Friday Favorites!

(shoes, top, shorts)

I was expecting to feel pretty exhausted after speed and boating but my run yesterday actually felt great. I’m guessing the flat roads, cooler temps and pretty views helped me to feel so good.

I made some friends along the way.

9.21 miles @ 8:20 average.

Andrew made our favorite sticky finger salad for lunch.
We spent most of the day on the boats (Knox was surfing and the girls thrived on the tube).
Not many better places to take a nap than on a boat.
Their pantry/fridge/everything is completely stocked with the best of the best. I hit the jackpot with this scotchmallow.

We are now proud owners of Yuba Lake gear… we have made it.

I have a few favorite things this week to share…

*I took a screenshot of this to remember to tell you to look at Makenna Myler’s information about running and women’s cycles. It is SO good so far. I honestly do not know how I went this long in life being so clueless about this topic.

*I was told that I needed to try these and they were excellent.

*Just another color in the t-shirt I can’t live without. Not sure you wanted to know about this t-shirt, but I refuse to stop telling you about it.

*This game is so much fun. It is FAST moving, a ton of people can play at once and it gets quite competitive.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Favorite card game?

Seen any animals on your runs lately?

What city were you born in?

-Layton, Ut

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Hi Janae! So happy for you that you have some cooler temps to run in at the lake! It looks gorgeous there. I am at the beach this weekend :) and I was born in Layton too, how funny!


What are the bike shorts you’re wearing with the green t-shirt? Do you have favorite spandex type bike shorts for daily wearing outside of running?


Yes yes yes… I wear these ones the most!
I hope you have the best day, Nicole!


The boat day looks so fun! Enjoy those cooler running temps and new views. It looks gorgeous!

Tomorrow I have a triathlon–very unprepared for that one–it snuck up on me. My sister is doing it as well so it should be fun no matter what my time is. On Sunday, I am taking my middle and youngest to FL. It’s their first time on a plane. They are beyond excited!

When running up at the cabin this past month, I saw a black bear, fox, wolf and deer. It is my first time ever seeing a bear or wolf. Maybe next time I will see a moose, haha.

I was born in Maple Lake, MN. It’s about 1200 people. I said I would never live in a small town–the population of our current address is 84 people.

Have a fabulous Friday, Janae!


This weekend we are telling our parents that I’m pregnant with baby #2! Shhhh :) SO EXCITED!


COURTNEY! CONGRATULATIONS! Ahhh I am so thrilled for you!


This timing of you asking about animals on the run… This morning I saw a guy petting a (wild) deer along the river bike path. And then the deer stopped him a second time for more pets. I’m very certain that I wasn’t still half asleep and dreaming since I talked to a cyclist that also stopped to watch this spectacle.

I really need to crack open Roar. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf untouched.
Have fun on the lake!!


We love a good card game! Our go-to is “up and down the river” with a regular deck of cards.

Today is the first day I haven’t seen a bear in my yard in 6 days! It’s past being exciting and even past being scary, just frustrating now! Especially because my dog doesn’t understand why we can’t just go outside whenever she wants. We’ve seen a mama with 3 cubs, an awkward sized goofy teenager, and a big male – all black bears. We live 2 miles from the city! It’s insane! They are after the trashcans.

I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi.


Lake/boat days are the best! Our youngest used to sleep on the boat all the time. He also took his best naps at the beach…. It’s that water! It’s just so healing. I can’t wait to get up to the mountains and on the lake later today! It’s going to be a great little getaway ☺️
Keep enjoying your lake, and have a great weekend Janae 😊


The lake looks like a blast – love your hats! For anyone entering the perimenopause/menopause portion of the life cycle of a woman, Stacy Sims book “Next Level” is fabulous. It’s a great follow up to “Roar.”

Got followed by a turkey on a run the other day. I’m just glad we’re out of red wing blackbird nesting season because they are mean and will dive bomb you when you least expect it.

I was born in Green Bay, WI.


I looked to see where Layton was in Utah and laughed when I saw it was near Clearfield. I grew up in Clearfield – but Clearfield, PA! :)


Hi Janae! You know you’ve made it when there’s an entire drawer for candy! How exciting!
I was born in Dayton!
We are heading to the coast today, enjoy the lake!


No plans this weekend. We were out of town the last two (Alaskan cruise that was amazing!) so I’m happy to just relax.

I am anti card games (or pretty much any game) since marrying into the McElhaney family. They are all SO competitive and I am not at all. It didn’t take too many games for me to realize I’d rather just sit back and watch the show! As long as I’m not the one in the competition I enjoy it ;)

I saw a coyote this morning. They’ve been really active lately.

I was born in Fresno, CA. Proud member of the Baby Boomers!


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