(shirt, shorts, shoes, bra)

4 miles @ 8:12 pace by myself and foam rolling afterward by the fire…

And then we were off for an adventure 😉🤫🎉🏃🏻‍♀️😎

So so flexible.

Skye was over it.

Let’s get going on Friday Favorites:

*Beanies.  One of my favorite parts of winter.  They make it so that I can go an extra day or two or three;) between hair washings, and they keep me so warm.   Here are a few of my favorites–> HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!  I put this one on my Christmas List.  I am also wearing the North Face down jacket in tan daily.

*I am obsessed with the above color because I bought one of Target’s chunky knit blankets because of the color and then fell in love with how soft, heavy, and warm it is…  also the white quilt underneath is also from Target, and it is VELVET.   Blankets this time of year are a huge deal to me.

Don’t mind my messy bed:).

*These journals!  Julie reached out to see if I wanted some for my kids.  WOW.  I was blown away when I opened them.  Every page includes amazing lessons I want my kids to learn with space for them to get creative and reflect.  It has so many topics–> Happiness mindset, finding joy in the small things, self-talk, ways to get moving (and reasons why), mindfulness, the importance of sleep, motivation, connections, lifting others, community, learning from mistakes, goal setting and I could go on and on…

I need one of these for me.  You can use the code HRG15OFF to get 15% off your order.  They would make an excellent gift this season!

*Crockpots.  This time of year, I have been hooked on putting ingredients in the morning and then having a hot meal for dinner…. especially when Beck won’t let me put him down at this time of day.  I hug my crockpot once a week.

Have a favorite crockpot meal?  How often do you use one?

Have any fun weekend plans?

Hats or beanies… do you like wearing them?

Would you rather only be able to run on the weekdays or only be able to run on the weekends?

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Love my crockpot! Recently I’ve just been cooking a bunch of chicken and then shredding it to use in wraps. Would love to know some of your favorite recipes! Always looking for new crockpot meals. Have a wonderful Friday!


I use to be a crockpot girl and then I discovered my Instant Pot! I use multiple daily 🤣🤣🤣.

Since I live in Costa Rica I’m more of a baseball cap girl! I just got a new Nike one in NYC that says Freak. My 15year old is ready to steal it 😏

Plans for the weekend? Whenever one son has plans on the weekend, I make it a date night with the other one. So, tonight I’m taking my 15 yo out to dinner. He hasn’t decided between steak and Indian. I love my date nights. It is great one on one time with them.

As for the running, I can’t imagine having to choose. If I had to, I’d keep the weekday runs. They help me stay sane throughout the week when there is so much to juggle.


Between beanies, blankets, and crock pots, this post felt so cozy! We finally got a little cold snap here in Louisiana (in the 50s today and expected to get down in the 30s and 40s this weekend…I can’t wait to run tomorrow) so I am living for all the cozy things. I love this Crock Pot recipe from Damn Delicious https://damndelicious.net/2015/06/05/slow-cooker-honey-garlic-chicken-and-veggies/ and also this vegan chili from Nora Cooks (she has a note for making it in the Crock Pot at the bottom of the recipe): https://www.noracooks.com/ultimate-vegan-chili/ Excited about a 10K race tomorrow morning- my first official race that will feel like a “fall race” in a long time. Happy Friday, Janae!


I love using my crockpot! I feel like I have less energy in the winter so this helps me to still cook and get cozy/filling meals in.

That’s a hard question! I guess weekends, I know it’s fewer days, but that’s when I have more time and usually run and have breakfast after with friends. So it’s exercise and friend time!


Huge crockpot fan here! Especially on those busy days. Our favorites are chicken for tacos, and any kind of soup.
If I had to pick only running during the week or just on weekends, I would choose during the week. It’s just part of the regular schedule.
Did you guys go down to St. George?
Have a wonderful weekend!


When fall starts, we LOVE our crockpot! Chili is a favorite for sure. We use it every weekend, usually on Sunday.
Love hats and beanies equally and seasonally. :)
I’d love more time to run on weekdays!


Assuming I would have 5 weekend days, I would choose weekends. I like being able to run in more sunlight during the dark months.
No big big plans this weekend. Still recouping from Indy last weekend. Lots of reading planned though! And maybe 2023 race scouting. Why is it so addicting??


Happy Friday.
Please keep sharing your Christmas list wishes. I just added that hat to mine too. Love it!


Crockpot at this time of year is clutch!! I made short ribs on Wednesday in the crockpot and they were amazing!

I have a half tomorrow in Charlotte and a hurricane is coming up from Florida today so it’s going to be super hot and humid tomorrow morning (ugh!!) It’s my first half in 8 years (and postpartum!!) and I’ve been training so hard and smart, so I’m really praying for a good race!! Any words of encouragement are appreciated though :) I’ve been taking my gels every 30 minutes now during training after you talking about it and it’s helped so much!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


I NEED that free people beanie! Also a great reminder to use my crockpot, haha. I have been running inside mostly and keep meaning to force myself to go outside but it went from hot to cold so fast, I feel like I didn’t get an in-between.


Love the crockpot, hate beanies. I have an enormous head and fluffy/curly hair and cannot stand wearing anything my head. I opt for ear warmers but only when I absolutely need to. I wish I could learn to love beanies — they’re so cute!

Four mile run and then an adventure, hmmmm…I wonder if someone has a marathon this weekend… :) If you do, have fun!

I turn 42 next week so as part of my celebration, my mom and I are going to the mall tomorrow to do a little spending spree at Sephora. If you have any products you love for hydrating your skin or anti-aging (not that you need that!) let me know!


I made this for dinner the other day and most of us loved it (I have a very picky eater at home). https://showmetheyummy.com/crockpot-thai-chicken-curry/

I think i’d be happy as a clam if I only ran on the weekends. I love long leisurely runs with coffee at the end with my friends. Weekday runs where I hurry from one thing to another and then hit the wall in the afternoons are necessary evils.


LOVE my crock pot! I have made the most delicious Beef Stew in it the last few weeks and I cannot get over it.

I would rather run on weekdays and take weekends off…but it never works like that. I end up needing to run on the weekends to make up for missed runs during the week (like missed today!)

My Fun weekend plans mostly consisting of hoping I do not come down with COVID like my husband has! Haha! Otherwise it is CHILLY here in MN this weekend so hoping from some down time and a snuggling under a blanket after a chilly run tomorrow morning!

Have a great weekend, Janae!!!


I also LOVE blankets! A lot of our favorites at home are giant fleece blankets that my mom made for everyone. I have started about 4 crochet blankets, and just cannot seem to finish one!
I have not used a crockpot in a while because I broke mine & am being picky about the next one I buy. Fortunately I have an instantpot so it at least has a crockpot feature! I’ve been making soup every Saturday lately, and a crockpot always makes that easier. This one (https://www.bluezones.com/recipe/sardinia-minestrone/) is soooo, so good with fresh bread.
I cannot do hats but rarely, but maybe I haven’t found the right one? I am usually a headband girl.
Can’t wait for my weekend to run more!


Hi Janae! I wish there were more weekend days.. and then I’d choose weekend! Those blankets look fabulous!!! I didn’t know blankets came in velvet and now I’m intrigued. Like others I used to love my crock pot and now I love my instant pot!
Happy Friday!!


Is there a marathon adventure this weekend?!

Love beanies but quite often I end up looking like a gnome.

Crockpots and Instant Pots are fabulous.

Have a great weekend!


I’d choose weekdays because it’s such a great way to start the day and see my friends. And I have some flexibility with work so I could still do a long run midweek and go into work late (with all the snacks).

I think I need to copy you with that green beanie. Beanies are a must for outdoor activities in the winter!

I took the day off and my husband and I are heading to the foothills for a bike ride. It should be warm and sunny down there, my dream date!

Hope you have a fun adventure!!

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