I wouldn’t make it…

(Shoes, shorts, tank, bra, socks)

I hope you have a beautiful Memorial Day.  I am so grateful to the men and women that have fought and died for this country.

I’ll keep things short today because I am sure many of you are out and about all day.

I did a Saturday run with my friends and it was incredibly challenging.  It was humid/muggy in our area (but NOTHING compared to what many of you experience) and I just do not understand how people survive humidity.  Running in dry air is my favorite and anything other than dry air sucks the life out of me.

Lots of pretty fast shoes.

IMG 9784

We did a 3-mile warm-up and then a 5k time trial. 18:08 (5:51 average)!  I did this exact time trial 5k the week before Boston and on Saturday I finished it 3 seconds faster than what I did in April.  I celebrated that by sitting inside near a drinking fountain once I was done.  5k pace is my least favorite pace ha.

I also did a 10-minute lower body strength workout.

Beck brought BOTH the mat and foam roller into my bathroom when I was getting ready to remind me to do this too:

We went south to St. George.  We stopped first at Costco so that we aren’t eating out every meal while we are here.

Soccer practice is a daily occurrence no matter where we are.


Took some snuggle breaks with Beck.

IMG 1108

The pool with Knox taking a selfie of us.

IMG 1113

They went on a bike ride while Beck napped.

FullSizeRender 3

We also went to hang out at Quail Creek for a bit.  Mud and rocks can entertain my children for quite some time.

FullSizeRender 2

River Rock Roasting Company for dinner that started with a cinnamon roll for an appetizer.

IMG 9865

Off for a run in my favorite place to run.

IMG 9868


What are you up to today?  

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Yeah, the humidity is hard. But we don’t have the altitude like you do- I think you just adjust to whatever you have.
Your pictures from St. George are incredible! Enjoy your time there and have a great Memorial Day!


True true… I forget about our altitude! Thank you Jenny, you too!


Currently waiting for my work computer to log me in.
I ran this morning. The humidity was good for the Midwest. I advise you to never come here to run in the summer.
We (my husband) are taking Alison Romans the dip to dinner tonight. So so so good! https://www.alisoneroman.com/recipes/labneh-dip-with-sizzled-scallions-and-chile


Just looked at that dip and now I need it for breakfast. Have the best time at dinner! I really do not know how you survive your humidity. You. Are. So. Strong.


Today is the last day of an absolute beautiful and wonderful weekend in Lake Arrowhead. We have hiked, hung out on the dock and in the boat, I ran, and we’ve eaten really great food. Really, a perfect family weekend.
Enjoy being in St. George!


Wendy, I am seriously so happy for the time you have had with your kids at Lake Arrowhead. It sounds perfect and your son’s girlfriend is so lucky to join you guys! Hope your morning is off to a great start. Thanks Wendy!


Hi Janae! We are here in Washington and it’s the opposite of what st George looks like! Green and super rainy but still beautiful in its own way. We hiked I’m the rain yesterday and will probably do that again today!
Have an awesome weekend!

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