Weekend in 13 Pictures!

(Shorts, tank, shoes ((code FMTIB50 for 50% off)), bra)

I’ll keep the words short on this one because I’m guessing it’s a busy Labor Day for a lot of people so here’s a shortened version of the weekend:)

My best long run in quite some time.

Just my favorite trail in Utah.

We all really love these shoes and they worked amazingly on the roads and the non-technical trail.

20.22 miles @ 7:05 average.  7.5 miles on trails and 12.72 miles on roads.  2.5 mile w/u, 5 mile push on trails (6:49 average), 4 miles float (low 7’s), 5 miles fast on roads (6:09 average), c/d.

Really happy with how this one went.

Cinnamon chip toast before the run, a gel every 5 miles and water/gatorade throughout.

Andrew drove us (the 9 passenger vehicle saves us) and he got in some biking while we ran.

And then he picked up the kids from my niece and brought watermelon, Core Power, donuts and Powerade.  It tasted so so good.

This felt so good.

We spent Saturday with my in-laws and went to the best Farmer’s Market and stocked up on my current favorite fruit.

At the point where I just bring my foam roller everywhere with me.

We are so ready for Halloween over here ha.

Beck and I took a Sunday nap.

And then we were outside as much as possible.

How are you spending Labor Day?

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Impressive long run!
I have had to take off a few days of running due to intense bruising/swelling/pain from my leg hitting my bike HARD. I’m going to test out the legs today.
Otherwise baking a pie and sourdough.
Hope you are crushing the recovery game!


I am SO so sorry that happened to you and I am so glad you took the time off to heal. I hope that everything felt okay today on your run. Enjoy that pie and sourdough, I’m drooling. Thanks, Molly!


That trail is beautiful! Awesome long run Janae.
It has been so hot out here, that everyone is staying inside as much as possible this weekend. But today, we are going to a favorite beach spot for a bit, which makes me so happy.
Have a wonderful Labor Day!


Thank you so much, Wendy! Come run it with me someday… it was nice and chilly at the beginning too. I am so happy you are going to your favorite spot, enjoy every second!


took friends on a bike tour through our river valley, introduced them to hills!…and now waiting for a visit from my folks, my sister and her hubby, and my daughter and her significant other….it’s going to be an interesting evening


What running shoes are those?? Saucony….what model? :) Those photos are stunning. Beck’s outfit haha so cute.


Hey Jenni! Yes, they are the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2. We all love them so much! Have a beautiful day!


My lesson – trust your body! I peak at 60 miles but most of the time I run less. 50 miles a week – as long as I get in the big runs I am a little more flexible (sometimes even lower weekly mileage). And I always cut back after a big week. I spent years running before I could handle this mileage. I am in one piece race week so that is a big accomplishment lol. I started my taper a little early this round because I thought something was up with my foot after my last big run a couple weeks ao but rest, and ice and cycling seem to have done the trick. Sometimes a little less is more lol

Best food, mini donuts at the sunflower festival this weekend and also the snack box at the winery. We loved the festival and so did River! Such a good long weekend – and super excited that I am working 2.5 days this week and we are whistler bound on Friday for my race on Saturday ::)

River loves the water now but she didn’t always. we had to bribe her etc – and even now if there are big waves she gets a little freaked. Lol.

Have a wonderful day Janae and happy training! You are so inspiring :)


I LOVE your lesson! It really does take years to build up! So happy that your foot is happy and GOOD LUCK at Whistler. I wish we could tag along. ‘A little less is more’… you are SO right. Ummm I need some of those mini donuts. Yum, sounds like the perfect weekend. I wish the big waves freaked Beretta out a little, I worry about her sometimes. Thanks friend, you inspire me!


Is that the rail for the Heber Creeper?

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