My Favorite Treat + He DID the Research.

(Don’t mind my clip AND rubber bands… it takes a lot to keep my hair up, ha)

Today’s post is sponsored by Bullfrog Spas! Thank you for reading, and I hope your day is off to a great start!

When we decided to get a spa for our backyard, Andrew did that thing he does where he spends hours and hours researching the topic. He does not make decisions quickly (I guess, besides marrying me, ha), and this one he took seriously. He read every review possible, talked to as many people as he could, and read up on all of the details. We decided on Bullfrog because of everything Andrew had read and heard about them. We have been so beyond pleased and use it even more than we thought we would when we first bought our spa.

This has been a fun sponsorship this year for us because we have had a Bullfrog Spa since the beginning of 2020, and it is something our family loves with all of our hearts. This sponsorship felt like the perfect fit because of how much time we have spent in our spa. It has been so easy to maintain, and we haven’t ever had any problems. I can’t count how many times Andrew and I have looked at each other in our spa and said it was our best idea because of how much joy it brings into our lives:).

Have you ever seen a prettier hot tub? We have the M9 now!

Somebody uses our Bullfrog Spa every single day.

My nieces always bring their friends over on the weekends (and they are obsessed with the changing lights and amazing stereo in this spa). The big kids want to get in it after they get home from school. Andrew jumps in at night when we are all asleep so he can relax and star gaze. We use it for date night every week because it is an activity that doesn’t require a babysitter; we just put the kids to bed and grab some treats to eat as we catch up on everything together. I use it after most of my runs, and it saves us ALL winter longer from freezing our buns off. When I am running through the snow in the winter and freezing, my mantra is ‘Hot’ when my left foot hits the ground and ‘tub’ when my right foot hits the ground!

I would say that Skye and I are the most frequent users of the Bullfrog Spa, and I hope she always remembers our hot tub dates together.

There are no distractions when we are there, which I love. It feels like a bit of escape to unwind, practice mindfulness and connect through conversations.
But of course, the littles like to splash around and get out their energy while we are in there too… not all of us are looking for a peaceful time in the spa;)

I love that you can personalize your spa with Bullfrog and choose the JETPAKS that work best for you! They are so easy to move around and place in a different spot of the spa. The DeepRelief Jetpak is my favorite.  My body has been so tired because of marathon training, and this Jetpak feels like I get the best massage after each run. It is my favorite treat.

Long story short, if you are looking for something to add to your yard that will bring you relaxation, recovery from your running, and my favorite way to rejuvenate… Go for a Bullfrog!

Favorite ways to relax?!

Something you have bought that you actually use more than you thought you would!?

What is your run or workout today?

Random Q–> I’m in Palm Springs today… Ever been there? Any food recommendations?

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Love this and loved the video you shared on IG.
I haven’t been to Palm Springs. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!


If I had a larger outdoor space I would totally look into Bullfrog! Until then, I’ll just relax in a warm epsom salt bath with my book ;)

Today’s workout was a stairs hiit workout and it’s a burner! 2 min warm up, 1 min fast, 1 min every other step and 1 min relaxed. Repeat the fast, every other step and relaxed portions for 20 minutes. I’m always drenched after. Best part is I’ve adapted it so that instead of a stair master I just run up and down my stairs at home. Hope you have a great day!


I love that you have a hot tub (and am maybe a jealous, lol!) ;) Your hot tub pictures always look so fun and relaxing with the whole crew in there. Whenever my husband and I travel, one of the first things I always look for in an AirBNB is a hot tub; it’s such a luxurious treat. Since we live in Louisiana (where it’s sweltering and high humidity a large part of the year), I settled for warm baths indoors after a run, but in any other climate, I’d definitely be needing a hot tub. They are the BEST! No workout today due to a long day of teaching + some parent/teacher conferences, but tomorrow will be a Peloton workout…can’t wait! Happy Thursday, Janae!


Hi Janae! That is the biggest hot tub I’ve seen! Looks cool!
Enjoy Palm springs! Last time I was there was pre pandemic and we went to this awesome cafe where you could pick three salads for your lunch, I can’t find the place now! But I’m sure you’ll have great food wherever you go.
I’m off for another group run! Have a great day!


We love our hot tub too!! And now that the crazy heat is over, we will be back using all the time again. Definitely one of our best purchases. The other purchase we use way more than we thought we would, our big hammock in the back corner of the yard! It is so peaceful and relaxing.
Palm Springs! Can’t wait to see/hear what you’re doing out here (about 2 hours from me). We haven’t been out there in several years, but there is a great Mexican restaurant on the main street, I can’t remember the name, but it’s so yummy!!
Workout for me today will be an easy run, then Barre class.
Have a good day Janae, and enjoy the desert 😊


I do love a good tub. 2nd favorite way to relax is to light candles and turn on our fire place .

Probably an easy run. I am a little under the weather.

Palm Springs sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy

And something really random..but yesterday morning while I was busy River ate a milk chocolate lollipop while I was not looking. So it was off to the vet …a few hundred dollar later she was fine. Little rascal.

Have a great day Janae!


I’m very jealous of your hot tub! I want to join you and Skye for hot tub dates!

My workout today – my husband ran 6 miles with me this morning! This is huge because he was diagnosed with brain cancer 2 years ago. He is doing great and I am so proud of him! He decided he’ll train for a half marathon with me!

Have a great day in Palm Springs!



Wow, your husband sounds amazing! Tell him “great job” from me!


I had a hot tub before we moved in 2014. We were supposed to bring it with us but we ended up leaving it behind. I miss it so much. Yours looks nice and big with lots of room for everyone to enjoy.
Have a great Thursday! I’m waiting for the rain to stop so I can take a break from work and go for a run……… of the perks of working from home. I can wait until the sun comes up or until it warms up and hit the road instead of the treadmill a few days a week.


Have fun in Palm Springs!!
I will forever say “I used it way more than I thought I would” about the Treadmill. There was one point when I was doing all my runs on there, and I still cannot believe how many double digit runs I did on there.


We got a hot tub in 2020 also, but my husband found it free on Craigslist. He had been looking for probably a year to get a used one that wasn’t so broken that it would cost a lot to repair. He put an ad on Craigslist and someone actually reached out to him that if he could remove the hot tub himself, he could have it. So he got his brother and friend and a trailer to remove from the person’s porch. It took them like a whole day to get it removed so it was a lot of work. We have a covered porch and it works well for a hot tub because we don’t have to shovel to get out to it in the winter. Even though I had no desire for a hot tub, mainly due to cost and upkeep, it has been easy maintenance. My husband rebuilt the frame on the hot tub, but otherwise it was in perfect working condition and we enjoy sitting in it at night, chatting and relaxing.


Ooh, this hot tub sounds heavenly! I just ran my latest marathon on Sunday and my muscles are itching for this kind of relaxation – I’ll have to put one of these tubs on my wish list for when my husband and I eventually move out of our apartment and into a house! :)

As for Palm Springs, you MUST have a date shake while you’re there! There are a lot of date farms in the area, so date shakes are a staple of the town. You can find them at tons of places, but Great Shakes and Lappert’s have awesome ones. There’s also a tiny lunch place called Gabino’s Creperie that I’d recommend for delicious savory crepes!


I second the date shake! I used to go to Palm Springs a lot when I had family there and always got a shake.


That hot tub is beautiful! My husband bought me a hot tub for Christmas last year and I love it sooo much! I like it at night to unwind and also very early in the morning before the kids wake up. I lov ebeing outside and hearing the birds wake up at dawn while staying warm and relaxing before things get crazy.


after two really strong quick runs, but not feeling the best after, am going to spend the next three days, chilling, relaxing, taking lots of vitamin C, Zinc, and let whatever this is (flu?) go away…..I looked back at my journal, and this happened in November in 2021, so maybe a weather thing maybe…but, just like an injury, I’ll heal, then run Sunday…
realx…yep, binge watching and lots of Netflix etc….and it’s my turn to cook tonight, so time to dig through cook books and on-line…….and yeah, my blog says I’m doing a bunch of thn=ings wrong, so will use that downtime effectively..


I’ve always been curious – what temperature is safe for kiddos? Looks amazing!


Where are those gold earrings from? So cute!!

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