Hurting + Lake + MT

(shorts, shoes (on sale), glassestop)

12 x 1k—> DONE!

We started with a 3-mile warm-up and then got to work.  The stretch we do this workout on is hilly, and we go back and forth on the same stretch. We usually have a headwind one way and a tailwind the other way. When you have 12 intervals to knock out, the key is just taking them one at a time (or lying to yourself and saying you are only going to do a few of them… not the full 12;)

For some reason looking at my watch during this particular workout demotivates me. I think I ‘should be’ going faster, which then makes me run slower. If you ever have workouts like that, tape the front of your watch or flip it over, so you don’t look at it. My goal was to focus on my effort and staying close to my friend Hilary! I stayed with her for the first 9 and then was just a bit behind her for the last 3, and I was very happy about that. Focusing on effort instead of the numbers made it fun.

I did jogging recoveries for the first few but then needed standing recoveries for the rest and paused my Garmin for that… the recoveries were 90ish seconds.

This workout hurts.

Special shoutout to my Tracksmith shorts, but I love the little somewhat sticky strips on the bottom of the shorts, they make it so they don’t rise at all. Also, the perfectly sized pockets for your gels and the fact your phone can fit in the back pocket… just the dream shorts.


Three graham crackers before the run, two Maurten gels throughout, a bottle with Liquid IV (HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL gets you 25% off and free shipping), a bottle of water, and my Fairlife protein drink in the car right when I finished.

Bonus points go to our friend who was on an eliptigo and refilled our bottles when needed.

After the workout, we went to the lake with some friends for a few days, and our kids are in heaven.

I tried to front-load my week as much as possible so that I’m not running a ton while we are gone because these friends think I am a nut for my running;). I’m kidding, they support me. My goal is to hit somewhere between 70-75 this week, and then next week will drop to 50 with a half-marathon on Saturday.  

Marathon Training is exhausting, but so is everyday life, so we might as well do them both, right? That seems like sane logic.


PS being in charge of two meals when one of your friends is a chef and owns many restaurants is a bit stressful.



Run on trips or not so much?

Ever flip your watch or tape the front, so you focus on effort more?

Have a lake close to you? Which one(s)?

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being excellent), how good of a cook do you think you are?

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I always tell myself that on Europe trips that I will run. But the time difference is killer and I sleep in instead. We have scheduled guided runs in various cities, Washington DC (engaged on that one!!), Boston, Paris.
Killer long run yesterday! So impressed. Enjoy the lake time!

If I cook any recipe by Alison Roman then I’m basically 9/10 cook.


The lake looks like so much fun! We have the TN River in our backyard and it’s a major one. There are lots of lakes nearby, some created when they built the dam back in the 30’s. I don’t actually get in the river or lake, but probably would if we knew someone with a boat………….that’s the next goal I guess! But all I have to do is cross the street from work or home and I can sit right at the river’s edge. It’s built up nicely with stadium like steps/seats and I can sunbathe and eat my lunch there. Seriously so pretty.

I run on vacation, but it depends where I am. When I travel for work alone, I usually do the treadmill just because I am unfamiliar with the area. But when we travel to visit family or friends I love to hit the paved trails outside of Nashville…………..they are some of my favorite neighborhoods to run in, and talk about hills………..woo!

I am a decent cook, I think. My husband thinks so at least, ha!

Have a great day!


Which tracksmith shorts are your fave? I have the Allston (which I love) but they don’t have pockets on the outside. Have a great day!!!


The lane 5! You are going to love them!


I love this quote so much that I just wrote it on a post-it, “Marathon Training is exhausting, but so is everyday life, so we might as well do them both, right?”


Hi Janae! I cover my watch for easy runs! That way I’m not tempted to go faster and faster and I run by feel.
Enjoy the lake!


running on trips is awesome…and my family loves when I do so they can get more sleep after I leave, and then not so much when I drag them out to see all the awesome things I’ve found…….the only place that didn’t work was Disneyland, a horrible place to run…..
I’m a fantastic cook and love to….my dream is to get an oven with 4 separate doors!….probably the only guy on the planet that’s would want that, but all the options!…..


We’re heading up to Lake Arrowhead this weekend for our anniversary! I love lake life!
I have a pair of shorts like that, that have the sticky strip on them…. Why don’t all running shorts have them?
I’ve always wanted to try the Eliptigo, it looks so fun!
Hoping to squeeze in some sort of workout today, it’s a busy one today!
Have fun on the lake!


I love popping into yoga studios on vacation or checking out fitness classes around. When my husband and I backpacked around Australia and New Zealand in 2017, I looked up places for yoga and swimming pools along the way. In Melbourne Australia I even joined a pilates studio for a week and went to the 7am classes, which the teachers thought I was a little crazy for since I was basically on vacation but I loved the routine. Then I would bring back coffee from a local place for my husband. They are coffee snobs there and there are so many local places I could pick different spots.

I think I’d rate my cooking 7/10. I cook most of my food at home, but my husband has been teaching me to use more spices because I tend to cook fairly plain. I love to try new recipes on the weekend when I have the time to prepare the ingredients. My husband calls me the baker. He loves cooking so we trade off who cooks.


Cute necklace – do you remember where it is from?
Are the Tracksmith shorts super compressive – debating on what size to get?
I am a 9/10 cook – but I cook plant based at my house:-)


Hey! I got it from here:

And the shorts are tight but not compressive if that makes sense? Can I come eat at your house, sounds yummy!


Cute necklace – do you remember where you got it?
Are the tracksmith shorts super compressive/tight fit? Debating on what size to get?


I’ve started taping my watch for races. I peel it back and check only during the first mile, to make sure I don’t go out too fast. Then I stick down the tape and ignore it for the rest of the race, so I can focus on effort and being present and– sometimes?–trying to pass people. But I make sure to stop it at the finish line, because I do love to see all that data later. It’s surprising how some miles seem dragging and awful when you’re running them, and you expect those times to be slower… and then you find that you were actually moving along quite well! Unfortunately, sometimes the opposite is true, too. Ha. Have a great time on your vacation, Janae!

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