Friday Favorites!

(shirt, shorts, shoes)

6.2 miles @ 8:41 average with a few strides at the end.  I’m going to take today off and go hard tomorrow.

I won cool mom points by getting us to the pool early enough that we were first in line.  The girls were the first ones on the slides, which was a big deal.

Beck was more into the snacking than the sliding.

The kids built a tent with their friends, and I would sweat just looking at them from the window.

I felt like french toast were the perfect item for dinner last night, and they were.

And Beck helped me to get ready for the race.  Andrew and I are staying in SLC tonight, and my in-laws are coming down to be with the kids!


Time for a few of my favorite things:

*This amazing custom marathon map from Wrights Woodworks.  I know Josh’s sister and mom well, and they gave this to me the other day.  I was speechless. I loved it so much, and it is now on my wall.

*Lauren shared this podcast episode with me; it was SO good.

*There is just something special about a new pair of socks.  One of my favorite treats ever… especially these socks.  I have yet ever to experience a blister or anything but joyful feet while running in these.

*A favorite for Brooke and Beretta.  Fetch is Beretta’s favorite activity; she would play for hours if she could.  This nerf dog gun shoots the ball so far and makes it so you can collect the ball when your dog brings it back without touching the slobber.

*I will add these to my Friday Favorites because of how in love I am with them.  The Vaporflys.  I think the thing that I love the most about them is how much they help me with my form.  This picture is from mile 16 of an 18-miler that was incredibly challenging and fast.  I feel like in most shoes, at this point of fatigue, I am sitting in my step and trying to keep up with my feet rather than still feeling propelled in my stride.  The Vaporflys keep my feet lining forward and my ankle in place, helping me to feel very efficient with my stride.  In other running shoes, my foot in the back always turns outward, but that never happens in these.  For some reason, these shoes help me to maintain my fastest running form even when I am exhausted.  I feel like a different runner in them compared to my other trainers.  The snappiness from the carbon plate helps me with a faster leg turnover because it springs my foot forward again after each foot hits the ground.  I cannot believe the difference they have made in my running.

IMG 2806

Never would I have thought I would be running in Nikes, but here we are, and I kiss them after each use;)

Have any fun things planned for this weekend?

Dog owners–> what is your dog’s favorite thing to do?

What is your run today?

If you could only have one breakfast food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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Ah I love new socks!

Favorite breakfast food …eggs.

Today is my day off but I have a 35km trail race tomorrow. With loads of climbing ha

Have a great run tomorrow. Happy Friday Janae!.


I don’t know how you do all of the climbing that you do, you are my hero. Have the best time at the trail race and I hope to see some pics on IG! Thanks Kristine!


I bought that Nerf gun at Costco this week! It’s cool but I thought it would really launch the ball farther than it does.

The French toast looks delicious and I need to make some soon. Enjoy the nigh in SLC with Andrew and good luck tomorrow :)


Oh no way! That’s the best part about Costco, they are so good with returns! Beretta is just getting old but it gives her quite the workout ha! Thank you, Maureen. Happy weekend!


Going to a Third Eye Blind concert tomorrow night, very excited to hear some of their old stuff!

No run today, resting for a long run tomorrow. Good luck at your race!!


That concert is going to be so much fun, I am jealous!
Have a great long run and thank you!


Have a great race tomorrow … You are such an inspiration! I’ve got fun plans this weekend … a play in the park, movie night with my husband, and an 18-mile run! I’m running the Erie Marathon in September (chasing a BQ) and I’m putting in a lot of miles! Today is a cross-training day (30/30 cycle/lift class), though.

Do you wear your Vapor Flys on training runs regularly? I save my speedy shoes for racing only. But I’m a cheapskate!

If I could only have one breakfast food, it would definitely be eggs benedict!


Hey Sarah! Your weekend sounds like a blast. Ummm I want to be updated on your training and the race. This is so exciting and way to get in the cross-training and the mileage.. you WILL BQ! I wear them for races and speed days. I was going to just wear them for races but I fell too much in love with them and how quickly I recover after a hard workout. You’ll have to let me know if you try them and I hope you get some eggs benedict soon!


I’m doing my usual long run tomorrow.
I seriously look forward to my Saturday runs so much. It’s great time just for me.

For weekend plans, we have a lavender festival this weekend. Fun to check out soaps, etc. but I also enjoy trying foods with lavender too.

Good Luck on your run this weekend!!


Not related to today’s post BUT had to share your tip about Zyrtec was a game changer!!! I can’t believe the timing of that post as I was so worried something was wrong with me (never google symptoms HA!). Anyway I changed allergy meds that day…and am within a day back to normal me!!! THANK YOU!!!


PAM!! I am so so so happy that you were able to figure it out. I did that google thing too and I was so freaked out. A few people have let me know that they were doing the same thing, we are not alone ha! Hope you have a beautiful day!


I could eat french toast with lots of syrup and strawberries everyday. I love taking my dogs for a walk and stopping at our creek and letting them swim. They have so much fun!


It truly is the absolute best. I hope you get some french toast asap. It just tastes so good. Your dogs are so lucky, Beretta loves jumping in any water possible. Hope you have a great weekend, Den!


I keep being tempted to try the Nike speed shoes, I really disagree with some of the stuff that has gone on there (but also really support some stuff that’s gone on there) so I cannot decide. Ultimately I need a pretty big heel-toe drop and decent stability (thanks, swimmer ankles) and I don’t think any of their speed shoes offer that. The Brooks Hyperion Elite have been OK for me but my coach recently suggested trying the Saucony Endorphin line for a little more stability. The Brooks Hyperion Elite only work for me if I’m on flat ground without and bumps or cracks heh.


I know…… that is why I had a hard time trying them in the first place too but now I am addicted to these shoes. My friends all love the Endorphin Pros so much. You will have to let me know if you try them. Have a beautiful day!


That marathon map is AMAZING!! I may have to invest in one when I finish NYCM in November!
Sprint distance Triathlon in Steamboat Springs on Sunday and then marathon training kicks in.
Have an amazing race this weekend, friend!


You absolutely need one, it really is so special. GOOD LUCK on Sunday. You amaze me and I’m so excited for marathon training to start!


Favorite breakfast food – Avocado toast! Love it by itself, topped with an egg and /or other stuff, but that I could definitely eat every day.
No run for me today. I sort of have taken an off week this week, but I am ok with that.
Today is our youngest son’s birthday, 18!! So we are going to move a bunch of his stuff into the house he’ll be living in for college. Plus, he doesn’t know this yet, but we are picking up his new retro fridge (in that pretty blue). He loves retro appliances (so funny for an 18 year old). Then we’ll have lunch with my in-laws to celebrate.
Tomorrow is my sis-in-law’s wedding!!! We’re so excited and happy for them. They were high school sweethearts, then their lives went in different directions, but they found each other again, and it is truly meant to be.
Have a great time in Salt Lake, and I can’t wait to see how you do in this race!!


Oh my goodness avocado toast is truly the best, I need some real soon. Happiest birthday to your son. That is so exciting and I can’t wait for this new chapter in your life. I hope you post a pic of the fridge, it sounds awesome. Have the best time at the wedding, what a beautiful story!


I ran hill repeats today. I had to focus on pulling up my darn knees. And what do you know, so helpful.
I get to work this weekend. TdF comes to an end on Sunday which is going to be good for my health.
Good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!


Great hill tip! Pull up the knees, I’ll think about that tomorrow on any hills. Thank you! hahah come Monday you are going to be a free woman. Thanks Molly, have a great work weekend!


my back is arguing with me this week…..I added long bike rides to my training, not sure if my old man’s back is happy with that, may be time to get my bike fit re-adjusted….I’m not thinking triathlons until 2024, but I like the endurance option the bike and swimming gives me…
studying is taking up a lot of my time, an assignment due Monday, so that’ll be me, learning all about hinge, condyloid, ball and socket, sliding/plane, saddle and pivot..and joint actions…hopefully this will all make me smarter…..


I am so bummed about your back! I hope you are feeling back to yourself very soon. Good luck with all of your studying and it is absolutely making you smarter. You’ve got this!


Hi Janae! My parents dog Sunny loves going for walks but she is old and has cancer now so my parents put her in a gigantic dog stroller! She loves it and my dad gets a great workout pushing her around.
We also got a small jogging stroller for our new cat! But she isn’t quite ready for it yet. We have only been able to successfully use it with her indoors so far which is kind of funny to watch.
Have an awesome weekend!

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