This has been challenging + tangents!

(Leggings, shoes, top)

Brooke wanted to run, so we ran!  10 miles (a little over a mile was with Brooke) for the day at 8:13 average and I’ve been done with all of my medicine (which I swear makes me feel more sick than better!) since the weekend.

IMG 8186

When you want to do weights together and you want the class to show up on both of your app calendars…. 15 minutes of upper-body with Andrew!

IMG 0015

These two had a lunch date.  Andrew is so good at checking out the kids during their lunch to spend time together.

IMG 0845

This food situation since my gum graft has been quite challenging.  I feel like it’s hard enough to get in great nutrition as a runner when life is busy so any ideas are VERY welcome.

Brooke made Superhero Muffins (this counts as soft, right?!) which tasted so good and I’ve been eating so many eggs.

IMG 8208

I’m going to end our day recap here and finish with what I already had written because we lost one of our chickens last night.  It was a very emotional night at our house:(

Let’s get going about the tangents!

*I asked Knox if I could post this and he was happy to share…. He made me a card about running the Boston Marathon together and then showed me the part of the course that he is MOST excited for:).  What a dream that would be to run Boston with him!

IMG 8010

*KitKat finally figured out the perfect ratio of wafers to chocolate.

IMG 8024

*After a soccer season of chasing Beck off of the field every 90 seconds, we realized that we just need to let him play with my chair the whole time.  It kept him very entertained folding and unfolding it.

IMG 7967

*Every year I put my winter running things away too early and then I have to pull it all back out again (a few times) before I can truly store it for a few months.

IMG 7976

*Skye’s Mother’s Day gift makes me very happy each time I get my key out.

IMG 8202

*He has figured out that pouty face really well…

IMG 8178

*I found a quesadilla in my purse yesterday.  The last time anyone had a quesadilla in my house was Saturday.  I don’t know how Beck snuck this in there.

IMG 8205


What about your purse/bag…. Is it usually pretty organized, a mess, or somewhere in the middle?

Share a tangent with me!

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I love Knox’s card, especially calling out the one of the girls is going to be kissing him. That’s adorable. I hope you all have a better day today!


Thank you Maureen, he is very motivated to get a qualifying time now;). Thanks friend, I hope your day is a great one!


Chicken pot pie from Costco (only soggy crust parts)
Salmon and rice
Ground beef and rice
Roast beef (chop finely) mashed potatoes
Refried beans and finely chopped chicken
Purred cauliflower and broccoli
Purred sweet potatoes
If anything feels too rough, you can thin with a little warm
Chicken or beef broth. Sounds disgusting, but anyone who has been in that situation knows you get sick of “sweet” foods. Also, I’m a dentist so sort of qualified to answer. This is what I recommend to my patients. .


Taking the salmon out of my freezer now, thank you for reminding me and giving me the best ideas. Thank you for the help, it means a lot! I am SO sick of sweet foods and I might have to email you a billion questions. Thanks for taking the time to help me. Have a great day, Kerry!


I hope it helps. Feel free to email anytime. Hope you get well soon!


I really do think you need to try the protein shake/smoothie I had told you about over on Insta: 3/4 c frozen cherries, 1/2 c frozen riced cauliflower, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 c unsweetened milk of choice, 1-2 tbsp heavy cream, 1/2 tsp almond extract, 1 heaping spoonful of cocoa powder (and I would honestly add 1/2 serving–or basically 1 scoop–of vital proteins collagen peptides). You’ll get good carbs and fiber from the cherries and riced cauliflower, good amounts of protein from the protein powder (and collagen! promoting healthy joints is important!!!!), and just a nice boost of fat from the heavy cream–and the riced cauliflower and cream will give you a satisfying creamy texture. The cocoa powder will help keep cravings at bay. I think it’s a ‘win’ and it could be a nice break from eggs. And taste SORT OF like black forest cake!!!

BUT if Brooke were to give me some superhero muffins I would love that too!!! They look so good every time you make them and post about them.

In other news: after telling you about how my vinyasa leggings (the capris, but they’re leggings on me) are in my MUST HAVES, I pulled out a pair to wear for today’s WFH outfit–complete with a strappy sports bra (literally called ‘the strappy bra’ on the Senita website) and a cute t-shirt–so I am free to whip out my barbell and turn on Les Mills+ at my lunch break to do some mid-day BODYPUMP from home and still be dressed appropriately to go hit the trails for an end-of-day walk this evening. :) I swear, these vinyasa leggings are life–I love my lulu aligns, but sometimes I need something with a bit more substance and that doesn’t feel, as my friend Sarah would say, like I need to hold them with soft baby fingertips or else they might fall apart (wink wink nudge nudge).

And the pricepoint is so good.

As for a tangent or two:
1. My birthday is next month!!!! And since all of the professional shifts from the last few years have calmed down SIGNIFICANTLY, I am returning to one of my favorite personal traditions–getting myself a birthday gift–and this year I am doing it pretty big. As in: I am treating myself to a “luxury” brand purse (it’s on the more affordable end of the price range for bougie designer purses, but it’s still something I have put as a line item into my budget for each paycheck for May and the first half of June). I don’t *care* about designers per se, but I love beautiful items that seem somehow intrinsically “my style” and that are versatile, timeless, and incredibly well-made–and for those things I will save up for. (Curious about the bag? It’s this one, but in BLACK:

2. I went through a phase a while ago where apples didn’t seem quite delicious or like something I would crave or want, but SOMEHOW in the last 2-3 years I have been obsessed with gala, fuji, and honeycrisp apples. THis morning’s breakfast included a honeycrisp apple with almond butter. I swear (as a ‘bonus tangent’) by both the raw almond butter from Trader Joe’s and the big jar of Kirkland’s almond butter from Costco that I get for like $8 and that I swear is 1.7583940 times the size of every other jar of almond butter I find at every other store.

3. You’ve shared your latest Madewell and Target finds that you’re in love with, so I am going to share my current favorite not-jeans casual pants that are nice enough to make me feel a bit ‘dressed up’ for work (which is a VERY casual environment) but that I still love to wear to kick around on the weekends (this pair, in the dark cement grey color):

…that’s all! Imagine–ME OF ALL PEOPLE–writing a LONGGG comment (lol)!! ;) Have a really good day out there–and I hope that your Soft Foods Situation (should we officially call it the SFS?!?!?) is yummy today!!


I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS SO MUCH! Your tangents brought me the biggest smile and yep, calling it SFS now! Happy birthday next month, this makes me so happy! You absolutely need that bag. And I think you should buy it early… like today. I have never tried the Costco jar of almond butter, I will be buying it next time I am there. And those pants… I want those too! We inspire each other to spend ha. Have a happy Tuesday, Stephanie!


I *will* get that bag for sure–I’ve really liked it for quite a while now. It’s my version of super luxury–not show-y, classic and timeless looking, the SLIGHTEST bit of edge, and versatile. And a much more accessible pricepoint. But I will hold back and get it next month. ;)

And the pants–YOU NEED THEM. Trust me on that. I’m so short that I needed them hemmed to hit right at my ankle, and you’re so tall that they’d likely be 7/8 or a longer capri for you. But what makes them so good is that they have a lot of stretch. And you need that when the weather isn’t shorts weather and not thicker pants weather and you have to be out and about and chase Beck all over the place…but you want to give your denim collection a break. ;)

I can’t find the recipe my mom used when I was a kid (long before the internet was a household thing), but this strawberry mousse recipe looks PRETTY close to what my mom made. It might help you get through these next SFS weeks that are ahead of you. ESPECIALLY as the weather gets hotter than soccer balls and you’re really just sort of wanting things that are cool in your mouth:


Good and filling sweet potato soup! i love the coconut flavor and also the nut butter in there is so good.
Try this one:


Nut butter in sweet potato soup. That is brilliant. I need. Thank you Avery and have a happy day!


I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet chicken❤️


Thank you, Kristen! That means a lot. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


That is a really sweet tradition to take the kids out for individual lunches/walks. We have two kids so that lends itself much easier to do 1:1 stuff with them but they always seem to get excited about doing special little things like that. We’ve never done the lunch thing- that would be a hit for sure though!

Ahhh the quesadilla!!!! For Mother’s Day my son had to draw what’s in my purse and he drew a wallet (yes), phone (yes), chapstick (yes), Cheez-its (no!!!). He said he wished I’d start carrying those for him!

I’d cry if we slid backwards with the weather. It is FINALLY nice this week. After years of plantar, IT band, blah blah blah after my second baby, I’m finally excited about running again (I think being in Boston lit that fire!) and I just went and bought new shoes. I’ve been loving running on the trails here (nothing like your amazing views but dirt nonetheless!) so I bought some trail shoes finally and some new running shoes bc I’ve been using mine to walk in. I also sized up- I read that a few times in the last few months as I dipped my toe into running again so I went up half a size. They felt like a dream in the store and the guy in the running store agreed. Have you had to do that? I’m hoping all of that plus my better cross training/strength/stretching will help me not break again. Haha so there’s my tangent!

Gah, I hope that snows gone for you. That bums me out ha!


It really is amazing to see how happy that 1:1 time makes them! You guys sound great at it! Hahaha I love what your son drew and his wish for the Cheez-its! YOU ARE BACK RUNNING. You’ll have to let me know what you think of your new shoes! I always size up, in normal shoes I am a 9 and I wear a 10 in running shoes. You did the right thing. Cheering you on, this is your year! Luckily, the snow is gone on the ground today! But who knows about next week;). Happy Tuesday, Jenny!


Hi Janae, I am glad to hear you are doing a little better each day. I just wanted to let you know I hear ya on the winter running clothes! I have a long sleeve lulu top (swift tee or something like that) and it is my favorite long sleeve running top. I swear I have worn that more running in the spring than the winter!!! I wore it running yesterday morning with my winter running hat. That hat has snowflakes as the pattern. Yep that is how cold it was! It’s supposed to start warming up this week here in Jersey, so fingers crossed! Take care and have a great day!


Oh my goodness, I am wearing that exact same top all of the time too! Hopefully, we are both back to just tanks for a few months soon. And NO MORE WINTER RUNNING HATS! Thanks Crissy, you too!


The keychain from Skye is SO CUTE!

I love yogurt so that would be my soft food recommendation. The Noosa strawberry rhubarb and Oui vanilla flavors are my favorites. If you have the Rise and Run cookbook there are SO many variations of superhero muffins that are fun to try. Also, Indian butter chicken, this is my favorite recipe:

My purse is pretty organized, but I’m not sure how! The diaper bag on the other hand….ha

Did you see that Emily Sisson broke the American half marathon record?! 67:11!!!

Happy Tuesday!


Yogurt has been my joy lately! I love it so much and I really need to get trying all of the different versions of superhero muffins. Making that Indian butter chicken. I’m drooling over the pictures. Thank you. AHHHH YES and I totally forgot about it until you mentioned it. SO incredible. Sara only had it for a few months! Have a great day, Meghan!


Knox’s card is so cute! I would love it when one of my children would want to do a race with me. My youngest son is the only one who is a bit interested in running or walking. They all play field hockey, they say everything without a ball is boring. I hope you feel better every day. The Italian chicken soup with the chicken bits finely chopped might taste good. Sorry to hear about your chicken. We had a nest of coal tits, and the babies flew out today. I couldn’t do anything but look at them. (Last year I went shopping and the nest was empty when I came back half an hour later) It’s really quiet in our garden now. Have a great Tuesday!


I bet your youngest son is going to do all sorts of races with you! Hahaha I feel like a lot of people think that when it comes to running;). Thank you for that dinner idea, I want it for my second breakfast.
Thank you and I bet you are going to miss sing those babies. Animals do so much for us.

Thanks Evalaoh, you too!


Um I can’t even handle Knox. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The Wellesley girls would love him. ????????
The worst purse finds are mushed bananas.


Right?! This is going to be his motivation to get that qualifying time hahah! Valid point… nothing is worse than the mushed banana that is oozing out of the cracks of the peel haha. Hope neither of us find those for a while. Have a happy day, Mollie!


I’m sorry to hear about your chicken! That’s a hard life event for everyone.
LOVE Knox’s card for you. And a workout with Andrew, so fun!
I don’t have any suggestions for soft foods for you, sorry. But seeing those super hero muffins made me realize I haven’t made any in so long!
I am so glad you are feeling better. Last week was a tough one for sure.
Hope you have a great day Janae ?


Thank you, Wendy. We are all so attached to these chickens!
I hope you get some superhero muffins asap! Thank you, and you too! Hope your boys and husband are all having a great day too!


Good morning, Janae! So sorry to hear about your chicken – that’s a tough one for sure.
I love Brooke’s dedication to being your part-time running partner :o) The other three just crack me up: Beck’s pouty face, Knox’s Boston sign, and Skye’s key chain face!!
Kerry’s list of suggestions hits all of the things I remember eating when I had my grafts done. It’s a challenge without a doubt, but you will enjoy “regular” food soooooooo much once you are on the other side of this!
My bag = MESS all the time. The bigger the bag, the bigger the mess. While I haven’t found a quesadilla, I am known for frequently having snacks buried in there, including a PB sandwich from time to time. What can I say? A girl’s gotta eat LOL!
Have an awesome Tuesday, Janae :o)


Thank you! It was Brooke’s favorite one so it’s so tough!
Hahah the key chain face makes me smile so big each time. That is so true, that first normal food meal back will taste like heaven. ‘The bigger the bag, the bigger the mess.’ hahaha I will be using that! I’m sure a pb sandwich is soft enough, you just gave me a good idea:) Thanks friend, you too!


Your mother’s lasagna
Spaghetti and meatballs/meat sauce
Lentil soup/split pea soup
Soba noodles
Fried rice
Crepes (sweet or savory)
Cottage cheese and baked potatoes


I am drooling reading your list. THANK YOU. Happy Tuesday, Melissa!


I feel like anything in a crockpot is soft and the crockpot is easy for our busy lives! Here’s 25 high protein crockpot meals that are healthy too from Eating Well:

Also – I finally order my first pair of speed shoes! I got the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 and I can’t wait! They come tomorrow, and if a trial run Thursday in them feels good, I’m wearing them for my half marathon on Saturday! I feel a PR coming!


Okay, that is seriously so true. The crockpot makes everything soft and these recipes look amazing. Thank you. YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THEM. My friends are obsessed with those ones. I know you have that PR. I can’t wait to hear all about it.


The quesadilla is so funny! I have a work bag that basically just has my work and car keys, water bottle, and a pen. When I’m not at work, I usually just carry a small fanny pack and I love it!

Tangent: I was the crazy person who woke up at 4:15 this morning bc my boss wanted to run 8 miles before work. I am definitely sleeping in a bit tomorrow!


NOT getting a gum graft is now on my bucket list. It sounds terrible! You are a rockstar to continue trying to live life normally.

I’m pretty sure ice cream and froyo both count as soft foods. Right?!


OMG! I need to make those superhero muffins. I used to get the morning glory muffins at Trader Joe’s but they stopped carrying them awhile ago. But these seem to be very similar!

The only thing that comes to mind for soft foods is lots of omelets with various toppings/cheese varieties but you already said you eat lots of eggs so :/

I typically carry a very organized backpack to and from work. But on the occasion I need a purse it’s always organized because I pack it specifically for whatever is needed for that outing.

My tangent – I finally graduate next week but also not really. I am walking at the ceremony but my actual graduation date is still TBD. It’s both exciting but also a little disappointing since it’s kind of fake. But this is also very much the norm for a PhD so it’s a bunch of us going through the same mixed bag of emotions.


The photo of Knox is so sweet!!! I went to Wellesley and being a part of the Scream Tunnel is one of my favorite college memories!
Soft foods I’d recommend: chia pudding, curries with potatoes/carrots


I don’t have a purse, but yeah, the trunk of my car is usually gear and shoes sort of organized at the start of the summer, or maybe for a few weeks, once in a while….maybe.
tangent…the run club grew tonight..lots of new people, and found a new single track path…..I’ve gotta get quicker


Peloton tip: one of you can push play on the class on the bike (but turn the volume off) and then the other one can use the phone app or on the TV (even better!) so you don’t have to both sync up phones next to each other.


That is SO smart! We will do that next time, thank you. Have a great evening, Jenn!

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