Silentish Saturday!

(Top, shorts)

Morning run!

I forgot my Garmin so I took a picture of Jo’s watch when we were done.

IMG 7587

Said goodbye to Brooke for the weekend.

IMG 7593

The grocery store happened twice ha.

IMG 7596

Spent a lot of the day cleaning up fingerprints all over the house;)

IMG 7599

He loves the chirp wheel as much as I do.

IMG 7602

Had friends over for a pizza night (how I make them is on my IG highlights)

IMG 7607

Along with one of our favorite salads.

IMG 7605

Kelsey brought gorgeous cream puffs.

IMG 7608

Have a happy weekend!

IMG 7610

A reminder from Deena for your weekend running…  Make sure your thoughts serve you!

IMG 9465 JPGScreen Shot 2018 05 07 at 7 00 10 PM


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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I feel like I spend half my life cleaning fingerprints off the walls! So thankful for microfiber cloths haha

This weekend we’re having coffee at the beach, doing yard work, having a big brunch as a family after church, and I think I may test my mile time! Have a great weekend!


Seriously, it is always shocking to me how they are able to manage to get fingerprints on every single wall and surface ha. That all sounds perfect! CHEERING you on for your mile time, you’ve got this!


Good morning, Janae! I couldn’t love Beck’s hair more in that pic with the chirp wheel!! Golf today, getting together with friends this evening, then yard work and prep for the week on Sunday (a hike or run in there somewhere). It looks like we will finally have beautiful weather this weekend with a lot of sun – very excited about that!! Have a wonderful weekend, Janae!


Hahaha he is just too funny! I am so happy you guys are finally getting good weather! Teach me how to play golf, please! Happy weekend, Janine!


Ok, what exactly is a chirp wheel? (I’ll probably Google it later). But Beck looks like he loves it!
Going to our neice’s 30th birthday party today. Can not believe she’s 30!! She was our flower girl when she was 2 1/2.
It is absolutely perfect weather this weekend, so I will be spending as much time outside as possible.
My running friend is running the OC half marathon tomorrow morning, so I think I’m going to go cheer her on. I haven’t spectated a race in so long! It will fun.
Have a great weekend Janae ?


Hey Wendy! It stretches out your back so well… I am obsessed with it! Happy 30th birthday to your niece and I hope you have the best time celebrating her! Enjoy all of the fresh air and cheering tomorrow, how fun.


I’m hoping to get in a run before the rain moves in today.
Otherwise I’m just doing a few house chores, reading and eating leftover key lime pie. So little to do makes me feel anxious!
Hope the weekend goes by in a flash for you with Brooke gone.


I hope your rain was dry and a great one! I bet the key lime pie is amazing. Thank you so much, it already has been going back quick thanksfully!


Hi Janae! The weather did clear up a bit for my friends baby shower today! I got some new books and we are going to make some traditional desserts from where my husband’s from!
Happy weekend!!


I am SO so glad! Enjoy those desserts, what a fun idea. Happy weekend to you too!


10 mile run this morning! Now local festival and aquarium with a friend. Really excited because the festival hasn’t happened in a few years and it has a local Baltimore dessert tradition of a lemon with a peppermint stick, so going to try that! Have a great Saturday!


I am so happy the festival is happening again! Enjoy every second and I need to try that combo, sounds interesting. Way to go on your 10 miler! Have a beautiful rest of your weekend, Mariah!


This is weird. First time back here in a long while. Goes along with my running career which has been in hibernation – pandemic, ugh.

Anyway I saw your Boston prep post and my jaw hit the floor. Wait, wut? Janae is running in Nikes? (I have never liked Nike, sorry, just don’t agree with me)

Which is funny because I just switched over to Brooks from ASICS. Bought some Adrenalin GTS, since ASICS, I think, lost their way on the GT 2000 series. Well, I still have my GT-2170s (women’s shoes, believe it or not… really just size 12D which matches my men’s 10.5) which are solely reserved for big races. I think they only have 2.5 marathons worth of miles – plus walking around Disney World for 4 days a few weeks ago. But they are race day only, now.

Anyway, great to see you doing well in life and Boston.


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