Tuesday Tangents!

(leggings, top, shoes)

Sports bra weather on Saturday and layered up on Monday.

12 miles @ 8:24 average + 5 minute core class. Does anybody else remember when I used to do this 8-minute ab class all of the time? I need to try it out again.

I need to get used to running on the snow again. Luckily, only a few areas were slick yesterday, but it was a good wake-up call to what is up ahead.

Winter morning scenery always feels so dramatic, and I love it.

Skye was ready to get out and play in the snow within minutes of waking up.

Fast forward a few hours, and we were off doing errands.

Pesto pasta + easy garlic knots + caesar salad for dinner.

Let’s move on to some tangents for the day!

*Turns out that toe socks make excellent gloves:)

*For the first few miles of our run on Saturday, we felt altitude sickness… it was crazy! We were at almost 10,000 ft, and I felt a bit nauseous, and Lauren’s head hurt until we dropped down a bit. It was so strange.

*I am going to try out Megan’s amazing Halloween party idea this week, and I can’t wait.


*I did this class on the Peloton app, and my legs and glutes were fried by the end. TRY IT!

*Brooke’s impersonation of Andrew on the Peloton.

*I forgot it was my blogging anniversary a few days ago… OOPS! TWELVE YEARS. 5,828 posts. I had no idea I would be doing this for so long, but I can’t/won’t stop.

My first blog post!

I used to blog some of my workouts on a different blog too… I’ve been sharing my running for quite some time.

Have you ever experienced altitude sickness?

When did you start reading blogs?

-2009… I also had a random one where I would write about fitness before I started this one!

Excited for the snow or hesitant about it?

-If I could just find a way to have 50-degree weather in the morning for my run and then snow the rest of the day during the winter, I would be thrilled.

Random Question—> I am in charge of cookbook club this next month, and I am using Damn Delicious… any recommendations on a main course from her recipes?

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Snow already? Crazy! I know Colorado got some too, Sunday night, but it mostly stayed up in the mountains. We have been having chilly mornings here (low 50’s, ha) and it feels amazing!
Weird about the altitude sickness. I sort of think of you as the altitude expert. Thank goodness bit passed quickly.
That’s amazing that you have been blogging for 12 years! Congratulations! I first started reading your blog when Brooke was about 2. This is a random memory, but years ago (I think before your 1st marriage, definitely before Brooke), you were out here in early December and ran a half marathon with Monica up in Ventura. The race is the Santa to the Sea. You start at this big Santa statue then run to the beach. Anyway, when you guys were finished, one of you asked my husband to take your picture. That was when I first learned about blogs. Ha ha. So keep blogging! We love it!
Have a great day Janae 😊


I seriously can’t believe how quickly we went from fall to winter. I am so happy that you are finally getting some cooler mornings, you deserve it after all of the heat. I cannot believe we have been friends for so long! Ahhhhh I don’t think I have done that half, maybe it was Skinny Runner?! I WISH I would have been the one to have met your husband because that would have meant I basically meant you. Now I need to do that race, sounds so fun. Hope your day is off to a great start, Wendy!


Happy blog anniversary.
Yes to the altitude sickness, not terrible, but slight nausea and headache. Chris has had the pounding headache.
I cannot wait to hear what you make. I clicked on the link and think I may have to make that creamy chicken noodle soup now.


Thanks for being the best over the last 12 years! Let me know what you think of the creamy chicken noodle soup and I’ll make it too:). Happy Tuesday, Erica!


Looks like so much fun!!! I think I have been reading your blog since the beginning. I was a HS teacher too and I feel like we grew up together 😂

I am looking forward to snow this year I am determined to learn to ski with my kids. If you ever have time I would love a post about skiing with your kids, gear, etc.

We went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday and got our first taste of snow for the year.
Have a wonderful day!


Hahah we definitely grew up together… sometimes I read my posts from back then and wonder what I was thinking. I was wondering if you guys got snow too! I can’t wait for you to ski with your kids. We are doing a ski trip in November so I will take pics and put together a post then if that works! Hope your day is off to a beautiful start, Bet!


I had altitude sickness on a HS trip to Peru. All i wanted to do was sleep!

I don’t have the cook, but I love her Thai Budha bowl from the site. I think they’d work well for a party too- you can prep a lot of things a head of time, and people can customize their bowl. A cookbook club sounds like my kind of book club-yum!


PERU! I bet that was an amazing trip. Andrew has been a few times and he really wants to take me. Ummm I just looked that up and now I need to make that before we get together too because it sounds so good. You are 100% invited to our club. I hope your day is off to a great start. Thanks, Ida!


Not ready for snow yet, I’m still enjoying the fall leaves!

I started reading blogs in 2010 or 2011. Congrats on 12 years!!


I am pretty sad about how fast our fall flew by so enjoy those leaves for us. I feel like we have been internet friends forever. Hope your day is off to a great start, Mariah!


In my childhood memories, most winters were proper winters with at least some snow and frost. But now it seems like years ago since we had proper snow that did not melt within a day or two. I kind of miss it! Without it, winter is just grey and rainy and cold (but not cold enough for winter activities)! Anyway, complaining time over :)
I had altitude sickness once on a trip to Peru when taking the bus over a mountain pass…dropped a few hundred meters in altitude and I felt completely fine again! It’s a strange thing.


I am really hoping that you guys get some snow this winter. It really is fun (until February when I am sick of it;). Oh my goodness, Ida above had altitude sickness in Peru too. So interesting! I’m glad it went away quickly, that felt so strange on Saturday. Happy Tuesday, Nina!


I had altitude sickness when we were in Leadville Colorado. I didn’t even know that was a thing until I couldn’t hike down the mountain. We have some (now) funny pictures of me when we made it back to the car. I could only keep my eyes open OR smile for pictures. I couldn’t do both. Too much energy required for both.
Now when I read about people running the Leadville Ultra, I nearly pass out just thinking about it.
Happy blogiversary! Never leave us!


Oh my goodness, I bet that was so scary! I’m glad you figured it out afterward. I seriously do not understand how they do that. I couldn’t make it. NEVER EVER leaving you. Great job on your long run with your husband yesterday!


Hi Janae! Happy blogging anniversary! That’s awesome you stuck with it for so long, like running it’s all about consistency!
I used to read your blog in Google reader! I miss Google reader, it was such a nice way to have all my favorite blogs in one place.
I get altitude sickness too! Glad it passed after you got down though.
Have a great day!


The worst altitude sickness I remember – as a kid we went skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO. We drove from the Denver airport and went over Loveland Pass at like 12000ft on our way to the ski resort. I didn’t drink any water because I knew my dad hated when we had to stop to use the bathroom. I had awful nightmares and was super sick the first few days!

Fun fact – your blog is the first blog I ever read, and the only blog I still read. :)

Happy Tuesday!


Rachel! I feel so special to be your first blog and the only one you still read. Please keep being my internet friend forever. Oh my your altitude sickness sounds like it was miserable! I hope that never happens again. Hope your day is off to a great start!


Happy Blogiversary!
I had some pretty lousy altitude sickness when I was in NW Colorado. But I was living in RI at the time, which is right at sea level.


Oh I bet that was a huge shock to your system going to Colorado! Thanks Samantha, have a beautiful day!


Congratulations on your blogiversary! I started reading your blog about 5+ years ago and it’s the only one I read. It’s part of my morning routine. When we travel to altitude I have a little trouble falling asleep, but not anything too terrible. I did climb Whitney several years back with 5 girlfriends and one person got sick. I am moving to snow country in the next couple of months and I’m looking forward to it. Do you use Yax or another brand to cover your shoes for snow running? We are lucky that most of our paved running trails will be plowed, but I want to get on more trails. On a side note I’m running CIM (my 11th) and I was so looking forward to maybe meeting you! Another time. I’m thinking about Mt Charleston marathon in April. Have you or any of your friends run it? Thoughts on it? Thanks for all you do. Have a great day.


WOW. Thank you, Veronica! Keep being my internet friend forever. Yay for entering snow country… I hope you love it and that you will be close to some skiing too. I don’t use anything on my shoes because I feel like it messes up my form. But on the slick days I will wear trail shoes that have great traction. Usually our streets and main trail is plowed pretty well like yours and trail shoes really do work so great. I am SO excited for you to run CIM! I mean it is still on the back of my mind but I just don’t think it will work:(. BUT yes to Charleston, I have done the half and loved it. It was HOT but other than that it was great and I have so many friends that have ran incredible races there. You will have to keep me updated on everything and what you decide and how CIM goes. 11th! You’ve got this!


Happy Blogging Anniversary! I think I started to read blogs around 2010. I was obsessed and still follow many of the ones that have stuck around (I have read yours since pre-brooke)!

One recipe I LOVE from Damn Delicious is the firecracker chicken. so yummy. I need to go on her site now and look at the recipes because it has been a while and they are all so good!

I also think I may add 8 min abs into my workout today.


I cannot believe we have been friends for so long. Thank you. Ummmm I’m drooling over that firecracker chicken, the pictures look so so good. Let me know what you think of 8 minute abs. Happy Tuesday, Stephanie!


DD’s slow cooker pasta fagiole is fab


Happy Blog-a-versary! I used to have a blog in 2007/8 ish on Blogspot then continued it in WordPress in 2008 for a bit when we moved overseas. It was so tricky to blog back then ;)

I only use Damn Delcious Korean beef recipes-they are all so good and easy and my kiddos LOVE it.

Have a super week!


I’m just now playing catch up on the blog, but I had a conference in SLC a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I flew into Las Vegas, stayed a couple of days, then drove up to St. George for a night and saw Zion, then on to the conference. I think I annoyed him because I kept being like, “Oh Cafe Rio! HRG would always talk about that!,” etc. Now that I’ve seen some of the mountains, I’m even more impressed with your trail running! And we both LOVED Utah, and now want to move there when the kids are out of school.


Happy blogiversary!!

My family loves her Easy Taco Soup!


12 years! It has gone by so quickly! I’m glad you have kept going! I love coming to read your blog everyday! I started reading sometime when you were still teaching. Then I lost track for a bit and came back right when you moved back to SLC and it was Brooke’s 1st birthday and I’ve been reading ever since!
It just started to get cold here in Denver, but last week was the most perfect fall week, sunny and high of 60/70s! I don’t want it to end! But if it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow is what I say!

The Pumpkin French Toast Casserole sounds delicious! I just made a Thai Butternut Squash Soup, so hers also sounds delicious! Wish I could come over to eat at your cookbook club!


Wow I’m not ready for snow! My SIL in NM got snow over the weekend too.

We went on a hiking trip in CO this summer. Our cabin was at 11k elevation. My husband and I did ok with the elevation, but my poor mom was so sick! We thought we might to take her to the ER, but finally she started to feel better once we drove her down the mountain to under 10k ft. It’s serious and awful when it happens!


Also happy blogging anniversary- I think I started reading a year into your daily posts!

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