Silentish Saturday!

Took the day off!

Back together!

We took him to Lighthouse for the world’s best donut.

I love these so much.

Loves her headlamp.


And carbs.

Found a huge bike store.

And early to bed. Time to go as fast as I can for 13.1 miles!

PS Didn’t know my watch told me this?!

Tell me three things you have going on today?!

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Good luck with your race!!!

I ran 7 miles this morning with a friend, going to do some errands today, then concert tonight!


Way to get in that run with your friends and enjoy every second of Third Eye Blind! Andrew saw them in concert and loved it so much.


Best of luck on your race, Janae! Can’t wait to hear how awesome you did! Also, Knox’s face with the donut is too funny! :)


Race day!!! Wahoo! You are going to be amazing, can’t wait to hear all about it.
Wedding day for us again šŸ˜Š. So looking forward to this celebration!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Thank you so much, Wendy! And I absolutely LOVED your youngest son’s refrigerator, you are the most fun mom. Happy weekend and wedding festivities!


Hahaha his shocked facial expression made me so happy. Thank you so much, Emily. Have the best weekend.


Go Janae!!! Iā€™m sure you crushed it!!
Double stroller run in like 100 degrees for me today. Felt like I might pass out. šŸ˜‚
Andrew looks so different with the mustache!!!


Double stroller run in 100 degrees? UMMMM are you superwoman? Teach me your ways. He is ready to shave but I don’t want him too:). Happy weekend, Mollie!


Work and TdF time trial will take up the bulk of my day.
Hope you are crushing y our race! Make sure to have a recovery donut afterwards!


The donut will happen today, you know me so well. Thank you Molly and I hope work and the time trial are both going well. Tomorrow’s the last day ahhhhh!


Hi Janae! Today I’m going to a birthday lunch. I’ll make shrimp later and I’m just trying to enjoy summer! Our summer here has been either heat wave or raining so I’m looking forward to the weather today!
Good luck with the race and your awesome goals!


I hope your lunch was so much fun and the perfect weather. Shrimp sounds so yummy, I need to copy you. Have a great one, Amy!

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