Palm Springs Recap!

This post was written from my phone so it was a bit difficult to format it but I’ll be back to normal blogging tomorrow, I missed you guys!

This trip worked out perfectly because I was already needing to take Brooke to California to see her dad and so it was very easy for me to meet up with my friends and head to Palm Springs together. Brooke and I flew into San Jose on Wednesday and Jess picked us up at the airport and we stayed at her house for a night. Brooke and I shopped, ate Italian food and rode bikes that day. We had a blast and then the next morning I took her to her dad’s house and then went to the airport with Jess and Kim. We all met in college and do a girls trip together every year or two. They are a blast to travel with!

We flew on Breeze airlines and so the tickets were ridiculously cheap. We used the Turo app to rent a car (also, so much cheaper than renting a car through a company) and drove to our hotel. We stayed at the Westin and it was a huge resort that had everything we needed- pools, a spa, waterslides, a great restaurant, bikes to use, tennis courts and we loved everything.

Now for some pictures.

The date shakes and avocado fries at the Ritz Carlton were heavenly.

Loved every bite of this pizza and chicken parmesan at the hotel’s restaurant.

As far as running goes, I got in three runs while we were in Palm Springs. We decided that for this trip we wanted to feel amazing when we got home (rather than needing a vacation to recover from vacation, ha) and we definitely accomplished that goal. Workouts, so much water, sleeping in, amazing food, laying by the pool and spa time.

Two of my runs were on the treadmill and one run was outside with Jess. It was just way too hot outside for our one run outside and Jess finished this Gatorade in two seconds when we finally got back to the hotel.

So so hot.
Did a few marathon pace miles on the treadmill which felt good. I am so happy I took time off after my marathon because my hamstring is 100% now.
Had to lay here for a while at the end of my run…
All gyms need to include a recovery station.
The most relaxing spa day.

And so much pool time.

The best taco of my life was eaten when we went to downtown Palm Springs at La Bonita. The tortilla was just cheese!

We flew back to Northern California on Sunday morning and then Brooke’s dad dropped her off at the airport and we flew home. I felt like a new woman when I got home and so excited to get back to real life again!

Andrew gave these two the best fall break while we were away.


Best part of your weekend?

Do you prefer busy or restful vacations?

Any friends you love to travel with?

Date fan? Favorite way to eat them?

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Looks like you had a blast! My ideal vacation is equal parts rest and outdoor activity (weather/climate permitting), so your weekend looked amazing! Hope you have a great week Janae!


Thank you, Emily! I really hope you get one of those types of vacations asap. Happy Monday!


Alison Roman lemon date roasted chicken is a house favorite over here!
Your trip sounds amazing! If you are missing Palm Springs, you should read Emily Henry’s The People We Meet on Vacation.


Ummm just the name of that chicken sounds fabulous. I LOVED THAT BOOK! Happy Monday, Molly!


The spa looks amazing! And a tortilla made of cheese?! Sounds delicious.

I’m a fan of mixing in relaxing and exploring on vacations. One thing I’ve started to do when traveling is take the day after I get back off work. It helps so much with easing back into real life and feeling like I have my life together instead of scrambling and going right back to work.


You need one of those tacos in your life asap. That is SUCH a good idea. I’m sharing that tip with my working friends. Have the best day, Maureen!


Looks like an amazing vacation!! Glad you had fun!!

Race weekend was so much fun! I didn’t make my A goal, but it’s ok, I’ll keep working toward it. I had fun anyways which is the important part!


MARIAH! Way to go out for your A goal. That takes courage and I know you will get that A goal. Seriously, the fun of training makes it so much easier for me when I don’t hit my A goal. Thank you, Mariah! Let me know when you decide on what is next!


It looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Yay! And Andrew, Skye, and Beck also seemed like they had a great time too.
I love to have a trip that has both lots of downtime and outside activities. So sleeping in then going for a run, followed by pool(or beach or lake) time is perfect for me.
Glad everyone is back home and ready to take on the new week. Have a great Monday Janae 😊


Thank you, Wendy! Yes, everyone truly had such a great time. Thanks Wendy, happy Monday to you!


Hi Janae! Looks like an awesome time! I agree the best vacations leave you recharged. We are actually planning a Palm springs trip too!
I used to love dates a lot! I still do I just forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder!
Have an awesome week!


You’ll have to let me know what you do there! Thanks Amy, you too!


Best part of my weekend was easy – a huge PR (4 minutes and 23 seconds) at the Des Moines Marathon yesterday. I ran 3:45:29, so that clocks two sub-3:50 marathons in 2022 after running a 3:50:23 in 2012 and not PR’ing since. Also have a 4:31 buffer for 2024 Boston registration – again 2 BQs in 2022 after never having hit the standard before. 2022 has been an amazing running year for me!


JACI! Ahhhhh! Huge huge huge congrats! I am so impressed by you. This has been your year!


Looks like such a great weekend, and the perfect way to recharge. I am a huge fan of the vacation where you get to be active and explore, and then fully relax and eat amazing food (um those avocado fries and that taco…)

And I’m actually glad to hear it was still too hot to run outside this late in the year in Palm Springs. Maybe that needs to be my post October 15th tax deadline getaway. I grumble a bit during the summer about how hot it is, then when Fall hits and we have the first week of near freezing temps in the morning, I just want one more warm trip to soak in that sun for the coming winter.


Such a wonderful (and deserved) break for you! Palm Springs seems like the perfect girls trip.

Andrew’s solo Dad posts made me laugh 😂 so impressed with all you guys pack in. 4 kids, running, school, life….a clean house. I don’t know how you do it!

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