Friday Favorites!

(shorts, tank, shoes, bra)

7 miles @ 8:45 average… I wanted to stop and walk every .3 miles.

My nieces insist on sitting in the front seat with me;)

We had to take Brooke to the place where we found the world’s best donut. She agrees with us, it is truly the best. Lighthouse Donuts.

And then we got stuck in a car wash for a while and it never turned back on so we had to drive out covered in pink bubbles.
I definitely took a nap when Beck was napping. 7 kids/teens in the house is no joke!

We relied heavily upon TJ’s to fuel us through the day.

My entire family loves this gnocchi. They taste like fancy pizza bites!

Time for some favorites:

*A crop top that provides enough support that I don’t have to wear a sports bra under. I love the high neck and low back. I went with a small and they have so many fun colors.

*Lauren always eats graham crackers before her run so I tried it out. It is perfect. They are convenient, they taste so good, they are full of carbs and they feel great on my stomach. Featherstone Nutrition recommends 2 before a run less than 70 minutes and 4 before a long run.

*I use the everywhere belt bag every single day.

Off for an 18-mile run… I feel like I haven’t gone that far in a very long time and while 7 almost killed me off yesterday, I’m not going to think about that today. Things are just going to click today (at least that’s what I keep repeating to myself).

What are your weekend plans?

Ever do your long run on Friday?

Naps–> do you feel better or worse after them?

Trader Joe’s fans, what was the last thing you ate from there?

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7 kids, I would also take a nap AND go to bed very early :D But it does sound like you’re all having a great time :)
Weekend plans: we’ve been on holiday this week and driving back home tomorrow. Doing a 20k trail race on sunday!
Naps: I feel worse after I take one, but sometimes I can’t resist.
I was wondering how Andrews study is going, does hè have a summer break right now, and when does je he finish?
Have a great weekend!


Sorry for the spelling, Dutch auto correct!


I am definitely going to go to bed early tonight! GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY! Please let me know how it goes and I am so happy you guys have had a great holiday week. Great question! He doesn’t have summer break and he just doesn’t sleep. I do not know how he is functioning. He studies mostly when all of us go to sleep or during Beck’s naps when I am working and the kids are playing. Have the best time this weekend, Sanne!


Weekend plans–seeing some friends for a movie night! And hanging pictures, vacuuming, all the super fun stuff. :-)

I really love the avocado tzatziki dip from TJ’s (I think I have that name right), and the frozen pizzas! Any other frozen pizza does not taste good to me, but I love the ones from Trader Joe’s.

I love doing a long run during the week! I really like having relaxing weekends, so knocking out a tough workout or long run during the week lets me just chill over the weekend.


You will have to let me know if the movie is a good one! Now you have me thinking I should vacuum… maybe once everyone leaves;). I have to get both of those things next time I am there. Drooling. I’m feeling those benefits already of having the long run done. Thanks Kristin and happy weekend!


Weekend plans: working on my own blog post today! I have a few ideas on what to write, but getting started today is a challenge. Either tonight or tomorrow my daughter will be home from a week away at the beach with friends. I missed her and will be so glad when she gets home. Thinking I might do a swim workout tomorrow and a long run on Sunday!
I did my long run on a Friday once when I was training for a race and needed to get it in. I got up like before 5am to start on the treadmill and finish outside and get home in time to shower and go to work. It ended up being a great run!
I love a good nap! I think even a good 15-20 minute nap can recharge me and help me feel better the rest of the day!
Love Trader Joes, but we don’t have one nearby, so I will look forward to reading all the other faves so I can stock up the next time I’m at one!


SEND ME YOUR BLOG POST! I am so happy you have your daughter back soon, enjoy! Sounds like a great weekend of workouts. I hope you get some naps this weekend too. I wish you had a TJs closer to you! Happy Friday, Jen!


Here is my blog–feel free to critique it for me! It’s my retirement hobby, lol!

Have a great week!


Our daughter has been gone all week at camp and comes home tomorrow AND I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!
My weekend plans are to constantly hug her and tell her how much I’ve missed her – which will only go so far because she is nearly 13 lol.

I do my long run on Saturday. I’ve been pretty consistent with that schedule this summer and it’s made a difference.
I look forward to it every week.

Have a great weekend!


I bet you are just so ready to see her. That is so long and I have a feeling that she is going to give you a bunch of hugs too… I bet she missed you so much. I am so glad the Sunday long run is working so well for you! Enjoy your long run in two days. Thanks Sarah!


Such a fun week for! I know it’s exhausting, but I love having a house full of kids. (BTW, did your sister and her hubby go on some fun amazing trip?)
That crop tank top is adorable, and the fact that you didn’t have to wear a bra, yes please!
We’re going to a wedding tomorrow in San Juan Capistrano, so a little mini getaway since we’ll be spending the night. Yay! Then we have my husband’s sister’s wedding next Saturday! I love weddings! And we haven’t been to one in at least 4 years. So having to get to go to 2 back to back is so fun!
Long run on a Friday… Hmmm. I haven’t ever done that. I’ve done a couple on a Monday, when the weekend just didn’t allow for it, but never on a Friday. Can’t wait to hear how your’s goes, and I think I may need to try it.
Have a great day, keep enjoying all the kids, and definitely sneak in a nap with Beck 😊


I am totally with you, I love having a house full of kids. It makes my heart so happy! They are in St. George and Vegas and having the time of their lives! You guys are going to have the best time at the wedding and getaway, enjoy. And yay for your sis-in-law, that is so exciting. I feel like I haven’t been to one in forever too. It is kind of nice to get it checked off before the weekend starts. Thank you and I am about to take that nap:)


Hi Janae! I just tried the trader Joe’s pomegranate white tea and I like it! I don’t drink caffeine so I’m always on the lookout for herbal teas.
Good luck with your run!!


I will absolutely have to try that! Thank you and how do you survive without caffeine, I need to cut back! Hope your weekend is a fabulous one!


Your nieces must be having the best time with you and your fam!
I love that running top!
Weekend plans: TdF of course and running of course.
Hope the 18 miles went well!


I sure hope they are, I do embarrass them often. Enjoy both the TdF and running and hopefully some of your favorite snacks! Enjoy Molly!


question for ya! what car do you have that has a front row bench seat!?


Hey Amanda! I have a yukon 2021 and absolutely love it. It seats 9! I have cloth seats though, I don’t think they have the three benches in leather but it has come in handy so many times. Hope your day is a great one!


I just looked up from reading your blog on a bench at a mall in Vegas and I think I saw your sister and brother in law:) I have shared the graham cracker love before runs with my daughter and several of her friends…..and we are all about the Lulu belt bag, especially on vacay in Vegas! Have a good one!


BAHAHAHA NO WAY!!!! Oh my goodness, please say hi to them! That was totally them!

Enjoy your vacation!

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