It is hard + the day + bringing this….

Wednesday Workout with the group.

(Tank, shorts, shoes) <— I’ve decided to wear my Vaporflys more often. I originally wanted only to use them for races and KEY workouts, but now I want to wear them for most of my speed days. Wearing them more often is quite the investment, but I feel like I recover better after a hard effort when I wear these shoes, so it’s worth it to me.

I’ve been bringing my Theragun with me to use before I start workouts.  That way, I can loosen things up, increase mobility and get the blood moving before starting.  I also did a few squats to get my glutes activated and ready to take on the work, so I don’t make my hamstrings do all of the work.

I had a bagel before I left and a Maurten caffeine gel after the first mile repeat.  I needed caffeine.

A few miles to warm up, and then we got into our mile repeats.  These repeats are part flat but mostly downhill, and then the recovery is back up to the start again, forming a big circle.

Fast miles—> 5:24, 5:32, 5:34, 5:38, 5:35, 5:28.  I quickly realized that our downhill mile repeats are not nearly as downhill as the race I did 1.5 weeks ago.  My average pace for that race was 5:32, and hitting that pace for the race (I mean, doing a bunch of them in a row was hard) felt easier than doing each of these mile repeats.  I think I have retired from races that are as downhill as the one I did 1.5 weeks ago because they are so hard on the body.  I think if I do those often, I will get injured very easily!

I cleaned my watch when I got home:)

I was pretty excited to be matching my Peloton instructor during my ten-minute glutes and legs class. The first five minutes were pure hip bridges with a heavy weight, and I thought my glutes would fall off.  I tend to do lower body strength work the day of my hard workouts/long runs to have a few days to recover before my next hard running day.  It isn’t easy to start strength after you are tired from a speed workout, but I keep reminding myself that strength makes the most significant difference in my running (and that I can do anything for ten minutes).

IMG 2099

Now for the rest of the day…

Skye had her last day at gymnastics for a few months (taking the summer off), and she was given a donut at the end.  I was thrilled that she didn’t like it and wanted me to eat it.

The board and batten is done on our house and now they are painting it.  Everything should be finished this week.

Beck was very happy to wake up from his nap and see that Knox was there!

We made bucket lists with the girls that I do an activity with twice a month.  My friend’s board that she made was so beautiful.

He has mastered being on his tippy toes to get into everything he can.

Yep, more soccer!

IMG 9677

Beehive Meals is saving the day again for me.  They deliver them right to my door, and all I have to do is put them in the crockpot.  Hungryrunnergirl10 will get you $10 off if you want to try them out.  They are so good.

We went with the Sweet Chicken Tacos yesterday and it was so nice to eat within minutes of coming in the door from soccer.

IMG 9680


Tell me a few of your top summer bucket list items!

Tell me what your workout is today!

Last donut that you had?  Do you eat donuts very often?

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Love the bucket list idea!

Random thought – how us your grandmother doing? I feel like I haven’t seen her on the blog lately.

Have a great memorial day weekend!


Thank you, Katrina for asking! Mer is doing well. Some days are better than others but overall good. She loves hearing about Beck and Skye’s crazy antics hahah. Have a beautiful day!


I LOVE that summer bucket list board! Our summer bucket list includes going to the children’s museum, making homemade ice cream, spending time at the lake, doing some of the library’s summer programs, hike a mountain, and go to the aquarium!

I think my workout today will be a stroller run and probably some bodyweight exercises.

That donut looks glorious. I’ve been very into the Walmart maple bars that have a vanilla filling lately. I add them to my grocery pickup and have them on the way home haha

Happy Wednesday!!


I love what is on your bucket list! I want to do all of those things too. Great job on the stroller run and strength. Running with a stroller = double the miles in my opinion! So strong.
ENJOY those maple bars and have a great day, Meghan!


The summer bucket list is so good!! I wish I could come do a workout with you guys, the mile repeats actually sound fun!!
I have a four mile race Saturday—if the weather holds. It’s been really stormy and humid here which makes my speed work feel awful. I prefer the dry heat for sure.
I love the layout of your dining room/living room. It looks so spacious.
Question for you on the shoes, because I sometimes wonder if I should be doing this. Do you ever feel like doing workouts in your race shoes makes them feel less fast in races? We always ran in our heavy shoes in HS and then raced in different shoes. I’ve been wearing my speed shoes for workouts but I kind of want to see if doing workouts in heavier shoes makes race day shoes feel even faster. BUT I do think what you said about recovery is true too. I feel more recovered from workouts when I wear my race shoes!! (So much overthinking in running ??).
Have a great rest of your week!!


COME WITH US! How fun would that me?! Cheering for you on Saturday and you have to let me know how it goes. Ummm that is why I choose my races based on their humidity levels, I DIE in humidity. You are so strong. I really think you need these shoes, I feel so much faster in them. That is something I have been thinking about a lot because I think that really helped me at Boston… used to running in heavier shoes in workouts and then I felt like I was cruising in the Vaporfly at Boston BUT I think at this point in my life, I need the help with recovery even more. SO I think I’ll still mix it up a bit but overall run in the Vaporfly often. I love that I have you to overthink with ha!
Thanks Mollie, you too!


Top summer bucket list items- sit outside and read a good book, have a pool day, go to the beach, make popsicles.

Workout today is cycling and strength. I took a few days off after my half and ready to get back into it!


Oh how I want to sit outside right now and read a good book. LOVE your bucket list items. Way to get in the cycle and strength (and so smart of you to take a few days off after your race! Have a great day, Mariah!


That is quite the summer bucket list, it looks so fun! The kids want to go to a sorta local water park (it is tiny) and go to the cabin.

Only a short lifting workout for me today. Achilles problems have sidelined me during my last peak week…so it is a rest and recovery week:-( I have no idea if 2, 20-milers 5 weeks before a marathon is enough to carry me through 26.2.

Have a great Thursday Janae!


Can we meet you guys at the water park?! SO fun and I hope you get to go to the cabin as much as possible. I feel terrible about your achilles stuff going on leading up to Grandmas but I truly think that 2 20 milers will be great for your race (as long as your achilles is feeling good). So frustrating though. Keep me updated, Becky!


Oh, my goodness those tippy toes!!
My workout today is rest and stretching because I’m running the Buffalo Marathon on Sunday! This is the first marathon I have truly trained for since being recovered from anorexia. I have been fully recovered since 2013 and ran Boston in 2015 but very much “winged” it (no time to train). I’m excited to see how my healthy body will do. Of course, I’m 9 years older, but with age comes a lot of good things. Thank you for inspiring me so much, Janae! You are so fast!


Stacey! Oh I am so happy to hear about you running the Buffalo Marathon on Sunday! You have overcome so much to get there and I cannot wait to see what you do. CHEERING FOR YOU! Good luck!


Hi Janae! Random question, but I’m looking to buy some trail runners and am going to try the Hoka Speedgoats. Can you tell me if you find that they run true to size? I wear a 9.5 or 10 in most shoes and am unsure of what size to get with the Hokas.

Top thing on my bucket list is just to spend as much time outside as I can! Summer is way too short in my opinion and try to soak up as much warm weather as I can. :)


Joy!!! YAY for the speedgoats, they are true to size for me. Have you worn any other Hokas? I wear a 10 in all of my Hokas (and all of my running shoes besides a pair of vaporfly in 10.5). I do have to tell you that I just tried out these for trails today and I’m in love. They feel a bit faster than the speedgoats but the speedgoats offer a bit more protection (from rocks etc) and comfort…

Keep me updated on what you get! I totally agree with you, summer should be 75% of the year. Enjoy the weather!


That summer bucket list is so pretty…and I could never do that. Mine would be the epitome of a “pinterest fail.” I have zero ability to make things look all pretty and as the cool (much younger than I am) kids say, “aesthetic.” ;)

You asked about donuts. The last one I had was a few months ago and called the Persian Love Donut from a gluten free bakery (that’s legitimately just an AMAZING bakery with some of the absolute best donuts) deep in the bowels of Atlanta. Dang, that was back in early February. It’s been a long time. I need to get back there…maybe Saturday morning? We’ll see. But this donut had ground up pistachios, almond flour, and rosewater in it and it was amazing.

I love donuts, and I still have a list of places around ATL that I need to try. A year ago, right around my birthday, I went to a place called Donut Dollie’s for a treat for myself and to try what I had heard were really good donuts only to be sad and disappointed over how un-special they are. There used to be a GREAT place very close to my apartment (actually, right next to one of my favorite restaurants–a slightly bougie taco place called bartaco–and in the same strip as one of my favorite places to get skincare products called Aillea). It was called Bonglaze, and it had the absolute BEST lemon blueberry sour cream donuts. They also had these really amazing smores donuts–sweetness overload, but undeniably delicious and worth every bite and penny. But it closed maybe about 6 months before covid, and I haven’t found anything I like nearly as much as that blueberry donut. Every time I want a donut I think about Bonglaze, and I think about that gluten free bakery, and I really don’t want to drive that deep into the city for the only decent donut I have had since Bonglaze closed. It’s sad really.

YAY for progress on home improvement projects!!!

YAY for your run!!!!

I hope you all have a great day out there. :)


Bahaha I am right there with you on the Pinterest Fail! I think you absolutely need to go back on Saturday and send me a picture of it! I’m drooling over the descriptions of the donuts from Bonglaze! I hope they return again sometime. Thanks Stephanie, have a great day!


bucket list for the summer..I’m the king of making lists, and never doing what’s on the list…I may start vibrating, but this summer, will just go with the flow
today’s workout, catching up on what I put off doing during the rest of the week and getting ready for the weekend….but, feels like a good day to get the bike out…


Hahah I have made a lot of lists where I don’t accomplish much of it too;) Good luck and enjoy that bike! Thanks Warren!


Those little toes!! Adorable. And mischievous? ;) I’ve got a lot of summer things I’d like to do. I need to start writing them down because if I don’t plan them, they won’t get done! My main focus is spending as much time with my kids as I can. One is home from college and the other is a HS senior. We won’t have many more of these summers together so we need to make the most of it!


Hahah definitely mischievous too! I love that goal and I am so happy that you will be together this summer. Enjoy every second!


Good morning, Janae! What a beautifully done bucket list – it’s so pretty and colorful! I think Beck is secretly working on his pull ups rather than standing on tiptoe LOL :o)
Today was a yoga day, so did a full body flow session with Adriene – she’s just the best!
Not a donut in the truest sense, but I did have an apple fritter over the weekend that was delicious. I’m always disappointed when it turns out to be more dough and glaze than fruit, but this one had the perfect balance. :0)
My bucket list won’t be nearly as artistic, but I’m stealing some ideas from the photo in addition to a bunch of house projects and generally being outside as much as possible. Guess those house projects will be for evenings and rainy days!
Happy Friday Eve, Janae!


Haha valid point, he is all about the pull-ups! Great job on your yoga and she has the best sessions. I love a good apple fritter and I want to try the one you had with the perfect balance. Yay for getting some house projects done, you’ll have to keep me updated on all of them. Thanks Janine, you too!


How do babies get up their tippy toes like that? It looks extremely painful.
I ran seven miles on the track at the local community college near my parents’ house. It’s flattish and a softer surface than my usual asphalt. I run so fast with so little effort there. I enjoy it a lot. Now I must finish an audit that needs to go out on Tuesday. Wish me luck! I have no motivation to work.
I’m glad about your surprise doughnut! My kids have never said they don’t like a doughnut. In fact, my 17 year old ate my chocolate frosted doughnut on sunday morning. I was so mad. I thought about it my entire run and while doing leg day. I do not enjoy leg day and the thought of that doughnut got me through. tomorrow is my dad’s birthday, I’ll go to the local bakery and get the good stuff.
have a great thursday!


It really does look so painful! Great run today and that track sounds perfect! Good luck on that audit and I hope you get it done in plenty of time so you can relax a bit too. Your 17 year old needs to repay you with a donut asap! Happy birthday to your dad and enjoy all of the baked goods. Thanks Lee, you too!


How fun about your house! Can you share a before and after? Love house projects!!


Hey Rachel!! I really want to but I get a bit nervous sharing too much online but I’ll show a before and after of the vinyl siding and the board and batten! Have a beautiful day!


That makes complete sense! Hope you have the best day!


How many miles can you get out of the vapor flys?


I can’t wait to see a before and after of your house – I don’t really understand what the renovations are!!! But I’m sure it will be beautiful!

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