Silentish Saturday!

Time for another race

(Top, shorts, bra)

Didn’t run on Friday, slept like a rock instead.

I’m happy I can borrow Knox’s shoes finally;)

Lazy morning at home.

Trying to find the perfect white for our house.

IMG 8377

Beretta doesn’t like baths but LOVES to be towel dried.  She is patiently waiting!

IMG 0856

All of the crew off to party at the Friday night carnival!!

IMG 8412

Knox took this throw seriously he dunked his school principal by hitting the target!

IMG 8388

Look who we found and the carnival!!  It was so nice to see so many people that we knew at the party on Friday night!

IMG 8387

Andrew trying to engrain his love of carnival games into Beck, I think it’s working!!!

IMG 8394

Oatmeal, chocolate, and peanut butter combination, I didn’t want to share this!!!

IMG 8390

Beck joined in on the carb loading!!

IMG 8396

Today’s race!!!  I cannot wait to tell you all about this race!!!!!

IMG 8418


Tell me three things you have going on today!

What is a dessert or food you don’t like to share?

Do you have a race coming up!?


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Good luck on your race! I can’t wait for the recap!

That bar looks amazing. I really can’t share frosted sugar cookies or fries!

I’m running the BAA 10k at the end of next month and I just found out Des Linden will be running!

Happy Saturday!


We have Alabaster in our house and it’s the perfect neutral white.
Just started training for Berlin – entered the lottery with some friends on a whim and was shocked we got in.
Swig just opened in Texas and I don’t like sharing my drinks.


Have fun at your race!! The first one I actually registered for five minutes ago is the Amsterdam marathon. Will be my first marathon ever! I plan to do some trail events the next months though.
Things going on today: went for a early run (15k), and busy taking the kids to dance- and swimming lessons. Plus lots of time at the playground, the weather over here is great!
That bar looks so good! And…Joey doesn’t share food, does that answer the question? :D Have a great day!


This is the best news ever! Sanne! I am so thrilled for you!!!!!! Keep me updated on it all!
And thank you for that laugh!


Good luck! I can’t wait to read about it.
I’m going to a wedding this evening. My husband doesn’t like cake so I get to eat his! I’m very excited about that.
I don’t like to share my desserts. However, I don’t like anything with coconut and can’t eat dairy so I pass on those.
I have no races coming up. 2022 has been terrible. I’m happy I can get my runs in.


Good morning, Janae! Have an awesome time at your race today! Looking forward to the recap :o)
I did a short run and yoga already this morning. Now for some laundry & house cleaning, then a quick trip to the grocery so I can make a salad for a birthday party tonight.
I am not a fan of sharing glasses/water bottles with people. I also like to keep all the desserts for myself!! On occasion, I’ll share a bite though :o)
No races on the books just yet, but I may do some shorter ones later in the summer and hopefully a longer one in the fall (there’s a really nice local half in October).
Happy Weekend, Janae!!


Can’t wait to hear all about your race!
The carnival looked like a great time.
I am so looking forward to some pool time this weekend! Other than that, lots of downtime before the final crazy 2 weeks of the school year and graduation!
Have a great Saturday and restful Sunday ?


Good luck with the race Janae! Can’t wait to hear all about it!
Tomorrow we have a small bachelorette tea thing for my friend who is getting married next month!
Happy weekend!!


Where did you get the mustard yellow pants??


Hey! They are in this post, have a great day:


Knox has big enough feet that you can wear his shoes?


Hahaha his sandals are a little big on him and a little small on me!


hey! where do you get Beck’s cute tshirts? I’m sick of onesies for my little one and I want him to wear big boy shirts instead haha

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