Silentish Saturday!

(Tank, shorts, socks, shoes)

Sleep won.

And then we went for a run–> 8 miles @ 8:53 average.

We stopped for the park.

And for water.

And for us to find fruit snacks in the seats because we were hungry.

They wanted to run too.

Haven’t pushed the jogging stroller in a bit.

Chips in the hot tub while Beck napped.

Plums from our backyard.

We were ready for bed 4 hours earlier than she was was;)

Off for 23 miles!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Those chips are so good!! I love them crushed up a bit for a taco salad.

Three things for today: park with my pup, grocery shopping because I have no food hahah, and maybe a movie night with some buttery popcorn!


I WILL be trying that… brilliant taco salad topping. Now you have me needing buttery popcorn too. ENJOY and fill up that pantry haha. Thanks Maureen!


How fun to do a family run. And good for you to get sleep win right now. You obviously needed it.
Go rock that 23 mile run!! Then have a great weekend Janae 😊


Thank you, Wendy! I’m so happy that I slept in too:). Hope your weekend is a great one too!


What brand of sunglasses are you running in?


Hey Julie! Here is the link, I love them:

Have a great weekend!


Peloton ride…done
office organization, ugh but needed
mailing box of goodies to college daughter!!


Great job on the Peloton! I cannot wait to get more rides in again. I hope you have a good podcast to listen to for the office organization. I hope your daughter is doing well at college, you are an amazing mom!


Hi Janae! My husband is doing a relay race this weekend! I’m going to be catching up with some friends and making shrimp!
Have an awesome long run!


Oh my goodness, good luck to your husband! I hope he loves it and enjoy your time with friends and eating shrimp (YUM)! Thanks Amy!


Hope the 23 miles went as well as possible! The fruit salad mix looks great!
I ran 16 miles, came home to roofers on my house for the 4th day and jetted off to work.


Thank you! It was a rough one but I didn’t quit:) Way to go on 16 miles before work! I hope your roof is done asap. And your cookies looked SO good that you took to your coworkers. Have a great day, Molly and I hope your work weekend goes by fast!


just finished up a 30K bike ride with a few I’ve never ridden with before, and a couple that are all new to this… watching the Diamond League event from Laussanne which is amazing…have to rest up for a 16K training run tomorrow….would like to go shorter, but promised a few I’d map out something flat and easy….so…


I am just catching up on my HRG reading from over the weekend!
So Friday into Saturday was Hood to Coast Relay!! Instead of the traditional 3 legs, I ran 4 because we had a teammate who had to skip out after her first leg! I ran 20.1 miles starting at 2:55 AM Friday morning and ending at 2:59 AM Saturday. Then, once our team met up to cross the finish line. we celebrated my 51st birthday!! I finished out my 50th strong and started 51 just as strong. The first leg has about a 2,000-foot decline from the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood so my quads and toenails were definitely feeling it. Sad to have to leave the beautiful Oregon coast, but happy to be able to sleep in my own bed again!


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