It’s not real.

(shorts, top, bra)

A pr on the peloton! The pr was for a 60-minute class so it didn’t have much competition (I think I’ve only ever done one before this, ha) but I’m celebrating it;)

Here is my post on what I do when I want a PR on the peloton. I also did a 20-minute upper body strength class afterward. ‘Project Strength Month’ is underway.

Skye was back to herself so we were able to go to the pool.

A few more random things to talk about before I end this post:

*Just a picture from the race that shows how completely exhausted I was. I stood there with my hands on my knees for a bit and then the photographer caught me as I was standing up again looking for a place to lay down. I don’t have a great transition to this next thought but let’s just go for it…

During my Peloton ride the other day, Olivia said something that I loved–> “Push past that limit, it’s not real.” Isn’t it crazy how we decide to put certain limits on what we are capable of? Where do those numbers/paces/distances come from? How do we decide exactly what limit we can’t cross? I think we all need to let go of those limits in our brains because they aren’t real! We’ve just made them up and now we get to prove them wrong!

*We went and saw Top Gun! We both loved it so much but I do have a confession to make that I’m kind of embarrassed over… I have never seen the first Top Gun. I plan on watching it now because of how much I loved the new one.

I always bring a blanket to the theater.

*Followed by my favorite curry bowl at Aubergine. I want to eat this every day of my life.

*Brooke found a fun way to take Beretta on walks.

*Beck tries to steal Brooke’s blanket whenever he gets a chance.

*His and Hers beef jerky. I can share most things but my water bottle and beef jerky and not two of those things.

What limits have you placed on yourself with your running? Where did those limits come from and have you passed any of them?

A movie that you haven’t seen that everyone else in the world has?

Who has seen Top Gun: Maverick? What did you think?

Any food/things that are EXTREMELY hard for you to share?

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I love that! “Push past the limits because they’re not real”
I know I have places limits on myself in various things, but why? Oh, I am so going to be saying that a lot now!
Probably the reason you haven’t seen the 1st Too Gun is because you were too young, ha ha. Oh my goodness, I love the 1st one. My girlfriends and I stood in line at the theater for a long time to see it, then when it came out on VHS (ha ha) we would rent it practically every weekend, ha. My husband and I are planning on seeing it this week.
You’re funny about not sharing your beef jerky. But I totally get not sharing my water bottle. No way!!
After a couple of busy weeks, I am back to running with my friends on Wednesdays and Fridays, yippee!!
Have a great day Janae 😊


Don’t the Peloton instructors have the best motivational things to say during the workouts? Hahaha true but Andrew has and he thought I was a nut for never seeing it. Oh VHS tapes and I love your memories of seeing it with your girlfriends after standing in line for so long. Let me know what you think of it. Have the best time on your run with your friends. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Wendy, we waited in a long line for a different movie then snuck into Top Gun! I bought the soundtrack as soon as it came out……on cassette tape!!


We did see Top Gun Maverick and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so nice to see a great movie being we have only gone one other time in years. I MUST start taking a blanket to the theatre from now on. I am always FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!! They make it too darn cold in there.

Have a great day Janae!


You really need to bring a blanket, it makes the whole experience so cozy. So happy you were able to go and enjoy Top Gun! Thanks Donna, you too!


I haven’t seen the first one either lol. My husband saw the first one without me but I told him he has to see it again so I can see it. We have a 3 day rule if we buy one of our ultimate don’t want to share foods. If it’s not gone in 3 days it’s fair game. So if it’s something that takes longer I just hide it lol. Hope you have an amazing day!


I love the idea of pushing mental limits, but I do think that our body has physical limits that need to be respected. I’ve been so impressed by the ways your training of both body and mind have helped you achieve some really, really impressive runs. I’m also curious, because I heard you say in your race recap that you feel like your body is telling you it needs a break – what does that break look like for you, and how do you figure out how long/what else to mix in (do you get advice, trust past experiences, see what other friends are doing, or anything else?) In the past I have taken a break from one activity but dived headlong into another and ended up injured, so I’m curious how you’re managing this period of backing off run training for a bit but still doing what look to be intensive workouts. Thanks for any advice and insight you can provide!


Thank you so much, Sarah! That is a great question. I’m working with my new coach on this and he wants me to do peloton rides, strength training, trail running and easy running this month. Overall, my body just needs 3-4 weeks without long runs and big speed workouts. I want to be able to keep up some of my base but letting go of the big speed workouts and long runs with speed in them will help me to feel more fresh and ready to go again. Luckily, I don’t have any parts of my body that are hurting and worrying me about injuries, just a need to back off on so much speed and overall mileage. Does that make sense? I wish I had all of the answers ha, I’ll just keep being the guinea pig;). Have a great day!


I loved the first Top Gun but haven’t seen it in years! Love the quote, I need to get back to Peleton rides.

Looks like so much fun with all your kiddos together 😀 hope your day is amazing.


You need to see the new Top Gun, it is so so good. Thank you Beth, I hope you are all having a great summer too!


Limit: trail running ha. I’ve been hiking all my life but the thought of running on trails is so daunting. So I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon trail race in October to prove that limit wrong!
Movie: I never saw the Notebook! But also nobody wants to see it with me since everyone has seen it 100 times.

Haha the beef jerky reminds me of this one time I was on a road trip with my niece and nephew and we stopped to get some snacks…When I let them buy their own bag of jerky they looked like they won the lottery! I love being an aunt haha!


I needed to hear this so badly today. I have a trail race this weekend and I’m not very prepared for it. I can push past the limits I’ve set in my head and go for it. It’s just a fun run so the only pressure is what I’m putting on myself. Thanks!


I’m cheering so loud for you and your trail race this weekend. You can push past those limits that aren’t real. PLEASE let me know how it goes! I think tomorrow’s post will have a tip for you too that will help:). Have a great day, Dona!


I have a hard time sharing movie candy … sharing popcorn isn’t an issue, but candy is a no-sharing zone for me!

I have a random question about running hairstyles, since you previously mentioned that you experienced “hair horns” with your running ponytail. I have this problem, too! I’ve noticed with your new haircut that you’re wearing your hair parted, in a low ponytail (no headband, no powerbun, etc.). How is this working for you? It looks so cute on you, but I’m not sure if I can do it without having a halo of frizz or hair horns. Any tips/tricks?


Hi Janae! My husband gets his and his ice cream pints! As in he gets multiple pints so you’d think it’s for sharing but I don’t eat ice cream as much. This reminds me I gotta try out some of the dairy free ones you suggested a while back!
Unpopular opinion here but I’ve never been able to finish the first top gun movie! I love the soundtrack but I always fall asleep or walk away… My husband loves it though.
Have an awesome day!


Assume that I only have seen the first half of movies because I fall asleep during every movie. Including Top Gun.

Thank you for sharing your finish line photo. I enjoy less than perfect photos these days when everything is so curated!


Love that about pushing mental limits! Something I need to remind myself!!

I have never seen princess bride….I have seen parts of it, but never sat down to actually watch it…oops! I feel like everyone I know has.

Things I cannot share – cookie dough. I buy the Ben and Jerry’s stuff and have to hide it in my freezer. My daughter is onto me now, so she knows where to find it…it’s terrible!! :)

Happy Wednesday!


okay, so I don’t mind Tom Cruise, I just hated the original top gun, and have no interest in the latest….I kind of like the mission impossible series, more fun….think Simon Pegg has a lot to do with that….but yeah, no…and I guess I’m strange, I also didn’t care for Forest Gump, a friend forced me to sit and watch it, twice…didn’t help.
oddly enough, my fave movie is, well, watching Turning Red…with my daughter…made by a Canadian, the super cool Domee Shi, created on her coffee table remotely at the height of COVID, and lot and lots of Canada…so yeah
as for going to far…..I know I need to recover and rest more, I’m getting old…but, well, gotta run?


Congrats on your PR! Getting a PR is great no matter what!
My limit for running usually is the excuse I don’t have time. But really when I’m most stressed that’s probably when I need to run the most… I try to remind myself of this, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Love the his and her beef jerky! My bf doesn’t like most of the snacks I like so it works out great. I never have to worry about them missing unless it’s the twizzlers ha

Also speaking of my bf, he was a film major in college and hasn’t seen so many movies! I laugh at this all the time and never cease to be surprised he hasn’t seen *insert classic*. I on the other hand have probably seen most movies (and TV shows) unless it was in B&W. We haven’t see it yet but we really want to see Top Gun: Maverick.


I was 12 when the first Top Gun came out so it’s a big part of my childhood. I’ve seen the new twice already, second time at the request of my 13 year
Old daughter. It is definitely the best sequel I’ve ever seen…so much nostalgia and a fairly clean movie. Our girls now want to watch the mission impossible series.


I haven’t seen it, but was wanting to take my 12 year old son. I heard there was some F language in it though…is this true?

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