August Training Log + I’m hoping you pick the second…

(Shorts, tank, shoes ((code FMTIB50 for 50% off))

Twelve miles @ 8:32 average + an attempt to do core with Beck.

We are trying to get in as much scooter riding as possible before we have to put it away for the winter.

Skye starts preschool next week, and I’m unsure how Beck will handle this change!

Does anybody else have an emergency sack of ice?! Our ice machine broke, and I am so grateful I had this bag because I don’t know how to drink liquids without half of my bottle being ice.

High Maintenance.

Back to homework after school.

Two Halloween miracles occurred yesterday.  1) After going to 4 different Home Depots and talking to dozens of people on the phone… Andrew got his Skeleton.  Three of the stores were sold out and one of them wasn’t putting them out until Saturday and somehow, they got one out for him early.  He even had a gift card from work towards Home Depot, which made it basically free.  2). Andrew also got a phone call from his work that somebody wanted to take his shift for Halloween… he was supposed to work but now gets to be with all of us (and Knox will be with us too)!

They had a good time searching together.

Does Andrew look happier here?

Or here?

I’m kidding;)


Time for the monthly training log!  The previous one is HERE!

8/1:  12.23 miles @ 9:05 average (part trails, part roads)

8/2:  10 miles @ 8:30 average

8/3:  17.33 miles @ 6:54 average (not including the standing recoveries):  12 x 1k with 90-120 second recoveries (some jogging, some standing).  I didn’t track the pace on these because mentally I didn’t want to but felt strong throughout and kept up with a fast friend.

8/4: 9.2 miles @ 8:20 average

8/5: 6 miles @ 8:41 average

8/6: 18 miles @ 6:58 average.  We ran the Hobblecreek course and did 7 miles @ 1/2 marathon pace with a float mile in between.  HM pace miles were—> 5:49, 5:48, 5:48, 5:52, 5:49, 5:54, 5:47 and the floats ranged from 6:48-7:30.  + 2.21 miles later @ 8:12 pace

(75 miles for the week)

8/8:  6.6 miles @ 8:29 average

8/9: 10 miles @ 7:07 average.  5-mile w/u and then did 1, 3, 5, 3, 1—> 1 minute fast, 1 minute easy, 3 minutes fast, 3 minutes easy, 5 minutes fast, 3 minutes easy, 3 minutes fast, 1 minute easy, 1 minute fast.

8/10:  6 miles @ 8:31 average

8/11:  5 miles @ 8:42 average

8/12:  2.36 miles @ 8:48 average

8/13:  20 miles total with Hobblecreek 1/2 in 1:18:18 (5:58 average on the net downhill course).

(50 miles for the week). 

8/15: 10.17 miles @ 8:24 average

8/16:  8 miles @ 8:24 average.

8/17:  17.12 miles @ 7:02 average.  3 mile w/u, 3 x 3 miles a bit faster than goal marathon pace/effort (around a 6:17 for me)—> averages per interval set—> 6:09 (flat), 6:22 (uphill), 6:03 (downhill).  About 7 minutes of easy running in between the interval sets.

8/18:  9.11 miles @ 9:37 part trails, part roads

8/19: 9.11 miles @ 8:44

8/20: 18.11 miles @ 7:25… mostly roads and about 5 miles on trails.  2.5-mile w/u, 5 miles @ a bit faster than marathon pace on half downhill, half flat (6:13) and then straight into a 1.39 mile push up a trail with 469 ft of climbing, a few miles on the trails to get back on the roads and then 1-mile float, 1-mile fast x 2 (6:44, 5:52, 6:45, 5:54) on flat + 1-mile c/d.

(71.64 miles for the week).

8/22: 10.03 miles @ 9:26 average on trails

8/23: 8.23 miles @ 8:58 average

8/24: 18.5 miles @ 7:09 average.  3.5-mile warmup, followed by 5 x 2-mile intervals w/.5 mile recoveries ((that also included drink/restroom breaks)).  Averages for the 5 sets–> 6:14, 6:01, 6:39, 5:59 & 5:49. 3-mile cool-down.

8/25:  8 miles @ 8:34 average

8/26: 8 miles @ 8:23 average

8/27: 23 miles (20 on trails and 3 on roads) @ 8:32 average pace.  Incredibly challenging run for me, but I did it!

(75.77 miles for the week)

8/29: 12 miles @ 8:09 average

8/30:  12 miles @ 8:32 average

8/31: 18 miles w/ 4 mile, 3 miles, 2 miles, 1-mile workout in the middle.  Recoveries between each interval = .5 miles.  (I’ll add in more details once I get back from this ha)

(314 miles for the month)!

I’m sure glad the marathon has changed a bit over the years:

I’m off for 18 miles… I need a lot of caffeine;)

PS I’m reading parts of this book again):

Do you need ice in your drinks, or are you not high-maintenance about this issue like I am?

What month do you usually run the most in?


What is your favorite running book?

Any good things happen to you lately?

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Luckily I live alone so if my ice maker stops working I always have some ice to use up. But I immediately fill up my ice cube trays because I can never run out of ice. No water would be consumed because water needs to have ice in my opinion.

The 1904 Olympic Marathon was so wild it feels like a movie plot and not real life. Hope you’re having a great week!


NEVER. I am so there with you and that is brilliant to have ice cube trays too just in case. I will copy you on that. Right?! I can’t even believe that is how it used to be. Have a great day, Maureen!


We (mainly me lol) use so much ice in our house we bought a smaller ice maker to help. We make a bunch of ice in it then put that in bags in the freezer. The ice it makes isn’t as small as Sonic ice but same shape.


That is SO smart… which small ice maker do you have if you have time to send it?! I would love to get a separate one that makes the same shape as Sonic. Thanks Rachel, have a great day!


We both use ice in our drinks, and would definitely need to go buy some if our ice maker broke! Good for you for having a backup bag.
Oh my gosh, Andrew and his skeleton 😂. But I’m glad you guys found one.
Yay for Skye starting preschool next week! But yes, it’s going to be quite the change for Beck.
Good luck on your 18 miles this morning!


I highly recommend the backup bag! Ice is just so important! Thank you, Wendy! I really hope he does okay with it. Hope your day is a gorgeous one!


Omg Janae I am laughing so hard! Thank you for the morning laugh! Andrew looks happy… in both? But I’m sure he looks extra happy in the first picture because he has you AND the skeleton. Have a great day thanks again! I had a night up with the kids and needed some cheer. :)


I hope so bad you are able to get a nap today! Rough nights with kiddos is so hard. Hahaha I’m glad it made you laugh:). Have a beautiful day!


I’m so glad about the Halloween miracles! Also the wedding photo made me laugh out loud. I am on an ice water kick and I’m never going back!

Good luck to Beck and Skye with the preschool transition!


Haha Andrew was in the best mood after those two miracles! Enjoy all of the ice water today and thank you! Have the best day, Julie!


Hi Janae! That’s crazy that august is your high mileage month! I tend to have tired of summer running by then and take my foot off the pedal. I love fall running though, can’t wait!
Have an awesome day!


Hey Amy! I think it is just because it is highest for St. George training in August… otherwise I would be right there with you haha. I cannot wait for fall temperatures for our runs. It’s going to be beautiful. Thanks Amy, you too!


Good morning! I hope your 18 miler went great.

Ice is a definite need in this house. I can do water without it, but it’s definitely better with it! We thought our ice maker had quit about a month ago–turns out something in there had just bumped the knob to “off”! All I had to do was turn it back on! I never knew I could make everyone in my family so happy by giving them back ice, lol.

My husband made me a spreadsheet to track my miles and I’ve used it faithfully for going on three years now! I checked it to answer your question, and last year I ran the most in December, barely edging out March and May. This year so far May is winning. I guess the months with 31 days have a bit of an edge! Plus, I was a high school librarian so in December and May I had a chunk of time when I don’t have to be at school at a certain time.:)

I really did enjoy Deena Kastor’s book so I think that is my favorite right now. I really want to read Meb’s book and How She Did It, too. Another book that is fiction but is related to running is called The Running Dream by Wendellin Van Drannen. It’s a YA book but it’s a really good story. Can you tell I’m a retired librarian?? I can talk books all day!

The best thing to happen to me recently? I retired! I have started a blog myself! Shameless plug here:

Have a great day, Janae!


Thank you, Jen! I survived wahoo! So happy it was an easy fix for your ice machine, they are so pricey. Everything is right in the world again haha. Ummm he made a spreadsheet to track your mileage, that is amazing! I love that December and May are your highest mileage months. Thank you so much for sharing those with me, I will have to read them. CANNOT WAIT TO READ YOUR BLOG!! Congrats on retirement!


Ice makes drinks taste so much better!

I have to ask….why does he want this skeleton so much? I mean, it’s cute and all! Also, what are those pink things you bring with you on your run? Is it caffeine? I need more of that in my life! ;)


He is just beyond obsessed with Halloween and decorating for it ha! He has wanted it for so long. Those pink things are candy! I like to eat some candy during the cooldown instead of gels! Have the best day, Melanie!


Do you think Andrew was more excited to get the skeleton or to get a new bike?? lololol I love how happy he looks!


Bahahaha I’m not sure but I’m leaning towards the skeleton! Have the best day, Amanda!


Thanks for the reminder that our scary neighborhood giant skeleton will be making an appearance soon! It terrifies me every time! The flashing eyeballs are scary at zero dark thirty as I’m running down the street! I am NOT an ice fan AT ALL (sensitive teeth!) but I can see the need for a back up plan if you are!


I didn’t even think about… leaving the house for a run is going to be creepy! Good luck to us both haha. Have a beautiful day, Bridgette!


I have a Buddy scooter too! I love her :)

I like ice, but not all the time. I feel like I can drink more water if it isn’t too cold.

I usually run the most in September.

I love “Let Your Mind Run” by Deena Castor.


I don’t like ice in my drinks – weird I know.

Fave running books : My Year of Running Dangerously – Tom Foreman
The Rise of the Ultra Runners – Finn Adharanand
Running with the Buffaloes – Chris Lear

I have been battling a brutal ankle injury for a year so running is inconsistent but I track my swims, bikes and hikes in a journ. Old school :). Have a great evening!


Hi Janae! Before my first ultra trail marathon last year, I listened to Courtney Dauwalter (amazing trail runner!) on the Rich Roll podcast. She talked about moving through the pain cave and it was so helpful to me. Check it out! She also loves candy like you during long runs!


I am so happy he found that skeleton! I have a deep love for Halloween, so I get it!

I usually hit peak mileage in October. While summer running is my favorite, the humidity (even at 6 am) is so brutal when combined with 90+ degrees, that it makes runs over an hour really hard, so my mileage never really goes over 25 or 30 miles a week. But October (while it has still been super hot & humid) usually provides the perfect weather for long runs. I love fall, but in the South it is our shortest season, so I try and make the most out of long runs in Oct and Nov.


I don’t receive your daily post in my email anymore. Is that not an option any longer? I always look forward to see what your family is up to! :)

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