(shorts, top, shoes, socks). Random thing about my shorts… Did you know that lululemon will tailor your pieces for FREE? I love the align shorts with pockets, but they only come in 6”, and I love 4″ for speed/races, so they tailored them for me, and now they are just what I wanted.

I’m not sure I have ever seen Lauren as angry as she was yesterday, ha. It was her first time running the Cedarcrest segment (472 ft of climbing in 1.18 miles as fast as you can) with us, and we all kind of hate it … a lot, but it makes us so strong. She said, ‘Eww’ as soon as she stopped.

Yesterday’s workout was a long and hot one. Fifteen miles total @ 7:13 average with a bit over 1000 ft of climbing. It included three intervals–> 3 miles, Cedarcrest, 3 miles. The 3 miles were done at ‘half-marathon pace’ and Cedarcrest was done at ‘survival and somehow make it to the top of the mountain without falling backward’ pace.

The night before Andrew and I planted water around, we also stopped at our favorite water fountains.  I NEVER want to feel as dehydrated as this last Saturday again.

Graham crackers before the run + 2 Maurten Gels + a bag of Sour Patch Kids from my pocket that I munched on during the cool-down. As much as I love Maurten gels, sometimes I need something other than a gel to get some sugar on the run.

Of course, I felt terrible during the workout because we had just raced a few days before, but for the goals we have for our marathon, the show must go on, and we need to listen very closely to our bodies. I’m going to write a more detailed post about this soon, but as far as recovery goes… I sleep a lot more than the average human and probably double as much as Andrew. Nine hours a night is happening right now + the higher the mileage, the more often a 20-minute nap occurs. Sleep is vital for me to recover.

Speaking of feeling terrible…

My friends were talking about a quote from Alexi Pappas when she was on Rich Roll, and I could not agree more! 

“When you are chasing a dream or doing anything hard, you are meant to feel good 1/3rd of the time, okay 1/3rd of the time, and crappy 1/3rd of the time.  If the ratio is roughly in that range, then you are doing fine.  So today was the crappy day along your dream chasing.  And if the ratio is off and you feel too good all of the time or too bad, then you need to look at if you are fatigued or not trying hard enough.”  

Remember that those crappy days are just part of the training, and it happens to everyone when we are training correctly.

Now for all of my random thoughts:

*The kids found this, and I had to give them a full explanation on such an outdated piece of technology;)

*He is finally tall enough that he thinks he can add things to the grocery haul.


*They added a bike rack to their Bronco.

*Andrew and I went for a frozen banana date, and now I need to rewatch Arrested Development.

*The kids keep Beretta nice and warm on these chilly summer days;)

*My nieces are finally able to give me the opportunity of feeling like I have little sisters. They tease me all day and use me for my closet and pantry;). I kid, they are two of my best friends, but they do tease me all day long.

*He’s fun.


*I did what I said I would and got to work on some heat training—four very slow miles of running on what felt like the face of the sun.

Did anyone else love Arrested Development?

Those of you with a sister… did you fight a lot growing up or get along well?

-My sister and I are seven years apart, so we didn’t have anything to fight about, ha. But sometimes now we fight over the running clothes I have given her but then want them back once I see how cute they are on her;)

Who has had an iPod that they loved running with? Does anyone still use one now?

What 1/3rd was your run today?

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What was running with an iPod if you didn’t have the Nike chip with you?! I do not miss strapping an iPod to my arm for runs.
Are there any Instagram accounts that mock early 2000s running attire like they do for general fashion? That would be too good.


Molly, maybe we should start one together! That would be amazing. Hahah you don’t miss the big arm strap? Okay, me neither. Have a great day!


“It felt like running on the face of the sun”- could not relate more to summer running!!

My sister and I are 15 months apart so we fought a lot, but now that we are older, we are best friends.

My run yesterday was the 1/3 great, until the last 2 intervals when I thought I was gonna die. 12 400s at track yesterday but I felt so proud after!


Arrested development is hilarious!

I am the oldest of 8…..I have 4 sisters……….they were all at least 8 years younger, so I was more like a mom to them when I lived at home, but it was a really fun time when I had my own place and they were all teenagers and would come stay with me while they taught summer camp at the aquarium I work at! Although I did have to clean up after them and stuff still! but we would order pizza or make sandwiches and watch mean girls all night!

Someone gave me a shuffle and I used it until it died. My husband’s ipod is still kicking, although most rental cars we get (since we don’t own a car and bike everywhere) barely recognize it when we plug it in, ha! I had a nano, but it bit the dust too. I now have a fancy garmin music watch, but i still hang on to a cheap mp3 type player i bought off amazon!

today’s run was before work…..for me that means it was rough, but hey, tuesdays 7 miler was awesome and so was yesterdays run with my group, so I guess that 1/3 thing is true!


I have four sisters – one is four years older, twins 14 months younger and the baby is eight years younger. We fought like cats and dogs growing up – but are close as can be now!


I don’t have sisters, but as an adult I’ve made friends enough older than me that they FEEL like sisters, which I love. :-)

No run for me today–running every other right now to take it easy before I start PT for an injury (the doctor said I could run a little!). Yesterday’s run was a mix–felt good during, but after when I looked at my splits, I felt pretty discouraged because they were slow. I had to remind myself that the humidity is bad, I took a month off running this summer, and my times don’t need to dictate how successful a run was anyway! Today will be a rest day, so I’m actually looking forward to getting things done around the house with the extra time!


My sister are super different so we had a great relationship just because we were always into and doing separate things. As adults the only thing we fight about is that she calls herself spontaneous, which is code for procrastinator of making a decision in her case. It shows its face in the making of family plans.


I never had an iPod but I still use one of these Creative Muvo v100 https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/ILkAAOSwkydgFvW8/s-l500.jpg
It’s over 20 yrs old, lol. I haven’t updated the songs on it since like 2005 either. Somehow it’s managed to survive a couple cycles through the washing machine, rain & lots of sweat.
I’m jealous of those water fountains, we don’t have them here, I haven’t even seen one in over a decade.


Good morning Janae.

I have a blog post idea for you to help out your readers and running mates. I had to go to an eye specialist yesterday and was diagnosed with having “surfer’s eye” in both of my eyes. My condition is not serious enough to require surgery yet. Being from Kansas and Washington, I obviously don’t surf. All I can figure is the condition has been caused by running, coaching, etc… outdoors for many years without wearing eye protection. In the past, I only wore eye protection for cycling and yard work. As I know now, your eyes can be damaged from exposure to the elements (wind, dust, etc..) just as much as they can from sun/UV exposure.

So, please pass this information on. Wear good UV eye protection for ALL outdoor activities, especially running and sports where you have air blowing across your eyeballs! And use eye drops (instant tears, etc..) prior to your activities and as needed throughout the day.


There’s always money in the banana stand!


Bahahaha thank you for this!


Ha! I still use my iPod… too much music on there to want to give it up. I will use it until it dies. :) I get funny looks at the gym, but the alternative is switching to my phone. Who wants to carry that bulky thing around ??? lol


I love Arrested Development and my husband and I often quote Lucille saying, “It’s a BANANA, Michael, what could it cost? $10?” when either of us wants to treat ourselves to something. :) Random sidenote, but your niece’s curly hair is just gorgeous and I am jealous of it! Thanks for sharing the 1/3 rule of chasing your dreams; I’m going to make note of that! Happy Thursday Janae! :)


I love that 1/3 of, 1/3 good, 1/3 crappy. Yesterday during my run I felt good, then later crappy. I joked with my husband that my body was falling apart just standing in the kitchen, ha ha. I haven’t decided what my run is yet today, so we’ll see.
I have 4 sisters, 3 older by 6+ years and my twin sister. We all got along pretty well, my twin sister I fought off and on during our teen years, but now we all get along really well.
Have a good day Janae 😊


This is really random, and I hope you don’t mind. I was wondering what made you decide to get a double piercing in your ear? My question is not coming from judgment, just curiosity since I’m a member of the Church as well and think double piercings are the cutest things EVER, but I’ve read about it and just wondering since I know the literature has differing views. Genuinely curious and if you don’t want to answer I understand! Thanks!


Hey Tess! That is a great question and I am an open book! I think it goes along with not caring what others think again… I didn’t get it before because I was worried what other members would think even though I always wanted one. I’ve never felt personally like they were wrong but once I let go of worrying about the judgement from people, I got them. I feel really good these days going off of how I feel about certain issues if that makes sense?! Let me know if you have any other questions and have a beautiful day!


That’s awesome, thanks for your response! I love these kinds of conversations and feel like it helps me grow.


Today was the amazing 1/3. I did 8 tempo miles at around a 7 minute pace (and was in the 6:30s by the end!) Slow for you I know but I am just getting back into speed and it felt GOOD. One of those runs where you feel like you have endless energy! WOWIE

Yesterday was a terrible 1/3 and a 9 minute pace felt like death/ like I was actually falling asleep on the treadmill.

Shows that you can’t define your running by your last bad run!


I remember waking up early on Boxing Day (I’m Canadian) 2006 to get my brand new iPod shuffle! I am old :)
Tempo run in the heat this morning felt like running in sand!


What double stroller was the at in the 5k? I love how the handle is not as wide! Can a car seat attach to it? Im expecting in January so I am looking at doubles and this one looks interesting!!


It is the Thule urban glide 2 and a car seat can attach to it! We love it so so much! I hope you are doing well, Kristen!


How is Curly so grown up!?!?? She used to be Skye’s size!

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