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(Shoes, socks, shorts, tank)

First speed since Boston—> 3 x 2 minutes (2-minute recovery) + 3 x 1 minute (90-second recovery) for a total of 9 miles @ 7:39 average with Lauren and Jo.

It was crazy hard for me (not because of my mouth but because the first workout back always feels like it is my first time ever doing speed).

IMG 8238

These are much easier to take while running compared to when you are taking them while just standing in your kitchen… I needed every mg of that caffeine.

IMG 8214

A 10-minute bodyweight strength workout on the Peloton app and Knox joined me for the planking.

IMG 8231

A morning walk!

IMG 8246

Beck thinks he should be walking the entire time.

IMG 8240

Rocks in his hair because he was making snow angels in a pile of rocks.

IMG 8250

Kerry gave me the idea to try salmon and it was delicious… Beck tried a bite but decided his Superhero Muffin was better.

IMG 8254

Cross-country practice with my assistant coach;)

IMG 8262

Knox and Brooke had a soccer games!

And Brooke had a school performance.

I plopped into bed as soon as possible (after dinner #2)… this time of year is SO busy.

Can you believe this… it was a very hot day and an extremely hilly course!

IMG 8207


Give me your sentence of the day!

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Would love to hear some of your practice workouts for the elementary school team! I’m an elementary school cross country coach as well and am always looking for new fun ideas to keep them enthusiastic about running.


HEY LAURA! I love that you are the coach at the elementary school… you’ll have to share your favorite things you have found with me. I have a full post going up on Monday about it! Keep me updated on how things are going and have a beautiful day!


Sometimes I miss those busy activity filled days. Exhausting, but so fun.
I did a 45 progression run with Becks yesterday, then jumped right into the Barre class I’ve been doing. It was fun, but by the end of class, I felt done! I was amazed at how fast that 45 minutes went though! Another reason I love the Peloton app.
I’m glad the salmon was good for you. Such a good protein.
Have a great Wednesday!


Oh I bet you miss it sometimes but you also still have SUCH busy days! Way to go on the progression run (Becks runs are so challenging for me) and the Barre class! They really make workouts even more fun. Thanks friend, you too!


Today was the first really hot run of the season-wow that was tough! Can’t imagine how I’m going to get used to marathon training in the summer but I guess it will happen just like every other year :) Speaking of salmon-you tried the salmon cakes in the first run fast cookbook?? Those are so good!! Well worth the time it takes to make them and they are soft too!


Thank goodness our body acclimates but that is ROUGH. Good luck this year, you can do it (and come up to Utah when it gets too hot)! I haven’t tried those yet… I will now! THANK YOU and have a great day, Renee!


“May is December 2.0.” This month is nuts!


HAHAH YES TO THAT! So so true. Good luck, we are almost half-way there!


Kristian Blummenfelt races like an absolute MONSTER, that’s how he did it. I was at olympic distance worlds/the elite triathlon grand final in Rotterdamn in 2017 and saw him running. He ran the entire 10k like it was a 400m race, I kid you not. It’s wild.

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