Sentence Per Picture!

(Tank, shoes, shorts)

A wind-free day on pipeline trail in Provo Canyon= A WIN.

I was very sore from the day before and probably would have stayed in bed if I didn’t have friends to meet.

Climbing the day after a speed workout–> 8 miles @ 9:01 average.

Lots of kids/teens at our house this week.
We made a stop at the splash pad.
Too cool for school.
They requested a steak and roasted veggie salad so we went to TJ’s for ingredients and made it all together.

Andrew flew to California to pick up Brooke and bring her home.

The best reunion.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.

What the side of my bed looks like during marathon training… I’m just missing the bowl of cereal I have every night.

We are going to need my nieces and nephews to stay here forever.

Give me your sentence of the day!

Have you had any guests stay with you recently?

If you could only have one cereal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

-Frosted Mini Wheats

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Is “Curly” taller than her sister? Isn’t she younger? Wow, how fast those little ones grew into young ladies.
Sentence of the day: A kitten for my 14 y.o. son’s birthday…why?
Houseguests: my daughter is coming home for the weekend :D with her 2 dogs (her husband is deployed to Japan for a few months). Feels weird that she doesn’t actually live here anymore.
FMW are a strong contender, but I might have to go with Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the forever-cereal decision.
Enjoy all of the kiddos!!


Isn’t it crazy?! Yes, she is taller now! It is so fun to hear about their crushes and all of the things going on in their lives. You are a very very nice mom… I bet he is SO happy! I hope you have the best time with your daughter and I didn’t know her husband was deployed again. Enjoy every second together. Hope you get some CTC soon… it really is so so good. Thanks Corey, have a great day!


Looks like such a perfect day, I love all your trails.

I always wish I had a big family when I see all those kids together, my kids have 0 cousins =( I love the sweet photo of Brooke and Beck!!!

You mentioned wanted to visit Telluride (highly recommend, so beautiful! )I am doing a trail half there in October =D


Ummmm are you kidding me?! That race looks amazing. I would LOVE to do that with you. And your kids are officially adopted into our cousin family. Send them anytime! Hope your day is a great one, Beth!


I love miniwheats! Have you ever had the blueberry and strawberry? They are delicious! If I could only have one cereal for the rest of my life it would be s’mores cereal. That is my absolute favorite.


I haven’t dared to try any of the variations because I like the classics so much. BUT if you are telling me too, I will! I love s’mores cereal too, so so good. Hope you get some soon and have a great day, Lee!


Oh that looks like so much fun having all your nieces and nephews over–I want to join in the fun too!

We rarely have guests–mostly because we live in a location where no one wants to visit, haha. Our last guest was my sister. The kids love when relatives spend the night though.

Sentence of the day: it’s my parents 43rd wedding anniversary, but my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. She goes in for her first appointment to find out what stage, treatment, etc. Not the happiest of anniversaries, but praying for the best outcome possible.

Have a fabulous Thursday Janae!


Hoping for the best for your mom!!


Oh Becky. I am so so sorry. I am sending prayers for your mom, please keep me updated. Thinking about you all!


Becky, I am so sorry to hear about your mom – but 43 years married is awesome in itself. We will be praying for the best outcome for your family also.


Do the skunks that stayed under our back deck count as a houseguest?
Otherwise my in-laws.

I need a recovery zone like you have! It will need to include a note that says “Molly put your phone down and go to sleep.”


BAHAH noooo to skinks. I hope they stay away! I’ll make the sign for your recovery zone. Happy Thursday, Molly!


Cheerios with blueberries and milk
today’s bike ride proved that I’m a ways away from the Tour de France….

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