Silentish Saturday!

(Shirt, shorts, shoes)

These two joined me for the last mile.

+ 10 minute arms/shoulders + 5 minutes core

Brooke wanted a date with each person before she left which I was VERY happy about.

We went to the mall.

Normal 90° attire.

Beck loves the Shotgun.

Time to Peloton and make strawberry jam:


Tell me three things you are up to today!

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That’s so nice you each got to have one on one time with Brooke. Bath and Body and Claire’s are the two stores my daughter and I always go to.
I can’t wait for strawberry picking in a few weeks so we can make jam too!
Today we’re busy with a bday party and a graduation party – I’m happy I don’t have to cook supper tonight ;) haha.
Ps: Is your teal shirt Lulu?
Have a great weekend!


Hey Ashlea! Those two stores (and pretzel bites) are a must every time we go together… let’s all meet up for a mall day. Enjoy the party and not having to cook tonight, that is the best. It is lulu, here is the link and I hope you have a great weekend too!


My three things:
1.)Just finished making those TikTok Cinnamon rolls–if you haven’t had them they are amazing!
2.)Tomorrow is my birthday so I think we are going out to a nice dinner and a minor league baseball game tonight!
3.)Long run and Church tomorrow–it’s still blazing hot in KY but we are getting a little break from the humidity


Ummmm how do I not know about these? I must make them asap! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate all weekend. I’m glad the humidity died down a bit but when I ran there in the summer a few years ago, it killed me. You are so strong. Have a beautiful birthday, Jen!


How sweet of Brooke to take time to spend with everyone.
Today will start with my typical Saturday morning quick, easy run, then yoga. Then we’re heading to the pool for a party, then having a very laid back rest of the weekend, hopefully getting in a long run tomorrow. We are going out to my in-laws for Father’s day for lunch, which will be nice.
Have a wonderful weekend, and happy Father’s day to Andrew.


Have the best time at the pool party and some relaxation. You are going to rock that long run! Happy Father’s day to your husband! Enjoy it all, Wendy!


oh my goodness Brooke is the sweetest-wanting a 1:1 date with each. Clearly she is following in her mama’s footsteps of taking precious time with her people. LOVE!!!

Went for a longish, early morning gravel ride (it was 80+F by 1100)
Doggy snuggles and playing
Grocery store-mainly because it is air conditioned and I wanted fresh bread for a super yummy earthy hippy sandwich.

Have a great weekend!


I did a trail run (run/walk) for the first time in a long time!! Just 7 miles but considering in March I could barely walked down stairs I am thrilled. Now thinking a marathon might be possibly despite arthritis. This is with the absolute full blessing of my sports med doc who told me Thurs to go live my life as I want and he doesn’t want to see me again unless there is an issue. I have a coach for the first time too! So trail run, laying out mulch with the kids helping, and some outdoor games with family this afternoon.


Hi Janae!! Brooke is such a sweetheart wanting to spend 1:1 time with everyone :o) You are certainly raising good humans!!
That picture of Skye wearing a jacket in 90 degrees reminds me of my youngest brother who used to wear flannel and corduroy all summer when he was young LOL!
Made the three hour drive to visit my dad for Father’s Day weekend. I’ll go to church and lunch with him tomorrow and then make the drive home. Have an awesome weekend and Happy Father’s Day to Andrew!


1. Watching the Beatles Get Back on Disney, and probably listening a lot of Beatles all’s Paul McCartney’s 80th B Day!
2. Planning next week. I’m a member of a local club, and have decided to do as much there as I can. Lots of different spin classes, some involve strength training, some stretching
3. may be a good night to get the guitar out and annoy the family for a few hours
4. binge watch Strange Things….because, the 80s?
5. spend some time on the blog….gotta figure out what I want it to be, apparently there’s a bunch of stuff I’m supposed do to it to make it more something or other, I’m internet illiterate, so this may take a while


Hi Janae! Today we are going to see a few cats!!! Very excited!


Would you share your recipe for strawberry jam? Thank you!

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