Silentish Saturday

Thank goodness everyone slept in from our crazy day yesterday. Everyone slept until 9 AM!!!

It is actually getting cold in the mornings, so we all decided to start off the day we know best… in the hot tub.

One of my best friends came to town for the BYU football game tomorrow, so of course, we had to meet up for some sushi and ramen. We went to SOBO Sushi and Ramen in Lehi. You all have to go now if you are in the area.

Beck is definitely a fan!!!

Beck is also a fan of this song. AND before you ask, this was not my doing.

This is one of my best friends ever. We grew up geeking out about Star Wars, played soccer all throughout highschool, and basically did everything together growing up. This guy is absolutely one of the best there is. I look up to him and always brag to everyone about how my doctor best-friend is killing it in everything there is. He is just a pure soul.

Halloween props at the aquarium yesterday… yes please!!

After lunch, we went to the outlet mall because there was a rumor of a GIANT pumpkin. I think Beck would not stop screaming about the huge pumpkin for about 20 minutes!

We somehow found ourselves looking at more decorations and Target! Does this even surprise you??

If you thought Halloween was my favorite, you would almost be right. All things mountain biking are definitely my favorite. I think this is the third or fourth mountain bike shop we have been to since Janae has been gone. Should I start some family drama and add another surprise gift to myself in my garage?

We of course overdid everything today, and we were late to nap time. Don’t worry he was all giggles and happy when he got his blanket in his crib.

We were about to cook dinner at home when my brother-in-law, who is home alone this weekend, invited us to go to dinner.

We made Skye a jump. Everything about this photo makes me happy.

There is a saying that goes something like this, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, it only took me 34 years, but I like a clean house when I go to sleep.

In bed before 11 PM, I don’t know what has happened to me!!

Questions for the comments!!

What time do you go to bed during the week? What about the weekend?

Do you think you are destined to be a morning person or a night owl?

What is the most important thing for you tomorrow? We are going to the BYU Football game with my dad, and we are eating a cougar tail -a maple bar that is 10X the size of a normal one.

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Good luck with the rest of the weekend, Andrew! You’re doing great! I think I know why you were so exhausted at 11 pm…


You are doing a great job Andrew (with the kids and the blog!)

I have become a morning person out of necessity – one, I can’t sleep late anymore (darn aging!) even though both my kids are teenagers and sleep until noon and two, it is when I get my “me” time. I’d rather stay up later but I am really trying to get my 7-8 hours and I feel so much better for it. And I’m trying to keep the same routine on the weekends because otherwise I am up way too late on Sunday nights and then Monday morning is rough. I wish my brain would keep working late at night – Once 8:00 comes along my brain shuts down and I watch tv (no I don’t go to bed at 8:00!)

Have a great Saturday!


Loving these Hungry Runner Husband updates!! You’re doing awesome, Andrew!

Def a morning person vs. a night owl. If I’m in bed/asleep by 9-9:45pm, it makes for a much happier Arthi the next morning :)

PS – If you think going to sleep with a clean house feels good, try cleaning your entire house before you leave for vacation! When you come home after a trip/long day of a travel to a perfectly organized/fresh house, there is truly nothing better!

Have a great Saturday!!


Andrew I’d be more surprised if you weren’t looking at more Halloween decorations Im like Janae and am for sure a morning person. Always have been. Have fun at the game and enjoy the cougar tail!


Seems like a fun Dad weekend for you and the kids! I have the same n+1 problem with bikes and my husband….he always just needs one more!

Please convince Janae she needs to come run a Colorado marathon, you can come ride (sick Colorado trails) with my hubby and you guys can stay us. It would be the best kind circus, LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Wow that is one clean kitchen !! Well done. You are doing awesome with all those kiddos!


Hi Andrew! What a fun day! I can’t believe Halloween is just around the corner! Can’t wait to see all your costumes!
In an ideal world I’d get up and go to bed the same time every day but running shifts everything earlier!
Have an awesome weekend!


You are a great dad and a great husband! Jane and the kids are lucky to have you.


Andrew, you are really getting this blog thing down! I read the title and first sentence in Janae’s voice.

I’ll answer your first 2 questions in reverse. I don’t know that I was destined to be a morning person, but I definitely am. That being said, I try to be in bed by 10 pm, even on weekends because I like to get up early to run or ride my bike.

As far as that “surprise gift,” always follow the N+1 principle, but allow for S-1:
N+1 is the ideal number of bikes for a cyclist, where N is the number of bikes the cyclist already owns up to S-1, where S is the number of bikes at which point the cyclist’s spouse leaves them…
(BTW, we currently have 6 bikes in the garage, 2 belong to me, and 4 to my husband Les.)

Enjoy that Cougar Tail!


The correct number of bikes is n+1. I do truly believe that biking is one of the very best activities that you can do as a family. It’s especially important for girls, who often don’t get the same opportunities to take risks and have adventures. What a cute picture of Skye!


Andrew, you are turning into Janae!! I’m dying to know if she’s staying up late, going to In n Out and mountain biking on her trip???

And my husband definitely thinks you need another bike. I think his current tally is 5 (hard tail, full suspension, fat, touring and gravel) but I can’t complain because he rides all the time. And he doesn’t say anything about all my running shoes ;)

And you’re doing so great with the kids, they’ll remember these fun times and it’s so great for you and Janae to give each other me time!


That photo of Skye on her jump is everything!!! You two will soon be MTB at Park City!

Maybe you can make a bargain-for every pair of Nikes Janae buys, you put that same amount towards a bike. I do think you need a variety of bikes though-my current rotation is full suspension, gravel, touring, rain bike, and my beloved original cyclocross bike. I sold my road bike this summer because my MTB and gravel are my go-to’s. I think most people have more because a hardtail is definitely part of a well rounded garage ;)

Night Owl. Always have been. Also, worked night shift forever……


tomorrow, after fighting this thing (finally decided it’s really bad allergies..maybe) I’m running whatever first thing with one of my groups…they wanna do 18K, I’m leaning towards 10K with some of our group…..some are training for a half, I’m into off season……I’m a morning person..up early, and I like to get everything I need to get done, done by lunch time….by the time 9PM comes around I’m usually just dead tired….it’s a real struggle to stay awake any later…


Clean house looks awesome!! Tomorrow going to a food festival. Do you like the sink where it is in the kitchen – have been looking at new homes and I can’t make up my mind if I prefer it in from of a window.


Hi Andrew! Thank you so much for filling in for Janae. I have loved reading your posts. I go to sleep during your afternoon :-) I usually get into bed by 8:30. I am definitely a morning person! I love getting up by 5:30. I have always been this way. Even in college I never studied after 9 PM.

One of my really good friends is a nurse practitioner. I was so proud of her that started the progeam about 8 years after we graduated from college. I give you so much credit! I would have a very hard time going back to school now. (I am a “little” older than you and Janae. 44.). Saying that though I am finished with my first career and wondering what I will do for the second. I would love to do something in baking. I’m just not sure what! Congratulations on getting halfway through your degree. And thank you again for the great pictures and write-ups! Very fun to read.


I would scream for the giant pumpkin, too…………….Halloween is the best! That looks like the Halloweentown pumpkin.

I am definitely a night owl…………..thank goodness for coffee!

My husband turns 40 on the 22nd, so this week is all about him!


Looks like you and the kids are having soo much fun!!
I have a 2 and 4 year old and am in bed at 8 pm…every night.

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