I’m hoping it will just happen again?

(tank, bra, shorts, shoes)

St. George run on my favorite paths–> 9 miles @ 8:46 average pace.

IMG 9878

After my run we went with my brother and his family to the Aspirational Trail.

IMG 9907

We painted some rocks to add to the trail that is lined with them.

IMG 9908

So. Many. Kids. ha.

IMG 0972

Skye was determined to run the whole way back to the car.  This is definitely a great trail with kids if you are ever in the St. George area.

IMG 9931

Whoever thought of the combo of guac with pomegranate seeds is a genius.

IMG 9934

Fried avocado needs to be present in many more tacos.  Roc Taco is my current #1.

IMG 9936

These fancy pop tarts were next door and they were a must.

IMG 9938

Beck just thinks he is one of the big cousins.

IMG 9899 2


I’ve been going back and forth between running the Utah Valley 10k or the half that is happening this weekend.  I finally decided on going for the half mostly because I always do the 10k and have never raced this half. I’ve done this half while pregnant with Brooke, while pregnant with Skye and when I was pacing Andrew for his PR so I’m excited to see how racing it goes.

I’m really really hoping something happens that I’ve noticed happen before…

Once I hit a sub 3 marathon (after 8 years of trying and missing it), it seems to happen again more easily now.  I don’t think it is physically easier but mentally it is because I know I’ve done it before so it doesn’t scare me as much as it used to.  I have never gone under 1:20 in the half until Vigor (3k ft elevation drop!) a few weeks ago and I’m hoping since I did that there, it will trick my brain into doing it again this weekend on a much harder course.

I’ll be the experiment and see if it really is just our heads holding us back when it comes to these goal times.  I’m thinking that once we do something (even thought it was on a VERY downhill course), it will make it easier mentally to do it again and again?!


Thoughts on this?  Experiences of one you do something, it seems to mentally come easier?

Favorite addition to guacamole?

What is your run today?

Question from Knox—> Who is your favorite movie star?

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I definitely think that’s true! You got this 1:20!

I did 3 miles this morning and a 12 minute leg strength video after. I’ve been doing under 10 minute videos so the extra two minutes felt like a win!

Good question Knox! I would have to go with Reese Witherspoon. Also she just seems amazing in real life! I want to be friends with her haha.


Thank you, Mariah! Crossing all of my fingers. GREAT workout today! Every extra minute definitely is a huge win. Oh I love Reese Witherspoon and I’m sure she would love to be all of our friends. Have a beautiful day.


You got this! Especially if you are feeling it, keep holding on to it! You can do hard things!! I think once I do something once and know I can, I want to push to see how much more I can do. As with anything, it takes time…got to fill the bank up before you can spend it!

Have a lovely week!!!


Thank you so much, Amber. That is just the pep talk that I need. I’ll read this again before the race! I hope your morning is off to an amazing start!


You are a strong and motivated runner, so as everyone said before me – you’ve got this!

I’m not running today, but I’m back running again and it feels great. Twice a week and a little more every time.

Knox – I’d say Bradley Cooper and/or Reese Witherspoon. Both are super talented and I feel like I’d like to hang out with them in real life.


Thank you so much, Sarah! I’m excited to go for it! SO happy you are back running again… you’ve got this! LOVE your answer to Knox’s q and I totally agree with you. Have a great day!


You are so right! Once I broke the 1:30/20:00 barrier times under that are a no brainer. You can definitely do this!!
I love Knox’s question!! Probably forever David Boreanaz, I was a huge Buffy fan and Bones and Seal Team!!! He’s kind of always the same but I love him. ? Or Cameron Diaz. She seems like a lot of fun and down to earth.


Right?! Once you do it once, you just kind of go into autopilot with it so I’m realllllly hoping it happens with this too (even though the first time was rolling down a mountain;). You just took me back to Buffy days, I loved that show so much. Oh how I love Cameron Diaz too. Happy Tuesday, Mollie!


Best guac ingredient: Cashews! Amazing


HOW HAVE I NEVER TRIED THIS?! I need this today. Have a great day, Katrina!


I do think the mental side is key. It’s a bigger mountain to climb in your mind until you do it and then it doesn’t seem so insurmountable. And it breeds confidence even on tougher courses because you know you are capable of doing it. Good luck!

Favorite star… Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Chastain. Both seem really talented and versatile.


YES YES YES… ‘it breeds confidence’! Amen to that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Nancy. I love Jennifer Lawrence so much. Hope your morning is off to a great start!


Good luck this weekend!

Will do an easy run because I raced this past weekend. Was so much fun racing on trails.

I love guacamole and I like salsa mixed in.

Have a great day+


CONGRATS on your trail race, so happy you were able to get out there and do it. Good call on the easy run and now I need some guac + salsa mixed in. Have a beautiful day, Kristine!


Oooo, I love this experiment for you to do! I do think mental barriers are a huge thing. Thank you for doing this for us!
I love seeing your St. George pictures. We always just drive through on our way to Colorado, but next time I want to stop there for a couple of days.
I never add anything extra to my guacamole. Interesting… But maybe adding the sweetness of the pomegranates would be good. Hmmmm
Off for a quick run, then some strength work. It’s senior week for our son, so lots of fun things happening here. This morning is senior breakfast at Splitsville in downtown Disney.
Have a good day Janae ?


I am realllllly hoping my experiment goes well ha. Next time you are driving through we will meet you:) I hope your run and strength workout were great. HAPPY SENIOR WEEK TO YOUR SON. Sounds like a great week!


I love to hear about your adventures! You go to St George so often, where do you stay when there?


Thanks Kristi! We go to St. George all of the time haha… we will probably be here two more times this summer. We have a ton of family down here so we’ve stayed at my brother’s, my aunt’s, rental, hotels (although we have decided to never stay at a hotel again with Skye and Beck, ha) etc. Our goal is to eventually live down here once we aren’t on coparenting schedules:) Probably more information than you were looking for haha. Have a great day!


I def agree, it took me forever to go sub 19 for 5k and now I don’t stress and happens easily!

Isn’t this also a pretty big downhill course? I think a drop of 1000 ft is def downhill and still deserves a * next to PR. Good luck you can def do it, you race very well!


I love that, Annie! It has an elevation loss of 840 with an elevation gain of 155 and net elevation loss of 685 which definitely will get a * but with it being at elevation, it seems to be pretty comparable to more of a flat course at sea level?! Thoughts on that? Thank you so much!


Hi Janae! I’ve used so many of your mantras you shared over the years even when not running and it helps so much! I just wanted to tell you that and yes I believe you can do it!
Happy Tuesday!


That means a lot to me! Thank you and happy Tuesday to YOU!


I think you just know what to expect and look forward to it
I’ve run a lot of relay races through the Rockies, and there are a few legs where I know the fun begins when it get harder…I know what to expect…..the elevation gain, the occasional snow, and well, maybe running in the dark..it becomes fun

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