL.

I had a mole removed from my back. Nothing was found from the removal but I have a new mole showing up in the same spot, just a lot smaller. I only started getting annual skin checks about 5 years ago because my mom had a suspicious mole on her arm that she had to get removed and it turned out to be melanoma so she had to go back so they could remove more to be sure they got everything. Luckily she went to get it checked and she has been totally fine since.

I’m not part of a book club but I feel like I read the most books for fun this year. I met my goal of reading 30 books! Actually just finished number 31. I’m currently reading In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. I read One Italian Summer by her a few months ago.


Hey Alicia! So glad nothing was found when you had that mole removed. It’s so scary and I’m glad your mom is okay too. CONGRATS on 31 books this year. That is so awesome. I’m reading In Five Years right now and I am hooked. I will have to try One Italian Summer next. I hate driving in the snow too… hate.
Hope your morning has been a great one so far!


Hi Janae! I just finished reading the power of fun, the one you recommended a while back! I liked it a lot and will definitely try some of her tips!
Your weird running things made me smile and I had fun reading about other people’s things that don’t make sense in the comments. Have an awesome day!


AHHHH yay! Such a good book, I still think about it all of the time. Running doesn’t make a lot of sense but we love it:). Thanks friend, you too!


What doesn’t make sense? I haven’t even finished my first half marathon yet (Dallas half! This Sunday!) and I just registered for my first full in April. I feel like a lunatic, but I’m excited…and very nervous about a 6 hour time limit. I’d rather try, though!


YOU CAN AND YOU WILL! I am cheering for you on Sunday (you have to let me know how it goes) and can’t wait for your first full in April! We are all lunatics so you aren’t alone:). Have a beautiful day, Molly!


Ok, I have a giant mole on my face (growing up my Mom always called it a “beauty mark” like Cindy Crawford’s, haha!) that I KNOW I need to go get removed, and I am terrified! I think that it will be much more painful than a mammogram (the machine being cold is the worst part of that process, in my opinion). I will give myself a pep talk and go get it done…I also love winter, and it’s especially nice when it’s beautiful outside!


Yes to the skin check + mammogram idea. Throw in a GYN visit too while you’re all naked anyway ;)


Your snow pics almost make me wish I lived somewhere it snows!

I totally agree that I am more awake on the days I run! I also agree that I like the marathon more than a 5k. I have injured myself more while running than doing anything else (broke my hand years ago and recently face-planted and broke my tooth) but that’s not enough to stop me from running.

I am currently reading 620 Man by David Baldacci. Good crime-solving book without being too risque. I just finished House Across the Lake by Riley Sager and it had a ton of twists and turns, I really enjoyed it!

I had a mole removed from my back and the doctor was so busy chatting, she forgot to numb me. I haven’t been back to her since.

Suffering during a run is SOO much better with friends :)


Something that doesn’t make sense: why a double digit run feels easier than doing some adulting that everyone else seems to think is no big deal.

Where is your adorable quarter zip from??


I don’t understand why 45 degrees outside on a run is perfect, but I’m freezing cold at 72 degrees inside.
I just finished The downstairs girl. It was a good read. It is YA but was an interesting book about how the 1800’s from a Chinese female perspective.

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