Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, shoes, tank, bra)

Hit the bike instead of a run.

30 minutes with Cody:

5-minutes of core work and then some stretching.

These are making me happy:

We decided last second to throw an end-of-school party at our house!

IMG 9773 jpg

Screenshot 2022 05 27 at 7 29 29 PM

This is so good.

IMG 9764 jpg

Me and Andrew’s summer chair.

IMG 9768 jpg

Searching for worms.

IMG 9772 jpg

Time to run fast which should feel easy compared to 25ish kids in our backyard for 6 hours yesterday;)


Tell me three things you are up to today!

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Good morning Janae!
Beck just chilling in his chair wins best photo today…what a cutie! I have one question regarding the chair for you and Andrew…do you have to plan standing up so the other one doesn’t fall over? I am so intrigued!
Surf is supposed to be great this weekend so I am anxiously awaiting sunrise to get in the water!
I was just looking at the strength classes you have taken on Peloton..have you tried Rebecca’s 10 minute standing core class? Seriously amazed by how effective it is on core!
have an amazing weekend!


Hahaha he just loves to relax and kick back! I totally thought we would have to get in at the same time but nope, just one at a time works too. We are loving it. Have the best time surfing this weekend… sounds dreamy! I have not taken that class but I will on Monday now. Thanks Amanda, happy weekend!


Beck is a mood!

Today I’m going to wander the farmers market, go on a hike and then maybe grab sushi later. I hope you’ve recovered from the party!


Bahaha he truly is! Have a great time and now you have me craving sushi very badly. Thank you Maureen, this might take me a week to recover from haha. Happy weekend!


Hi Janae! What a fun way to kick off summer! Bringing back some great memories!
I am off for a small trip! We are going to Washington for some hiking!
Happy weekend!


Amy, I am SO happy you are going on a trip to Washington, enjoy! I bet it is going to be gorgeous:)


Omg Beck!! He just makes me smile! Happy holiday weekend!


Hahah me too! Thanks Cheryl, have a great one!


three things….nothin’ and nothin’ maybe a walk, and then nothin’…maybe play my guitar, watch lots of YouTube videos, plan out our run club run for tomorrow…need to create an exciting route…..and yeah, lots of coffee, which seems to work well with my spring hay fever…..maybe blog, go for a short walk maybe, plan the week ahead, make up something for dinner for the wife when she get’s home after work (yeah I know, never call her the wife)…..enjoy the sun, pull up some dandelions….just finished a 5K clinic zoom talk, we talked about goals, how much we love physios, re-assessing goals…..a good group….maybe a little yoga and/o meditation later….


I love days like that! Enjoy a relaxing day and have a great run club tomorrow. Have a great one, Warren!


I went to undergrad with the kid who’s the heir to the Kelty fortune (your chair). He tried to eat a cactus on a dare on a field trip to AZ and wound up with spines all in his lip. The end. (in his defense, he said the spines were on the inside of the cactus)

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