Catch-up time…

(Shorts, shirt, bra)

I jumped on the Peloton on Tuesday morning and took the same class that Andrew took the night before. He basically doubled my score in the class, ha. He is an animal on this bike.

45-minute hitt (with plenty of tabata ((20 seconds hard, 10 second recovery)) which hurts so bad) and hills followed by a 10-minute core class.

Strength/trails/biking month is going well so far.

I had my weekly stop to pick up Great Harvest along with a slice of goodness to eat the second they handed it to me (well, after a picture of course).

And then I did my best to keep up with the kids while Andrew was at work.
New snow on the mountains and a coat on Brooke in June?!

A few random things to catch-up on…

*There aren’t a lot of people (okay, there is only one) that I would trust to have control over something this close to my eyeball. My sister is the best and always does my hair and makeup if we have something like family pictures. I take 2 minutes to rub foundation all over my face normally and I have no idea what I’m doing so I love it when she does it for me.

*The reason we were doing my makeup in my niece’s room= she hasn’t remodeled her all-orange bathrooms yet;) I have a feeling that these before and after photos will be quite entertaining.

*A restaurant that serves their power bowl in a mixing bowl.. They understand the correct proportions (Lolas Street Kitchen in Midway).

*Is it a little premature to sign us all up for a trail race together?

*Pure joy.

*Stephanie taught me this iPhone trick and she just made traveling easier for me…

*You know it has been a good day when you find guacamole in your hair.

*I cannot express how nice it is to have the big kids home and doing the normal errands with us… everyone is in a better mood because they are home.

*We are celebrating Father’s Day all week long because Brooke and Knox will both be gone on Sunday. We sure know how to spread out holidays and celebrate them whenever works best. PS I love that Brooke called it ‘dada’s day.’ When she was three she started calling him dada (we told her she could call him whatever she wanted) and has ever since.

Any iphone tricks that I need to know about?!

Favorite type of bread?!

Makeup… Your thing or not so much? Are you good at it?

Peloton users–> What was the last class that you took and give me a rating for how hard it was!

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Omg- the white noise phone hack is a true lifesaver. We usually have to lug our sound machine around when we travel…this is amazing!
Thank you 😊

I’m not makeup wiz at all. I tend to just do foundation, chapstick, and mascara and call it done. I do like have eyelash extensions but haven’t had them in a year. You are super lucky to have a make up and hair expert in your sister:)


Right?! It’s the simple things that just make my day ha. We will always have sound machines with us now. I miss eyelash extensions, they made life so easy! I totally agree, she is the best! Hope you are having a beautiful day, Nadya!


That Power Bowl looks so freakin’ delicious.

Makeup: not good at it – but I wear it every day, like the full face (eyes, foundation, blush, etc.) BUT I usually have naked lips because I just can’t get used to the feeling of lipstick. I don’t even hardly use chapstick. I watch makeup tutorials and think – that is so cool, I wonder if I can do that…nope. I can’t. I look like a clown when I try to do those things. My daughter has been better at makeup application since she was like 12 than I have been in my whole life.

Favorite bread: Ummm, banana bread, pumpkin bread….or just a warm slice of french bread with real butter on it. sigh.


Right?! I need to try to recreate it at home. Thank you for making me smile, I am right there with you on makeup. I don’t understand it and have no idea how to get better at it. I’m sure my girls will be better than me too haha. All of those breads need to be in my life asap. Hope you get some soon too, Melissa!


That orange is a very bold choice for a bathroom. Can’t wait to see your sister’s transformation of it! Hopefully another before and after post by her will come with it too.

An impulse purchase but I got a jalapeno cheddar loaf of bread at the grocery store the other week and it’s good! Going to have to try and make it myself next time.


Hahaha seriously, not sure I would ever choose that color! She will totally do a post about it and she has one coming up for her pantry too. Ummm I must find that same loaf of bread, that sounds amazing. Have a great day, Maureen!


Everyone home is always the best! It’s funny seeing Brooke in a jacket it’s been HOT here, we have been living at the pool.

My kids love to trail run too and I just hope they will run with me as they get older.

That power bowl looks amazing, I guess I will just have to drive out to UT LOL.


NO WAY… I wonder if you will get our cold front? So happy you guys have been enjoying the pool. I bet your kids will run those trails with you forever. I’ll ship you one of the bowls, it was heavenly. Have a beautiful day, Beth!


That power bowl looks so good. One our local restaurants, and huge favorite for me, serves their salads in mixing bowls… I have always loved that.
Yesterday I did a 45 minute endurance run with Matt Willpers… Whew! It was fun but hard! Every 3ish minutes we popped the incline up to 3 or 4 (after the warm-up). Originally I was going to do the 60 minute one with Becs, but didn’t have that much time. I love the way the instructors can push you!
New snow in the mountains, crazy!
I’m actually not running this morning and cleaning house instead. Then we can hit the pool for the afternoon, and relax knowing all the non-fun stuff is done, ha ha.
Have a great day Janae!


I just learned this iphone trick on Instagram– you can double or triple tap the apple logo on the back of your phone to access different features (e.g. I double tap to take a screenshot and triple tap to turn on my flashlight, but you can customize that). settings–> accessibility–> touch–> back tap.

rarely wear makeup but like pulling out all the stops sometimes :)


I am traveling this weekend so I need to use this new (to me) iphone trick!
My favorite type of bread I suppose has to be sourdough since I make that every week. That first bite of fresh out of the oven bread is just too good.


Les requested homemade bread this week. I’ve owned a bread machine since the 90s but haven’t used it much. I bought Krusteaz Hawaiian Sweet No Knead Bread Mix from Amazon ( and it is amazing! It was SO easy, I didn’t even need my bread machine. I’m sure Brooke and Knox could make it. I made it just as sweet bread this time, but am already thinking of things to add in. It’s about $3.00 a loaf, too.


Hi Janae! I just love all the trails you have near you that are so accessible! And that power bowl looks powerfully amazing!!
I know fewer than zero iPhone tricks and am grateful I can get the basics covered. As a matter of fact, my iPhone is so outdated, I can’t even do the trick in your post LOL!
You ask the hardest questions about favorites, because I can rarely narrow my answers to just one. So, my top two are fresh sourdough and olive ciabatta bread :o)
The older I’ve gotten, the less makeup I use and being home for nearly two years because of covid pretty much squashed all my efforts. On a good day, under eye concealer and some eyebrow pencil gets it done. But ALWAYS, ALWAYS lip balm of some sort – every day, all day long. Maybe I have a problem? LOL! Have an awesome day, Janae!


Hi Janae! Happy father’s Day week! I love celebrating holidays all week. I’m really bad at makeup! I’m going to my friend’s wedding soon and wondering if I should look for a professional to help. We are all getting out hair done together beforehand so at least that’s sorted out!
Have an awesome day!


Take a picture of any flower or plant, swipe up, and Siri will look up the plant for you. I found this out by accident, but I just moved into a new house and have never had a yard before, so it has been a lot of fun finding out the flowers in our garden. This also works with art and dogs!


wow! thanks for that tip!




Love this tip! My fave is adding shortcuts to the keyboard – so if i type gpa, my email address appears or I type “home21” my whole postal address appears (i live in #21)

ITS SO HANDY! – scroll down to the bottom.


no make up…there was time when my band mates and me decided we wanted to be either alice cooper or kiss?
I’ve asked for a cubic yard of dirt for father’s day, so hopefully?
as for the iphone…that i know how to use it at all is amazing…


That power bowl looks so good. I love fresh bread (it’s my weakness lol). I recently found a pretty quick homemade French bread and it’s so good right out of the oven with lots of butter. Definitely not good at make up. I’m more of a simple just foundation, concealer and lip gloss kind of girl.

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