Tangents & I really need your ideas…

The best way to start the week together–> A trail run/mountain bike date with Andrew.

Crunching through the leaves… (these are officially my favorite trail shoes ever).

8.4 miles w/ 1000 ft of climbing at 8:56 average pace.
The kids were just waking up when we got home (my niece babysat:) We all jumped in the hot tub. Next up–> my brother called us to meet him at the mall.

Funny how Beck refuses to hold my hand in the parking lot but will happily hold Brooke’s hand.

My brother, that lives in Arizona is in town, so we met them at the mall for the kids to play.

Yep, my niece and Brooke still look SO alike.

My parents also met us there, and we went to lunch afterward. My dad took me on a drive in his Porsche, which he loves so much.

And now, let’s move right into a few tangents…

*I hit a total of 21 miles on the treadmill last week. My number one key for the treadmill is to have all the distractions you could think of ready… I listened to podcasts, watched a show, listened to music, and read off my kindle. I also must vary the pace and the incline throughout the runs, which makes me love the treadmill… it’s a big game.

*Beck went to his first BYU football game over the weekend. I had FOMO for this!

*We drove through FOUR McDonalds to finally find an ice cream machine that was working. FOUR.  Also, we have all come to the opinion that desserts at fancy/nice restaurants are rarely good.  Or maybe our tastebuds are messed up but give me a simple classic dessert.

*This was too much frosting even for Brooke (and she is Oreo’s #1 fan).

*Halfway through this book and obsessed. I love how this has made me rethink any ‘regrets.’
*My Halloween costume this year is definitely not runnable, so I need some ideas from you. I’m running the Halloween half (more as a workout than a race) and need ideas asap.


Costume idea for me to run the Halloween half in?

Feeling on Oreos?

-Only truly good when mixed with ice cream.

Agree or disagree that the cheaper the restaurant, the better the dessert?!

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The first costume idea that came to mind is Tinkerbell. Don’t ask me why but that’s what popped in my head ha. I feel like fancy restaurants sometimes try to do too much with desserts so they’re not as good. With that said if a chocolate lava cake is on the menu then I will likely be ordering it because I can’t make it myself. Have a great day!


Tinkerbell would be SO much fun! Okay, you definitely have a point about the chocolate lava cake (especially with some ice cream). I hope you have a great day too. Thanks, Maureen!


I LOVE The Midnight Library! I also love that you love the treadmill. I feel like so many people I know don’t consider the treadmill to be “real” running because it’s not outdoors. I depend on my treadmill so much in the summer down here when it’s 100+ degrees and 100% humidity. Plus, I get to catch up on my all favorite TV shows. Also, not an Oreos fan, but love cookies and cream ice cream, so I guess I’m in agreement with you. Happy Tuesday, Janae! :)


I 100% feel like the treadmill is real running! I am SO glad that the treadmill helps you to get through your summers, I can’t even imagine walking outside in those conditions haha. Hope you get some cookies and cream soon. Thanks Emily, you too!


Rarely do I want a restaurant dessert. Two items could sway me: bread pudding or creme brulee.
I think that I need to re-read The Midnight Library. I read it too quickly.
And super jealous of your trails!


Bread pudding could sway me too actually and I think you need to re-read it and then we could have a discussion about it. You and your husband need to take a Utah trip and I’ll take you on the trails. Have a wonderful day, Molly!


Hi Janae! I love Oreos! But I like the cookie part best. I really enjoyed that midnight library book! Can’t wait to hear what you think. Totally agree that fancy desserts aren’t always my thing.
Have an awesome day!


They need to sell a box of just the cookie parts for you:). Seriously, loving it so much and get so excited for any time that I have to read. Thanks friend, you too!


I have these butterfly wings from Target and since the arms are elastic they are pretty comfortable and you could easily run in them. https://www.target.com/p/realistic-easy-fit-fabric-butterfly-wings-for-imaginative-play-46-wingspan/-/A-75510061?preselect=75505456#lnk=sametab.

Oreos are delicious but I agree with Brooke, that would be too much of the filling.


Okay, those wings are AWESOME! That would be so easy with black shorts and a tank… THANK YOU! Have a beautiful day, Corrinne!


I need a Halloween costume to run in too. My fleece unicorn onesie won’t cut it haha. I saw someone run as a Crayola crayon one year. Maybe a bee? I have no creative insights haha. River will be a pumpkin lol

Yes I like McDonald’s ice cream too! Not one for fancy deserts.

I love oreos! Ps Brooke looks so tall and grown up in these photos!!

Have a great day Janae


Hahaha those are all very creative! Let me know what you end up running in and River is going to be SO cute. Brooke really feels like a teenager to me lately, it’s so much fun! Thanks Kristine, you too!


I rarely get desserts anywhere that isn’t cheap. 😂 So I’m with you on that! The McDonald’s ice cream machine near our house is always broken but my husband found the web site, McBroken and checks it before we go! It actually looks like the web site is broken right now 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️, but maybe for next time!


BAHAHA I have to send that website to my friends! They will laugh so hard, I hope it gets fixed soon haha. Hope you get a cheap dessert asap and I want to today too. Happy Tuesday, Diane!


Halloween races are so much fun! I liked your pirate costume, and anything that has a tootoo would be runable. Monica (run eat repeat) has run in tons of costumes, she probably has some great ideas.
I love that you and Andrew were able to start the week with a trail date.
I have discovered that I love the treadmill. The Peloton app really helped with this! It’s great having an instructor tell you what you’re running, pushing your speed and incline, so you don’t have to think about it. The treadmill saved me this summer and September when we had weeks of 100° temps.
And not a big Oreo fan unless it’s cookies and cream ice cream , like you.
Have a great day Janae 😊


You are so right… I need to check out Monica’s ideas, thank you! I am SO with you, Peloton makes the treadmill even better. Thank goodness for the treadmill! Hope your day is a great one, thanks Wendy!


My running group – we are all being care bears! We got care bear t-shirts and cute bear hats off of amazon!!

Agreed that cheaper restaurants have better desserts. Fancy restaurant desserts just don’t cut it~!

I love oreos – but especially the halloween ones!!!


80’s costume would be cute and easy because SPANDEX, lol *I like the bee idea Kristine already mentioned.


My friends and I have a big debate about who has better ice cream: McDonalds or Dairy Queen. Hardcore McDonalds fan over here!! Expensive restaurants are too fancy with their desserts. Give me a $1 cone any day of the week!

On a different note, great to see your dad smiling :) I hope he’s doing well!


McDonald’s sundaes are a family favorite!! Restaurants should have cookies and ice cream for dessert. who doesn’t love a reallllly good cookie or brownie? Or even a pile of little chocolates.

Halloween costumes: 80’s aerobic instructor? wear all black and a kitty ear headband? I say keep it simple and comfy. Or retro runner if you can get a hold of those shorty stripey dolphin brand shorts and a ringer T.

Your trails look amazing and so convenient!


I *love* oreos. And I actually got those Most Stuffed ones when Tom and I went up to Chattanooga for our anniversary around Labor Day Weekend–and even though I am a “the frosting MAKES the cookie” person, I sort of agree with Brooke that it’s too much frosting. Double Stuffed Oreos are totally the right balance!!! (but the best balance is a ton of oreos crushed up in a milkshake…LOL…)

As for halloween costumes: I honestly never have any good ideas. I basically suck at coming up with Halloween costumes. But I *bet* there will be an overabundance of Forrest Gumps running that half marathon!!! :)

Now as for dessert: ALLLLLL dessert is pretty much amazing to me. Want to give me a piece of chocolate cake from the most ho-hum chain restaurant? I’m down for it. Want to give me an m&ms frosty from McDonalds (or some similar drive-thru fast food restaurant)? Yes–there is a time and place for this! Want to give me the most beautiful tiramisu from a fancy Italian restaurant? I will go for it. I’ve had really great dessert and really mediocre dessert in equal measure at nicer places and at inexpensive places. :)

Hope you’ve had a good day out there!!! :)


This is so simple, Janae. The worlds fastest animal is a cheetah. So you must be for Halloween a cheetah.

Think like a cheetah. Run like a cheetah.


The Midnight Library is sooo good!


You could go as “Little Red Running Hood”. Get yourself a cape and beanie or find a red sup up hoodie that you don’t mind cutting the sleeves off of. Wear the hoodlie part and tie around your neck then wear unzipped with the sleeves cut off like a cape. You could wear tall red socks as well.

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