Sentence Per Picture!

(shirt, shorts, shoes)

A run with Lauren!

I moved up to a TEN-minute core class (5-minute core classes are my normal) before the run.

IMG 9567

Brooke is the biggest helper.

IMG 9569

Skye had her preschool graduation!

IMG 9579

(I love these pants and this top a lot)

She was pretty happy to find this in Skye’s notebook of pictures.

IMG 9593

I love this picture of these two so much.

IMG 9613

So grown up.

My current snack mix for the car.

Brooke made sheet pan nachos for dinner!

We are all stomach sleepers over here.

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I had this post completed before I saw what happened in Texas and I couldn’t stop crying. I wish I could take the pain away from these sweet families.


Do you move around a lot when you sleep?  Back, side, or stomach sleeper?

Who is one of your female role models?

Have a sentence for the day?

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Sentence of the day. I PRAY HARD FOR ALL OF THESE FAMILIES WHO LOST THEIR SWEET BABIES AND DAUGHTERS, SISTERS, MOTHERS, AUNTS. It is beyond imaginable. Feeling very sad for the state of the world right now.

On a lighter note…I cannot believe how grown-up Brooke is! I have watched her since she was a baby, and now here she is taking care of her siblings and cooking for the family. Makes my heart happy to see this and my heart needed that today!


It really is unimaginable, it feels like it can’t be real and it is all just a nightmare.

Thank you so much for being my friend all of these years, Donna. I cannot tell you how many times you have lifted me up. Brooke amazes me every single day:). I hope you have a beautiful day.


So sweet that Skye said her sister is her role model ?. Your heart must be bursting! And Skye really is looking so grown up. Will she be at the same school as Brooke and Knox next year?
I am so sad about the school shooting in Texas. It just breaks my heart.
Much like Skye, one of my role models is my older sister too. And we just made sheet pan nachos on Monday for dinner. A huge favorite in our house.
Have a good day Janae ?


There is nothing like an older sister:) We are still trying to figure out what Skye will do next year! She was so happy yesterday! Sheet pan nachos are the best. Thank you, Wendy! I hope you have a great day too!


My heart is broken for Texas too, especially having a child of my own in elementary school. I can’t imagine what those families are going through :(

I can’t believe Skye graduated from preschool. It seems like it was just yesterday you were sharing her birth story.

I LOVE those pants too and need them!! Lol. What size did you go with?

Have a great day!


I had a really hard time taking Brooke to school today, I’m sure you did too.

It really is so crazy how fast it went by with Skye! I bought a size 4 in the pants and they fit perfect, enjoy them. Thanks Ashlea, you too!


Good morning, Janae! All of the violence happening now (another very recent event in my state as well) is just so crushing. I pray every day for the families directly affected and the world at large. Thank you for continuing to be a bright spot!!
On a much brighter note…CONGRATULATIONS to Skye! She looks so grown up and happy in her pictures :o) So awesome that she named Brooke as her role model! It would be tough to name just one female role model; there are so many ranging from ordinary women doing extraordinary things every day to those who have made huge contributions on the world stage.
Sentence of the day (or at least this morning so far): There actually IS a “pause button” for life – we just have to remember to push it when we need it (a few deep breaths, a quick walk, step away from the devices, etc.).
Have an awesome Wednesday, Janae!


I am so sorry that something recently happened in your state too. I’m sick and just so confused by it all. Thank you for saying that, it means a lot.
It really is so true… so many amazing women to look up to everywhere! Ummm your sentence was exactly what I needed. Thank you for that. So needed.
You too, Janine!


sentence… I feel like like I can hardly breathe. This tragedy has me crying nonstop.

Much love to you and your family.


I totally relate. Thank you, Courtney. Sending love to you and your people too.


I am soooooo jealous of your orange Hokas!! Ughhh, I want them so much… but it will never happen. Sigh.


Have you ever tried Hoka? I never thought I would love them until I tried them! I hope you are able to get some someday and I will donate towards your orange Hokas:). Have a beautiful day, Anne!


I’m a teacher and a mom and the idea of sending my kids off to school and not knowing what will happen to them once they are there is debilitating. Something has to change.

My oldest is graduating high school next week and some days I am perfectly okay, and some days I just want to hold on to her non-stop, especially after a day like yesterday. Hold those babies close!

P.S. I love your bright yellow running shorts, so fun!


Marissa, I bet you are feeling so many things today for both your children and your students. I just do not understand how this is happening. Something really does have to change. I’m about to pull my kids out to homeschool, things are so scary.
Congratulations to your oldest. I bet it feels like it went by so quickly. Thinking about you during so many changes.
Thank you friend, hope your day is a great one!


How do you like hoka carbon x?


I LOVE THEM. They aren’t nearly as fast as my Vaporfly but for a tempo or normal run, they are light, keep my plantar happy and help me to move!


Hi Janae, I’m so tired of these mass shootings happening. Last week there was an attempted mass shooting at a church my mom used to visit sometimes (not my parents home church luckily) and the congregation was able to stop it. It was a hate crime against Taiwanese people (what me and my family are) and it just feels awful that people will target a church of all places. I hope this stops now.


Amy, reading this made me cry. I am truly so sorry, that feels too close. And I am so thankful your mom wasn’t there. I just cannot believe what is happening. Churches and elementary schools????


Used to be exclusively stomach, now it’s stomach and slide.

My role model is my grandmother on my father’s side. She came to the US with three young kids and had to learn English. She always encouraged the best for me. I think about her a lot and I inherited a pendant from her since we share a birthstone that I wear for all my major events.

My sentence for the day is “I should be writing.” Which reminds me, I should be writing.


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