I’m going to do a race tomorrow + Friday Favorites!

(Shorts, shoes, jacket, hat)

A run with Jo–> 8.5 miles @ 8:19 average (last .5 miles were strides, 6 x 30 seconds).

It’s our tradition to always dance in the rain together (even if it is just a raindrop or two).

We are going to Southern Utah soon and Skye made sure to pack her bag 3 days in advance… she gets that from me. I only pack for Beck now, I just give the other three kids a list of what they need and they pack themselves.

It was a great day in some ways and a hard day in others… Life is quite the roller coaster!

Lauren peer-pressured me into doing a race… Well, she didn’t pressure me at all but the race she signed up for sounds fun so I’m joining her.  It’s the Vigor 1/2 Marathon and you basically run down a mountain. I’ve heard the last mile is flat so that will probably really hurt after so much downhill but it will be a fun race to do before we start really training again!


Time to share a few of my favorites from this week:

*Hope said, “May is December 2.0!”  I fully agree with this statement.  I’m so ready for summer break to begin!

*If you are a Strava user, this is pretty hilarious! This guy has so many funny running vidoes.

*It’s my favorite time of year to wear my favorite joggers ever.  Also, H&M braided slides will be worn allllll spring/summer long again.

*We tried out a new game and it was a hit for everyone.

*The trails this time of year.

Who has a long run or race this weekend?

Any fun weekend plans?

Early packer? Overpack or underpack?

-I am an early packer but always underpack.

Any funny runners you follow on youtube/IG/TikTok?

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Good job Skye, packing early! I am a late packer (either night before or morning of). I usually over pack too, but I’d rather be prepared!

Shorter long run this weekend (6 miles) since my half is next weekend!

It’s also finals weekend so lotssss of homework and papers. But I’m almost done!

Have a great weekend!


Teach me how to be prepared haha! CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR HALF! You have trained so hard, enjoy the tapering. Good luck with finals weekend, I do not know how you do it all! Thanks Mariah, you too!


Good luck on your race, that sounds so fun! And the trails look so beautiful there, I am dying to go back to Utah!

My weekend plans include grilling, decluttering, and hopefully getting a long run in!

@moremilesmorefun is really funny. She’s a mom and runner and I always love her content!

Have a great weekend!


Thank you, Meghan! I need you to come back to Utah ASAP! Your weekend sounds like a great time and I can’t wait to start grilling more. Have a great long run! Oh, I LOVE her too! Everyone needs to follow her!


A half marathon!! You’re amazing. It does sound fun!
I usually pack the night before and finish the morning of a trip. And I always over pack. I like to have options, ha ha.
No plans really, this weekend. Tonight is our son’s last high school band concert though. So we’re having my in-laws over for dinner beforehand. It’s going to seem so strange next year, not to have school events.
Oh, spring in the mountains is the best! So pretty!
Have a good day Janae ?


I’ll definitely be rolling down the mountain for 13.1 miles! Andrew overpacks too and I’m always grateful he does so I can use all of his stuff;) WOW, tonight is a big event. Soak in every second and have a great dinner. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Lol that running video is amazing!!! Strava is totally creepy. ?? Of course I am on it.
Have a great race tomorrow!!! I don’t know how you guys do those downhill races!!!! They sound very painful. ?
And I need those slides.


Hahaha right?! I have never down one this downhill so it should be interesting and painful! Thanks, Mollie and get the slides, you will love them. Have a beautiful day and I need updates on your summer plans!


This weekend is fun/exciting/nerve wracking/busy!!! Tonight we have our region track championship meet – this determines who goes to state! Tomorrow my brother graduates high school (packing the tissues)! Sunday we have a senior celebration at church (packing more tissues)!

I relate to your life is a roller coaster – this time of year brings me nerves more than normal because of championship events. This year add my brother graduating and I don’t know if I should smile or cry :)


Sloan, you are feeling ALL of the things right now. Isn’t it crazy to be feeling so many different emotions all at once? I hope your weekend goes wonderfully and that your team makes it to state. PLEASE let me know how it goes and congrats to your brother. Such a big weekend. Thank you for sharing!


I have a half marathon this weekend, too! It’s a net downhill, but the race directors said to think of it as a hilly 5k, followed by a fast downhill 15k. Should be interesting! In the same race last year, the cop car at the front took a wrong turn at mile 2 and the lead pack went off course by 0.5 mile! Can you imagine how frustrating and mentally tough that would be to come back from at the start of a race?! I am going to drive the course today so I will know it exactly! Haha.

Good luck with your half! Happy Friday!


Good luck at your half marathon! Sounds like a fun course and you will have to let me know how it goes. Oh, I cannot imagine being in the lead and being taken the wrong way… uh. Good call on driving the course. Have the best time, Rachel!


That trail looks amazing!!

My long run started at 4:25 this morning so that I could leave for work at 7. Fun times! But now I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow!

My two oldest have junior/senior prom this weekend so we are hosting dinner for their friends and of course waiting up late to see them when they get home ;)

I am such an early packer. We are going to Europe at the end of June and my packing list is basically complete. When I fly I am really good about packing just right but when I drive, I tend to pack too much because I feel like I have the space for it. Someone once gave me great advice for international packing, they said to take out 1/2 my clothes and bring twice as much money and so far it’s been true for me!


4:25. THAT is dedication. Way to go, Marissa and enjoy some more sleep tomorrow! I hope your kids have the best time at prom and that is so great that you are hosting. Good luck on staying up for them to get home, I’m going to have to hand that responsibility over to Andrew ha. Hahah I LOVE that tip for international packing and will start using it from here on out. I hope you guys have the best time in Europe!


Aw your tradition about dancing in the rain is so cute! Good luck at your race!

My parents come in this weekend for my graduation. They will be meeting my boyfriend for the first time – we’re all going to brunch.

I typically overpack a little as in I bring stuff I end up not using but I do that on purpose just in case. And I mostly only travel with a backpack so hard to say that’s overpacking. But I’m a very last minute pack, I literally pack as I’m heading out the door so that I pack what I use on my daily routine.

I don’t really use youtube, IG or tiktok so I don’t follow anyone. hehe But you’re my favorite runner blogger to follow!


CONGRATULATIONS on graduating. I hope you all celebrate so much and that everything goes perfectly with your boyfriend and your parents! Thank you for following me and being my friend, it means a lot to me. So thrilled for you!


A downhill race sounds a bit painful, but I hope you have a blast. I did a marathon last weekend so no races this weekend. My Mom is coming to visit from Ohio so my husband and I will get a chance to go on a run together. With a 4-year-old at home, this doesn’t happen often enough anymore.

I always overpack. I’m always too worried that I’ll need something and like being ready for anything. My husband always just says he’ll buy whatever he forgets.

I love following Keira D’Amato on Strava. She names all of her runs with a Dad joke and she cracks me up.

And I found out yesterday that I secured a spot at the London Marathon this year. What?!? My brain is still trying to process that this is actually going to happen. Curious, have you run many overseas races? This will be my first.


LONDON MARATHON!?!? AHHH MICHELE! I am so so thrilled for you. I have not but London is at the top of my list. You will have to tell me all about it! Congrats on your marathon last weekend, you are on fire. Have a blast with your mom!

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