Silentish Saturday!

(shorts, shoes, shirt)

6 miles @ 8:41 average.

He wakes up hours earlier at the lake vs at home… he just knows there is so much to do there.
She can truly nap anywhere.
So much good food.

Back home and he is already missing being in water all day so he jumped in the bucket.

Ready to go!

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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The lake trip looks like so much fun. Three things? Well, I had a really long sleep and didn’t wake up until late, I was more tired than I thought! Work has been busy this week, so it must have caught up with me. I feel good now, though :) Then I did some work in the garden, just tying up tomato plants and checking my squash plants. All looking OK, although here in London we haven’t had any rain for weeks. Later I’m going to meet some friends for a craft afternoon. Just a nice, relaxed Saturday.


Hey Sarah! I am so glad you got in a good night of sleep after such a busy week! I want to come eat your tomatoes, I’m so impressed with people that can garden. Enjoy your day with friends and I loved London so so much when I came and visited. Have a beautiful weekend, Sarah!


Hi Janae! We are at the coast! We are going kayaking and biking today!
Happy weekend!


Amy, that sounds amazing! I am so happy for you guys… enjoy!


Looks like such a fun trip!


Is it weird to ask what size top you wear in that Lulu tank? I love it but am thinking Lulu probably runs a bit small. I’d imagine I’m a size up from you.

Also – would love to know: Did you have to “train your gut” when it came to fuelling on the run? I.e. Just get used to it? Hah. I tried Maurten the other day during a long-run but can’t get past the sweetness and texture. It just made me thirstier. How do runners navigate having to drink more water on top of that as gels and electrolyte drinks make me thirstier it seems.


Hey Jenni! I have it in a size 4! Would you mind if I wrote an entire post on this topic? It is so important! The biggest thing is trial and error for me and just practicing more and more with it all… so many dress rehearsals ha. But I truly think your body does start to adjust to it the more you do it. I’m here for ANY questions you have. Hope you have a great day!


Oh thank you! You are so kind. Yes, a separate post sometime is good, what I was hoping for :) Have a great night.


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