I guess this means they work…

(shoes #1, shoes #2, shorts, tank)

Another workout was deposited into my fall marathon account.

We started early enough that we weren’t doing many of the intervals in the direct sun.  It was still 75 degrees, but that feels like a different planet when the sun isn’t beating down on you.

I decided to wear my Alphafly’s for the first time during the last interval, and they work. Our cars were parked at the end of the mile repeats, which made it easy to switch shoes, drink water, grab gels, etc.

A few of my initial thoughts from wearing the Alphafly’s for just one mile of speed:

*They are loud. You can really hear your footsteps in these, don’t try to sneak up on anyone while wearing them.

*They feel like you are jumping on a trampoline.

*I feel like I could get away with wearing the Vaporfly for the very first time during a race, but I need to get used to these a bit more before I try racing in them. I might need another 10 miles or so before I race in them…

Fifteen miles total @ 7:17 average with 6 x 1 MTC Mile (1 mile mostly down, part flat… MTC is the location, it doesn’t stand for any cool running terms:).

5:18, 5:28 (benefit of doing workouts with your coach there… they tell you to slow down when you go out too fast on your first one;), 5:24, 5:22, 5:20, and then I finished with a 5:06 (5:04 on the segment). As you can see below, I’ve done this segment 81 times on Strava, so a new pr made me happy. We did this same workout in 2019 at this exact point in training for St. George, and my average was 5:26; this time around, I averaged 5:19. I hope this means I’m on track for a new St. George PR.

Oh, and the PR might have also been set because I was really mad about a situation (not because of Andrew or my kids/family), and when I am angry, I run it out of me… Now to see if I can arrange the same thing to happen the night before St. George;)

These two drove around their car in the driveway/garage while I did a 20-minute lower body workout on the Peloton app.  Ummm, I don’t like lateral lunges, I need someone to help me to learn to love them.

At 20 months, Beck is exceptionally talented at teasing Skye already. But for the last few days, they bonded more than ever while the other kids were gone.

 The stars of the food show yesterday was a rice bowl from 180 Tacos…

and chocolate chip cookies…

Pretty excited for some house guests this week:


A strength training move that you do not love?

Do you run faster when you are angry about something?

Who has raced in the Alphafly’s?  What distance?  

-I need to figure out what I want to use them for…

What percentage of your running is in the sunlight?

-I would currently say about 50%

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I hate the commandos move. Planking from forearms to hands 20 times over. Why is it so painful?!

Also, thought of you yesterday when I ran trails (rarity for me). I ran five miles on trails. Can’t imagine running up an entire mountain, while passing goats.


That move hurts so bad and I can never figure out how to move my entire body dramatically while doing it. WAY TO GO on your trail run! Now come out to Utah and come on one with me, you will love the mountain goats! Have a beautiful day, Molly!


A new PR, yay! You guys are so fast!
Lateral lunges/squats are hard, but so good for us runners. Super humans (or super man’s – core exercise) are so hard for me! I hate when I’m in the workout and the instructor says now we’re doing super humans… Uuuggg. Ha ha
House guests, that will be fun.
So sweet to see Skye and Beck bonding. With the older 2 going back back and forth between their families, Skye and Beck will always have each other.
Off for an early run with friends, yay! Have a great day.


Thank you, Wendy! Oh I am so with you on the super man’s, those work my entire body! I feel like I cheat each time ha. It’s so true, I think they will just keep bonding more and more. Hope your run with friends is a wonderful one. Have a great day!


A strength training move that you do not love? ALL OF EM. Haha I despise strength training, and I’m ok to admit it ;)

Do you run faster when you are angry about something? 10000% yes

Who has raced in the Alphafly’s? What distance? No. I just got the saucony endorphin pros and they are super bouncy and I love them!

What percentage of your running is in the sunlight? 0%. I am a treadmill runner. Except for this coming week! I’m going to Newport Beach, CA and will be doing many runs along the boardwalk. Woohoo!


ALL OF EM hahaha thank you for being honest! I have a long list that I don’t like too:). Yep, anger just fuels us. My friends LOVE the endorphin pros, I need to try them. Have the absolute best time in California, I am so happy for you. Have a beautiful day, Mallory!


streght training move that I do not love… mountain climbers! slow is fine but not the fast ones
I mostly run in the shade but that comes with disadvantages too. 10 minutes after heading out on the trails today I stepped in a muddy puddle with my left shoe… I now laugh at how loudly I started cursing but I did not look forward to running 8 miles in a soggy shoe, ha. Thankfully I didn’t get any blisters though ;)
Also I have never tried any seriously fast shoes, but I know that I don’t like super bouncy shoes, they hurt my knees and to me it feels like running in quicksand….
I run fastest when I am happy, second fastest when angry and when I am sad my pace is all over the place because I am distracted…


Mountain climbers kill me too! My heart rate zooms up. Oh goodness, soggy shoes are the worst! SO happy that blisters did not pop up because of the wet shoe. Stay away from these then, they were crazy bouncy. That is exactly how I am when I am sad, I’m just on another planet when I run. Hope your day is off to a great start, Moni!


Way to go on the mile PR! That must feel so good (well after you were done;-))Genius to park your cars at the end of the repeats!

I don’t like any type of ab work. I am not sure if it is because it is boring or it is always the last thing I do–so if I am going to skip something, it is abs. Also, I can’t figure out lateral lunges and Bulgarian split squats. I have watched so many videos on form, where to put my feet, etc, but it still doesn’t feel right.

Currently, 100% of my runs are in the sun. During the school year, 0% of my runs are in the sun.

Have a fabulous Wednesday Janae!


Thank you Becky! Abs is so easy for me to skip too because it just kills me. I feel so awkward doing both of them, maybe I need a personal trainer to come teach me in person ha. I am always inspired by your school year runs, that takes DEDICATION. Thanks Becky, you too!


Haha, I JUST did lateral lunges in my Peloton strength for runners workout and I was thinking how nice it is doing the strength for runners version (2 minutes with medium weights) vs the normal lower body classes version which is so much longer and heavier!! I love those classes bc I can actually talk myself into doing them after a run because I know there will be much more focus on mobility and activation and less on heavy weights.

Least favorite move: burpees! I always do strength after cardio and the last thing I want to do is bounce around when my body is so tired, plus it just makes me feel so uncoordinated.

100% of runs in the sunlight which I don’t love bc I feel like pre-dawn miles are bonus “you’re awesome” miles, but my kids have to get up for XC at 6:30 so I end up waking them up and then going for a run (maybe I should try running, coming home to wake them up, and then doing the second half of my run!).

Running faster when angry: for sure!!! There is a great class on the Peloton outdoors platform (Becs Gentry WHM run) where she talks about Jock Semple trying to tackle Kathrine Switzer out of Boston and then Becs tells you to channel that anger into your mile pace. Totally works and I always use that class when I need a boost!


I need to get back to the strength for runners classes, especially now that I’m in marathon training. I need allllll of the mobility help, thanks for inspiring me! Oh goodness, burpees are truly the worst. So great that your kids are in xc! You have to send me that class, I want to listen. I definitely channeled that anger into my mile yesterday! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a beautiful day.


Ha ha ha… have you ever seen the movie Tootsie? I’m thinking of the scene where Dustin Hoffman’s character goes with Terri Garr’s character to an acting audition- the plan is for him to enrage her so she can get into the role, and he keeps saying all these insulting things. I’m sure we can arrange for someone to enrage you before the marathon!
i like all lunges… except lateral lunges. Matty has a “lunge-a-palooza” workout on Peloton, which I love. Except for the lateral ones- why are they so hard???


Bahahaa I am going to put you in charge of that the night before St. George;). Thank you for understanding. I do not know but I just hate them so much. I feel so awkward doing them. Hope your day is off to a great start, Jenny!


I don’t do well with pushups….my shoulders have always had issues so planks work but repetitive pushup motion isn’t ideal.
I don’t run mornings, so 100% in the sun. I set out yesterday to prove I do better later in the day, but even though there’s normally 30-60 seconds difference in pace, yesterday’s am & pm run were exactly the same overall! The first mile was faster in the pm, but overall fatigue and sun slowed me. I am going to try this experiment again (same route & distance just am vs pm) but I guess I shouldn’t do it on the same day🤣

And yes to the angry thing. Yesterday I gt angry on my run bc people park in the bike/walker lane in the residental area I was in so I kept having to swerve in the road. It’s not a heavily traveled road but I was so mad to have to keep throwing off my groove. I think I may start sticking a post it note on the windshield….doesnt have to say anything, but maybe they’ll think the cops flagged their car. This happens downtown EVERYDAY. we cant get thru the bike lane on our bikes bc people park in it…so frustrating!


Hey Loribeth! 100% in the sun, you are strong! Keep me updated with the experiment, that is super interesting. That would have ticked me off too! I’m so sorry you have to deal with that.
Have a beautiful day!


I think I run my fastest when inspired by something. Right now I’m following the Badwater 135 on IG. There is one woman out there age 63! She set an age group record last year! So awesome!


I’ve been following it too, absolutely amazing. AND SIXTY THREE–> she is goals. Hope your day is a great one, Jen!


Renegade Rows! I hate, hate, hate renegade rows. And burpees. Love hip bridges, squats, deadlifts and all the arms/light weights.
Congratulations on channeling your anger into a new PR – great use of that stress!

Have a great day!


Your loves are my favorite strength moves too! I fully agree that burpees are truly the worst. Thank you, I felt MUCH better afterward. Thank you Beth, you too!


Hi Janae! I just really dislike doing dips! I never get used to them. Congrats on the PR!!


I hate V-ups!! I am too tall for them and I suck at them. I also feel your dislike of lateral lunges. I don’t really enjoy any lunges.

Congratulations on your new PR, that is incredible! Can’t wait to see you rock St. George!

The majority of my runs these days are at sunrise, so not getting much direct sunlight! Nothing beats a sunrise run for me :-)


Best running always done angry.
Don’t get me wrong, I do not want anything negative, but I can almost miss the fire it can bring to my workouts. Weird, right?


hi Janae! happy summer! You don’t know it, but you and I are coffee buddies every morning. I use some quiet time in the morning to read, journal, and catch up on your blog posts- always good info and helpful hints on there- so thank you!

question: I’m sure it’s been discussed before, but I can’t find it in the posts- what shake mix ( protein/ recovery) do you use? or do you?



Hey Rebecca! I am SO thankful to be your coffee buddy! Thank you for letting me in on your morning. I have a few different things that I have after a run–> Fairlife Protein Drink, UP2U protein drink, eggs and toast, cottage cheese and fruit. If you have one that you love, share it with me. Have a great night!


When you get tips on lateral lunges, please let me know. My knees hate them so I avoid them. I think there would be some good mobility movements for me to do to work on them, but not sure what. When I’m angry, I swim faster. When I used to swim after work and have an annoying work day, I would feel better after swimming. Right now I’m swimming before work so I feel slow considering I’m swimming at 5:30/6am, but loving the outdoor pool as the sun rises.


This makes me feel so much better that I am not alone in my absolute hatred of lateral lunges! Give me squats all day you can keep any and all lunges peloton!


I really love this trainer on youtube. She explains a lateral lunge here. I used to get low back pain before I figured this out


I don’t like overhead press. I struggle with yoga too b/c its so slow usually

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