Tuesday Tangents

(shorts, tank, shoes)

Back to running up north again, I greatly appreciated the 15° cooler temperatures. We did 8 miles @ 9:47 average with 1300 ft of climbing.

We finished our run by completing 4 x 30-second hill sprints on the road. I was grumpy during them (they hurt) but happy afterward, even though it took me some time to catch my breath again.

I need to do these hill sprints way more often.

Let’s get straight into talking about tangents!

*Skye has been wearing a fake cast for the last 24 hours. She has wanted to pretend her leg is broken.

*I think the Vaporflys help me recover faster than other shoes after a hard workout. My body feels like it takes on less of the pounding during the workout, and I feel pretty good the next day whenever I wear them for speed. I thought this paragraph below was interesting (about the 4%, which is the Vaporfly model in 2019 but very similar to the next% that I love):

*Just 85% left to go… that seems aggressive. PS this is the first time my watch has done this, and it started after the latest update.

*Three months and three days until the St. George Marathon… too soon to start the countdown?

*Even Beck knows that if I’m grumpy, I either need something to eat or to go for a run, and he brings me either food or my running clothes;)

*Wear the spandex if you want to wear spandex.

*He loves being dirty.

*We had friends over for dinner, and Andrew made sticky finger salad for everyone.. it was a huge crowd-pleaser.

*What happens when we watch Man vs. Bee on Netflix. It is so stressful.

Have any tangents to share today?

Does anyone who loves the Vaporfly notice that they recover better from their workouts/races when they wear them?

Ever do hill sprints? Like them or do they make you grumpy?

Last show you recently started?

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Yes, I’m also team wear the spandex if you want to wear the spandex!

My current show is Yellowstone and it’s so good! Not family friendly but if you want something to watch with the kiddos the Iron Chef that Netflix just put out is such a fun watch! Hope you have a lovely day!


Best team to be on! I will start Iron Chef with the kids tonight! And Yellowstone with Andrew. Thank you, Maureen! Have the best day!


Hahaha we watched the first episode of Man vs Bee last night and felt the same!!


Soooooo stressful! Let me know what you think when you finish it! Have a great day, Diane!


Hahaha, that was me watching Man vs. Bee too! I just started watching Ugly Betty. Also, I finished Younger a few months ago and Loved it! (rated R though).
I am not sure my watch would ever tell me I am acclimated to the heat!

Yes! Wear the spandex/crop top/whatever makes you comfortable! I am not sure if you follow Alicia McCarvell on Instagram (this is a total tangent) but she identifies herself as “fat”. She used to buy all the big clothing to cover her body, but she realized she is “fat” no matter what clothes she wears. So she might as well wears what makes her feel good/confident and is comfortable. I have taken this with me and wear what I want because my body is my body and it is wonderful no matter what it looks like. It takes a lot of guess work of what I put on in the morning. If I feel good and confident, it doesn’t matter what others think. (I am a work in progress on this).

Have a fabulous Tuesday Janae!


SO SO STRESSFUL. I will have to watch Younger, thanks for letting me know. Off to follow Alicia, she sounds amazing. I love it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, it is so freeing when we start to wear what feels good to US without caring what anyone else thinks. Have the most beautiful day, Becky.


Yes! Wear the dang spandex! I love that you remind us all to do that.
We got home from Vegas yesterday and I am ready to get back to working out and running!! We walked a ton over the last few days, but I did not run once. But sometimes taking a little break is good for my motivation.
Skye’s fake cast… Ha ha, very creative.
Have a great Tuesday Janae 😊


Wear the dang spandex… YES! Happy happy 50th and I am so happy you guys went to Vegas to celebrate. I agree, we need those running breaks every now and then. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I just recently started watching This is Us. I love it and hate it because it makes me so emotional. I have a huge crush on Sterling K Brown, though, so he keeps me going!
I have come to the conclusion today that I need to take more time off. My marathon was last month, and then I raced a 5k ten days later. Since then, I’ve had a nagging left hamstring that I can tell isn’t a big injury, but I don’t want it to become a big injury. It’s tough to take time off when the weather is nice, though!
My guy who is Skye’s age broke his hand earlier this year… it’s not as fun as it seems, Skye :) He’s all better now, though.


That show is quite the roller coaster of emotions but so so good. You are being so smart to take the time off now and let your body recover. Keep me updated with that hamstring of yours. SO glad he is better now and I am very grateful that her leg isn’t actually broken! Have a beautiful day, Stacey!


Hi Janae! We are in Washington! We are going on a road trip! The heat wave is making things interesting!
I just watched heroes for the first time! I’ve been meaning to since… High school?
I like hill sprints too (well I think they are good for you) but all the hills near me are pretty steep! Some are 25% grade in parts and I think that’s just too much.
Have a great day!


I SAW THAT YOU GOT YOUR CAT!! I need a picture!

And 25% OUCH…. that is insane!


I’m rewatching Strange Things season 4, because I can’t wait for season 5!
I love hills, but as part of a route, I hate repeats, but, well, like eating liver, they’re good for us…


Hi Janae,
have you watched Stranger things? It’s so amazing and the second half of the new season is coming out this following weekend (AAAHHH:D)
I don’t know how you can run in the heat and the sun at all… Utah looks beautiful but way too hot for me (and not enough trees).


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